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The Chase…and the Surprise

Posted: March 15, 2013 in Eve Online
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Odds are this will be my last post for approximately two weeks. We are going to go ahead and end on a positive note 😉

Step One of errr One: Stay up past my normal bedtime looking for something to shoot. I couldn’t fall asleep. So I went roaming around in my Taranis after moving to a new system in Stain. I moved because, I wanted to be closer to where I am roaming from, and I wanted to not be stuck in a dead end area. I opted to take the Taranis instead of the Drake for once because of its speed, and frankly I am tired of losing Drakes.

I do the sensible thing, and head into my favorite pocket of Russians. There is a dead end refinery/factory system with tons of belts right next to T-8 so I hit up there first. Three Mackinaws on scan. Sweet, I warp to the ice belt since it’s within scan range. I land on top of three non moving mackinaws. HOLY CRAP!!!!!

I scram one and go to work. Now here it gets interesting, three mackinaws, which have a halfway decent tank, could potentially mean 15 drones. Local had about 12 people, and I saw a Macherial / Tornado on scan too. If the two other Mackinaws stayed put, and they all dumped drones on my Taranis, I might not have even been able to stay. Luckily, that didn’t happen and I got a nice Mackinaw kill, although sadly I missed the pod.


Jump forward to next day. I get off work, and with the success of the Taranis I opt to take it out again. I tried to catch a retriever in the belt, but he was gone every time I entered local and docking by time I hit any belts. I floated around the entire pocket I like to hunt in getting nothing. On my way out, I jump into a belt, and there is a Legion 11k from me. I have no backup, there’s several active people in his alliance around me, and I am in an interceptor versus one of the better tanked ships in the game.

I attacked. Well, I thought I did. See at this exact moment that I overloaded mods, hit approach and went towards him, our wonderful Afghanistan Internet…Sniper Hill decided it was a great time to shut down. You have got to be kidding me.

Roughly 45 minutes later it comes back up, which gave me time to build my army some more in Mount and Blade Warbrand. I log back into Kasken fully expecting to be at my clone station. Apparently this was a day of miracles. I was sitting in a slightly damaged Taranis in the middle of an asteroid belt.

Now ecstatic, I start jumping around my pocket looking for ships to kill. I land in a system, and a Bestower is sitting there. I am not a religious man but I thanked several Gods for my good fortune and burned at him, webbing and scramming like a BOSS. Then my cap starts disappearing, I am taking damage and barely moving. What the hell is going on…?

Oh dear lord, I am fighting a battle Bestower. This evil evil evil pilot in C0ven decided to fight my Taranis, with a frigging battle industrial ship. I cannot live this one down if I lose an interceptor to an industrial ship. I was neuted out, but that pilot made a judgement error that ended up causing me to win the fight. He never shot my drones. He was 3x webbed, so killing those two hobgoblins might have won him that fight. I cycled my scram / guns soon as I had the cap to do so, which managed to keep him pinned and volley. He popped when I was about to dip into structure, although my damage control was still on.

I laughed and gave him the good fight, because it was an entertaining ballsy move, that almost cost me my inty! He apparently meant to rig it with trimarks and didn’t have any. If he did, that fight would have gone down to the wire. The very very very end of the wire.

Bestower from Hell.

So a couple of kills in a couple of days, one good gank that was a valuable ship, one just amusing fight, I can’t complain about those last couple.

Fly Dangerously.

Cya all when I get back from my real life mission… more to come.


Alliteration is Awesome.

Alright, so my work life has ben highly irritating, which provokes more irrational responses than normal during Eve stupidity. However, I wonder, is actual solo PvP or skilled PvP truly dead?

I watched videos of Kil2, Garmon, and the usual having some pretty cool fights on youtube. I thought, hey, if I can solo and have some GF’s. I now wonder, how many videos and how many hours of fights do they need to record prior to getting legit fights.

Last night, my Internet here in Afghanistan decided to start sucking terribly bad, so I ended up logging out in a station in Stain about eight jumps from our “home” system. I log in, see  couple of reds in local. I checked around a bit and headed to the out gate, camped by a cynabel. I get pointed, so I reapproach gate and jump through on that side. A second cynabel and a panther is chilling there. Well crap. Good game, fairly solid trap. I am not angry about this.

