A Change of Pace

Posted: March 2, 2013 in Eve Online
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Today brought about a few interesting events in my Eve life. This began with Tormentor Trial 1.

I decided recently to try using some ships I haven’t seen much of, and immediately went to EFT to begin my PvP. I fit out a Tormentor, which changed from a terribad ship to a… err frigate. After arming it, I went out into search of a good fight. unfortunately for me instead I discovered a merlin plexing in Oueletta. The fight start off well, I was repping enough damage and chewing through the shields. This worked great… right up until the point where the pilot activated his ASB. Boom went the Tormentor.

I’m not a fan of logging off with a death, so I went back, grabed a dual rep incursus and headed back out. I floated through several lowsecs, dodged a giant prophecy pirate gang, and eventually found a fight. A group of frigs, dessies, and the like engaged a pirate Stabber Fleet, who had a legion and onerios as backup. I charged in, scramming the onerios and helping kill it. Sadly that apparently irritated the stabber who flew over and popped me before my reps really even had a chance to kick in. I at least got onto both kills though putting me well into the positives for the day.

I slept, briefly, which we won’t discuss due to my irritation factor with people who don’t have concern about letting people on night shift sleep on deployment. I logged back into Eve and discovered that my alliance had raised corp tax to 100% for the next few days to force people on “mandatory ops”. They already have a “mandatory” fee that is charged to players in a couple of the corporations, and that set me off. I detest corp dues, with a passion, and I can’t really deploy to CTAs. Taking away my income, which I do at work, irks me…greatly.

So combining these factors I finally decided to leave the alliance and find myself a new home. I searched several candidates, and discovered one that resides in Stain / Period Basis, and are mostly ex military with 100+ mil SP. I love Stain, I have 151m+ SP, and their humor clicked right off so I think I’ll be setting up back in the South soon enough!

Hopefully the Internet here cooperates well enough to get some cynos going and move that Archon later this evening.

Fly Dangerously!


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