A Stain in Space

Posted: March 6, 2013 in Eve Online
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Well, when I last left you all, I was going to be joining a new group of pilots to fly with. I did. I then promptly got myself blown up numerous times in incredibly stupid fashions. The joys of being the FNG.

It started when I me a group of fairly chillax people in Apathy Unleashed, a corp in the alliance Tribal Band. Several members are military or ex military, and they have this cool thing known as a sense of humor. I immediately got along with them, and ended up joining up by the end of the day. Being brilliant and lazy I decided I had no desire to move my carrier and flew 64 jumps through high/low/null sec to meet up with them out in Stain / Period Basis region. I survived.

The next day, feeling even smarter than the previous day I flew back to my carrier, loaded it up and with my new corpies helped jumped it out to my new home in Stain (my favorite region). I then proceeded, to fly out my cyno alt, from high sec to stain. I lost my t1 frigate in low sec to a legion, and otherwise my neutral alt made it all the way out to deep Stain… successfully. Things went rapidly downhill from there.

First I decided to make some isks. I purchased an Oracle, fit her up, and went out leeching off Khendon in anoms. No problem, later on I went into sites solo. Capacitor gone in about 3 seconds, ship went boom before I even realized what was happening. Alrighty then. I flew back from Period Basis to Stain with my trusty taranis which rarely loses a 1v1 frigate fight. In my HOME system, I get jumped by a daredevil. I was iffy on engaging but went for it anyway… LAG SPIKE. Now in half armor I finally get my modules to respond. I manage to overheat, daredevil drops into structure, he starts repping, and I am hitting him way more than he is hitting me. On a tangent, the Tracking Enhancer II does way more for my taranis than that mag stab did. He gets about 3/4 into structure, I popped. I tried spamming warp, but thanks to wonderful Afghanistan internet, a GIANT MIDDLE FINGER TO Sniper Hill and their “guaranteed download rates”, I got podded too. Soooooo 45m isk for a clone, another 50m for another set of +4 Kasken is good to go again.

Next step, get a isk making ship down here, start racking up the isk and pvp when I can. I sent my alt, Heartcarver around empire buying a sexy Paladin for isk making, a few more PvP ships, and after careful intel, I randomly jumped everything back and forth into Sagain to the jump to 0.0. Somehow, even with no scout I managed to get my 3b worth of crap into a station and courier contracted to our JF pilot for transport. I then join Heartcarver to the corp to mine me a Revelation and fly him out to Stain in a cloaky Prorator. It’s cloaky, warps like an inty, and is pretty damn fast, 65 jumps won’t be an issue. Well, that was true, for the first 58 or so jumps. A couple jumps from my destination a sabre is camping with a bubble, annoying but not an issue. Except issuing commands to my ship doesn’t work. I manage to somehow be randomly decloaked, and I’m into over half shields before I even register I am pointed, and getting pwned. I managed to fly out of the bubble entirely, spam warp, oh, and Heartcarver gets podded too. Everything of value pretty much drops, including my couple extra +4’s I were bringing up for when I get podded.

Awesome, had to travel across Stain again to get implants back for HC too. So in my first couple of days in a new corp I have managed, no kills, and cleared 300m in losses. I am a leet pvper over here apparently.

Before I go, a shameless plug, you guys want some relaxed pvp, if you aren’t retarded, look me up in game and join my new corporation’s public channel!

The alliance is…. unique, but with some training they might not be as bad as their stats on the KB show…

More to come!

  1. Thank you for your service to your country! Sorry to hear about your lag issues. Nothing is more annoying than waking up in a station before your screen even shows a new solar system being loaded. I hope you get all your goodies out to your new home so you can make up those isks, and I can start reading some regular posts of your new corp/alliance adventures. Until then, be safe in and out of Eve.

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