I jump back through to the other cynabel because, he fights close range which means I can scram/web, whereas the other cyna was orbiting at 20ish k out. I scram, web, begin the fight hoping to resolve it prior to the other aggressed guys jumping in. I start getting wrecked…. by templars. Frigging fighters. Seriously?

Naturally I end up dying, their first cyna periously low in shields when I pop. I think two more cynas ended up coming in as well.

Under normal circumstances, this would be a good gank, and a good fight. However, this being an alliance named C0ven that I will not name, it irritates me, greatly. Mostly because they have several kills on me, and refuse to engage when there is a chance I can win.

Case in point, Hurricane/Enyo on a gate. Hurricane points me, we start to brawl, I brilliantly forgot to turn on hardners will I was 55% shields. Enyo warps off, Hurricane jams me with ECM drones, as usual cause god forbid someone PvP without them, so I pull my drones and wait to see how long I am jammed. Now at this point, the fight was fairly even because of my oops hardners off brilliance. Now the cane has the advantage over me since I am doing no damage. He burns out of range and ends up warping off.

He could have own that fight due to ECM, but he was apparently so terrified of a loss mail, he opted to run away rather than go for it. This vexes me…greatly. Has Eve truly turned into a game where PvP is nonexistant except when there is overwhelming odds?

Since I have been in Stain, I have had two people basically go after me solo. The Daredevil who beat my Taranis when I lagged out, and the stealth bomber pilot who flew in incredibly close to my drake. Props to both for actually going for it alone. Every other real fight I have been in, involved overwhelming odds against me, often consisting of ECM as well. I miss older Eve where pilots actually fought each other, and the battle often involved pilot skill not how many people someone has.

0.0 seems to be The Blob. Lowsec is gatecamp blobs. Highsec is less blobby with damage, but a 1v1 usually consists of a 1v1 + 10 neutral RR.

I know part of my issue is due to my deployment, the timezone I play in doesn’t get me a chance to have solid PvP. Most of my corpmates are in bed or there shortly after, and since Stain is mostly Russian the same pockets of them are on usually which are starting to recognize me. The good thing is they know I’m usually solo. They of course organize ganks to handle that as well.

In short, I am ranting semi-coherntly about the fact that I cannot get good PvP where I have a chance at winning. I am annoyed I am dying frequently, and have a public forum in which I can whine like a schoolgirl about it. So I did that!

I am considering actually moving into Period Basis because of this. I would leave a good chunk of my PvP ships in Stain, probably much close to Period Basis than my current station in Stain, and actually making some isk via plexes. Maybe I can do some alliance level PvP instead of just solo. I haven’t quite decided if I will go this route or not yet though.

Also on a side note, sometime within the next half week or so I will be going on a real life mission. I will be gone for a couple of weeks and probably unable to throw more posts on here. I am getting more views and visitors now, which I sincerely appreciate all of oyu who read this! I will be back soon, if I don’t get a chance to post again before I leave!

Yesterday evening, or morning depending on your timezone a handful of people from my corp were actually on as I got off from work. We opted to go out roaming through Stain and then down into Estoria. Our little fleet consisted of my Drake, a Brutix, Nemesis, and Angry’s Firetail.

Fast forwards about 15 jumps or so, we find a system in Stain with lots of people in it, but nothing we can actually engage since they were cynoing in carriers next to the only ships in space. Angry moves down the pipe a system or two, and bam a Sacrilege on scan ratting. Finally something we can kill!

Angry tries to chase him around local, and he jumps into us. Beautiful, after about 15 seconds he decloaks, only 11km from me! I overheat, lock, scram, web, all the right things one should do when trying to kill a Sacrilege. Of course, while doing aforementioned activities, it didn’t occur to me to actually tell the Brutix not to web/scram/ shoot as well. We both opened up, but by time we achieved lock, got the scrams and webs on, he had coasted most of the way to the gate, leaving the two big boy ships stranded on this side.

