The Commies are Coming

Posted: March 6, 2013 in Eve Online
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I got back from work this morning, and discovered that Khendon had not yet had a chance to jump my stuff to Stain. I had some PvP ships, but opted to do the reasonable thing and rat with my archon in the belts. I messed around with this for a little while until a corpie logged in, Angryfat.

He was bored too, clone jumped to where I was and fit up a firetail with random mods we could acquire in Stain. We roamed around Stain with absolutely nothing we could shoot at, when we found a Russian homebase in a long deadend series of systems.

We initially encountered a Daredevil on a gate, whom jumped immediately when pointed by the Firetail. I assumed he was trying to split us so I waited, and after 30ish seconds he came back through. A 2nd neutral appeared in local, same alliance, and yet no ships appeared on scan, so we assumed some sort of cloaky.

My dealings with the Russians and Stain have made me paranoid, as in, they are always in falcons regardless of what the fight entails.We decided to see what would happen so instead of engaging the Daredevil we chose to warp back to the previous gate and jump through. The previous local had spiked from 20 to 36 or so, with a cynabel, caracal, hurricane on gate and other assorted ships on scan. We also saw the falcon decloak, I was RIGHT!

Well, both Angry and I have some balls, but engaging such a fleet with his Firetail and my Taranis, seemed like a special case of us getting pwned with no return. A Russian blob chasing us we took off out of their area back towards our home. Within a jump or two, only the caracal was pursuing us. Angry and I went ahead another couple of jumps, slowly, to make sure it was just the Caracal and discussed our ability to kill it. Light launchers could have made the fight difficult, but considering we had traveled a good 50+ jumps without a fight Angry said let’s go for it. The caracal jumped in, and we engaged. The caracal launched 2 ECm drones… seriously why are people obsessed with ECM for everything. We popped those and worked on the caracal which was passively shield tanked with a pretty solid buffer.

Angry overheated as he was actually taking some damage, and I thought I overheated too but apparently I didn’t. It became a race, as we broke the shields trying to crush the armor and structure before Firetail went pop. We managed to accomplish it, the caracal exploded, the Firetail lived, and we looted. I missed the pod by like .00003 seconds which sucked though.

Immediately after we looted, local exploded as the rest of the Russians arrived, we hightailed it out. This time they chose not to chase us though. That was not the most epic PvP I have ever been in, but I finally got a kill in Apathy, and we pulled off doing it without being ganked by their fleet so all in all, twas a good little fight. I also now know where the Russians are making their iskes……. 😉

Anyone who wants some small gang pvp fights come on down to Stain and say hi…

Fly Dangerously Pod Pilots…


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