Angry is of course heroic, and tackles the Sacrilege on the other side, and proceeds to get obliterated while we have 25 seconds left on timer. Sad panda faces ensue. He heads back towards the busy station system and runs into a BlOps gang coming for us. Time to burn the way we are planning on going.

Our fleet heads down into Esotria, up through Paragon Soul, and back into Period Basis. We found no one to shoot at the entire time. During our return trip, Angry purchased and fit a rapier in the system he was in and flew back towards our home station. The Nemesis and Brutix opted to stay in Period Basis so I continued on alone back to Stain.

Naturally, being Eve, I finally get a fight. A Cyna and Vaga want to play with my Drake. Now I am not sure if C0ven think I am such a terrible pilot, or that I was pve fit, but the Vaga dives in and starts shooting. Adorable. He gets webbed, scrammed, and both of us are neuting each other. Cynabel jumped in and begins shooting me, followed by a Harpy. So here I am gleefully smashing away on the Vaga who dips into drastically low shields, and of course, ECM drones start flying around. God forbid someone PvP without the whole, OMG I NEED TO RUN AWAY PvP style, and I get jammed a good four to five cycles by the drones before I can lock them. I did the only logical thing, which was pull in my drones, deaggro and wait out my timer since the Vaga learned to respect the Drake and was orbiting too far out.

I overheated the shields, escape with about 40% armor and wait out my timer. It was a system I was stuck in that only had one way in or out, so they were watching both gates. This worked out though, because by the time the combat timer had expired only the Harpy was really left watching my way home. He began to chase me back to my home system too, sweeeeet.

Remember that Rapier Angry bought, had came back to meet me so we could trap the ships. Only the Harpy decided to chase me though. We both ended up jumping into W-Q and he held cloak, and held, and held, and then decloaked automatically. he was only 5k from me. Web, scram, drones out, I start pounding on him. He burns for gate, maybe he realized that his friends decided not to come. Angry decloaks in his Rapier dual webs him down too. He was dual medium ASB fit, so he tanked just fine, for about 30 seconds anyway. Then he almost instantly popped.

A kill, and I didn’t die?! The world must be ending. The best part is, he started trashing on me for being a “noob” PvPer for having a friend. This, coming from a guy who went three vs one, used ecm drones to escape a Vaga kill, and then died. I was quite entertained. So roughly a 60ish jump roam, I managed to get one fight after the roam was done, and a 42m Harpy. Not spectacular, but it was something! Angry also got a kill which made me feel better since we got his Firetail popped earlier. Till Next space Pew Pew…

Fly Dangerously Pod Pilots

Khendon and his Towers

Posted: March 10, 2013 in Eve Online
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Apathy had an op with Tribe and friends to remove a SOV claim in Estoria which kicked off the afternoon festivities. After reclaiming the system from Darkness of Despair, the fleet of roughly 500ish people headed next door to us in Stain and burned down about eight towers. Each time the tower was popped, Khendon dropped in an Apathy tower to replace it.

Soon as the mop up of towers was completed, the fleet left and Apathy bees went to work starting to get towers operational, stronted and the like. Unfortunately, a hostile fleet covert cynoed in almost immediately after the friendly fleet left as well and began hitting a tower. They managed to point a transport ship that was moving fuel and stront around, however Khendon managed to burn back to the gate and save it before it popped.

While the tower was being shot, a frig fleet was being organized to hit the bomber group and cause general mayhem. Khendon jumped in his cyno Arazu, which was bubbled via Sabre and pointed by several bombers. Cyno goes up, with two bombers and Sabre all pointed by the Arazu. Once friendly frigates started appearing en masse, the hostile bombers split off in every direction with frigates chasing. After a couple of kills, the frigs began to head for home, and the bombers cynoed out.

A new cyno opened up, and a fleet of Nagas poured into local via hostile Titan bridge. Friendly frigs headed back to wipe the floor with them. It was a brilliant plan, except when our frigs landed on grid 50km away, several rapiers decloaked and began webbing the mwding frigates. A good chunk of the fleet was popped, with the rest bailing and heading home.

The nagas resumed pounding on a tower, which was too low for stront to be placed inside. The other seven towers were stronted and good to go, but not this one. Khendon played this one well though, and soon as the tower popped, he decloaked and set a new one achoring. He managed to get out alive from there. The hostiles were unsure what to do, wait and go for the new tower and risk a new fight, or call it a day with some kills and tower losses. They opted for the latter.

All in all, it was good for Apathy. We took some losses, such as a tower, and the heroic Arazu who was ordered to the hostile fleet and got smoked. We also laid claim to eight moons that we wanted and irritated some of our reds in the area while doing so. Now I a sure by this point, many of you are wondering, where was the heroic Kasken during this. Surely with his presence even the Naga/Rapier fleet would have been obliterated. While this is probably true, I was at work and chilling in my Taranis, unaware of the actual fight occurring, until the end. I missed out on kills as a result!

Fly Dangerously!

The Drake in Distress

Posted: March 9, 2013 in Eve Online
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I got back home from work yesterday, and there was a big alliance bash op going on. I couldn’t really attend as I have no actual fleet ships setup yet, and dealing with hundreds of pilots in a system can be rough over here, so I went solo roaming in my drake.

People trash on the drake since the “nerf” of it, but I disagree, strongly. In my incredibly humble opinion (aka I am right) the Drake is one of my favorite solo ships. It is halfway fast, puts out 710 dps with my current skills (HAM Spec V in a couple days) and has a solid tank. Yes the DPS is based on Kinetic damage. I am in a region with people fighting EM/Therm NPC so it works just fine.

Anyway, I roamed out to the J-A / T-8 area of Stain, and proceeded to have a bomber tackle me. Then, he came straight at me. I think I was down to 88% shields or so before he popped. Maybe three volleys…?

Good way to start it off. 50m isk kill, and people in local panicking running for the dock. I roamed around that pocket some more, eventually catching a noctis + pod and then headed towards PB because Angry logged in to come PvP with me. Now, armed with a hurricane + drake we headed back towards that same area. We caught a cyno Vigil, and jussssssssssst missed a ratting Oracle. We found the belt he was in, and left system. Waited about 30 seconds and jumped back in, he manage to get out of that belt as soon as we landed though.

Now the problem with that pocket is T-8 is the only way in or out of the system. Angry and I were expecting a fight on the way out. It was bound to happen since I cleared roughly 150m in kills there, and enough were active to bring a fight. Cool, I can live with that.

Sure enough we jump into T-8 and there’s a gang. Eight – ten people give or take, T3, Hacs, Recons, you name it. We are outnumbered 8 vs 2, and yet, what irks me, is they still brought a Rook. Seriously…?

Has Eve truly devolved where people are that terrified of a loss mail? I was jammed until I was about 20% shields, in which case I had traveled outside the bubble by a good 10 meters. I finally get unjammed, web / scram the vaga and start pounding on him. I screwed up here because I should have locked the sabre when he came flying in and kill him, to at least get one mail before I died but I didn’t start locking him until too late.

Ironically, even though my tank was obviously broken, I ended up with the vaga down to about 40% shields when I popped. If they had no Rook, and just an eight man gang, the way they were fighting, I am fairly confident the cane and I could have killed at minimum, a rapier, vaga, and sabre.

Of course the sabre rebubbled so I got podded. I was irritated though. I love Eve, but small gang PvP is so insanely hard because people cannot fight anymore. Everything requires “no risk” so the killboard stats look good. It drives me nuts!

I decided to go back to T-8 after in my Taranis to buy a new set of +4’s. A crusader tried to engage me, which would have been a great 1v1 for me, but I wasn’t in the mood to get blobbed at the time so I left instead. Naturally as I was in my taranis and not my drake, I passed, three separate solo battlecruisers then too. Two drakes and a harb, which would have all been fodder for the cane and I.

Anyway, if anyone who reads this wants to make some isk, drop by OOO in Stain with +4 Percep/Willpower implants for me would ya! I also have to get a couple of my Ham Drake / Fittings there too if I will be getting blobbed like this!

I have a battlereport from Khendon to write up and post as well that was a good cat / mouse game for Tribe / Darkness so expect another blog incoming.

Fly Dangerously!

PS. Someone give me some tips of where I can advertise this blog and some criticisms so I can work on my style!

Tech 3 Longings

Posted: March 8, 2013 in Eve Online
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Short Random Post:

I spent a while at work watching PvP videos of various groups rolling around in t3 fleets with logi support obliterating everything. I have a burning desire to do said activities with my Proteus!

I also want to buy a Vindi with a insane fit and solo PvP, but I am not sure how brilliant that idea would be…

Fly Dangerously!

Russian Revenge

Posted: March 8, 2013 in Eve Online
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Well, in my last post, I described an incredibly heroic victory over… a Caracal. Yesterday evening I was at work, chilling in my archon outside the station, when lo and behold, a mammoth undocks. I did the only reasonable thing, launched my drones and attempted to instapop. In my overwhelming excitement, I launched Ogre II though and not sentries so even though I scrammed him, he managed to redock. I waited out my timer, jumped into my Taranis and attempted to chase after him as he left while I was redocking.

It was a merry chase, and by the time I finally just about caught up, he was in his system, a dead end with no stations. I perused the belts looking for a venture on scan, but alas I could not find him. Terribly upset I left empty handed, only to jump into a sabre, SFI, and Zealot awaiting me. I debated on burning out of the bubble and warping, but with SFI and Zealot combined with their tracking I didn’t expect it to go well, so I waited and then burned back to gate jumping through. I first tried to warp inside the bubble, I know it used to give the dictor aggro, need to find out if it still does.

I reapproached and jumped successfully, leaving both the Zealot and Sabre aggroed on other side. The SFI followed me but couldn’t catch me as I warped around the system, eventually chilling in a safe watching for probes. Time passes, about 15 minutes and I make my exit, woot no camp. I head back to my home, 4 jumps into it the sabre is camping another gate, solo awaiting me. It was tempting to see if I could kill him with the Taranis, but I opted not to risk it. I got bored waiting for him, and knew he had eyes in my local so I decided to see how smart he was. I left local by the third way out, immediately reapproached and jumped back in. Sure enough, the sabre was now in this local, which gave me a clear path to the exit I wanted. He chased briefly but couldn’t touch me.

I arrived back at home, and informed a couple corpies as to what was going on. Khendom handed me a drake and demanded a Black Ops hotdrop. After a few minutes I agreed and headed back out. Long story short, there was nothing going on in any of those systems on the way back, excluding I learned they have an Erebus in that dead end system. Most of them had logged off and I headed towards home.

In their station system, a beautiful Raven was undocked however, a perfect target for a hot drop. I played cat and mouse with the Raven, shooting at him, while he tanked fun things. His buddy jumps into local, docks and logs after about 30 seconds. Ok no problem, he switched ships, and is going to login trap me. I have 3 black ops BS standing by plus a carrier, we should be fine. The raven finally starts to fight, I take him 40% shields, and he reps up to about 50%. Im still sitting at 55% in the drake. I figure now is the time to light cyno, he is still aggroed and won’t have enough time to deaggress for sure now. Cyno goes up, gang jumps in, and then………. the Raven cyno goes up.

I sure screwed up on that one, didn’t even think he would counter light. Two of our BS were already aggressed, their raven was in structure, and now they had 15 or so people in here. Apparently they all logged into the system with their titan and bridged. Two of our Black ops popped, the drake of course, and the pods. Thankfully Khendon saw cyno and held his aggression so he was able to safely dock. To make it worse, the Raven survived, in structure 😦

Lesson learned, don’t underestimate the Russians, and never ever expect them to have anywhere close to a legit fight unless you can pull off a gank before they bring in everyone they know.

Sooooo I am now yet another 100m+ in the hole according to my PvP stats in Tribe. I almost feel like I should head to lowsec and gank a bunch of people to fix that and feel better about my pvP again! I’m even out of the top 3k on battleclinic now I believe!

That’s all for now capsuleers, soon as my ships get out to Stain hopefully more fun times and actual GF’s await!

Fly Dangerously

PS: My follower count has doubled: I now have 2!

PPS: I am new to this blog thing so any criticism would be appreciated, both positive and negative. You can mail me in game as Kasken or Heartcarver, or leave comments here,