Russian Revenge

Posted: March 8, 2013 in Eve Online
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Well, in my last post, I described an incredibly heroic victory over… a Caracal. Yesterday evening I was at work, chilling in my archon outside the station, when lo and behold, a mammoth undocks. I did the only reasonable thing, launched my drones and attempted to instapop. In my overwhelming excitement, I launched Ogre II though and not sentries so even though I scrammed him, he managed to redock. I waited out my timer, jumped into my Taranis and attempted to chase after him as he left while I was redocking.

It was a merry chase, and by the time I finally just about caught up, he was in his system, a dead end with no stations. I perused the belts looking for a venture on scan, but alas I could not find him. Terribly upset I left empty handed, only to jump into a sabre, SFI, and Zealot awaiting me. I debated on burning out of the bubble and warping, but with SFI and Zealot combined with their tracking I didn’t expect it to go well, so I waited and then burned back to gate jumping through. I first tried to warp inside the bubble, I know it used to give the dictor aggro, need to find out if it still does.

I reapproached and jumped successfully, leaving both the Zealot and Sabre aggroed on other side. The SFI followed me but couldn’t catch me as I warped around the system, eventually chilling in a safe watching for probes. Time passes, about 15 minutes and I make my exit, woot no camp. I head back to my home, 4 jumps into it the sabre is camping another gate, solo awaiting me. It was tempting to see if I could kill him with the Taranis, but I opted not to risk it. I got bored waiting for him, and knew he had eyes in my local so I decided to see how smart he was. I left local by the third way out, immediately reapproached and jumped back in. Sure enough, the sabre was now in this local, which gave me a clear path to the exit I wanted. He chased briefly but couldn’t touch me.

I arrived back at home, and informed a couple corpies as to what was going on. Khendom handed me a drake and demanded a Black Ops hotdrop. After a few minutes I agreed and headed back out. Long story short, there was nothing going on in any of those systems on the way back, excluding I learned they have an Erebus in that dead end system. Most of them had logged off and I headed towards home.

In their station system, a beautiful Raven was undocked however, a perfect target for a hot drop. I played cat and mouse with the Raven, shooting at him, while he tanked fun things. His buddy jumps into local, docks and logs after about 30 seconds. Ok no problem, he switched ships, and is going to login trap me. I have 3 black ops BS standing by plus a carrier, we should be fine. The raven finally starts to fight, I take him 40% shields, and he reps up to about 50%. Im still sitting at 55% in the drake. I figure now is the time to light cyno, he is still aggroed and won’t have enough time to deaggress for sure now. Cyno goes up, gang jumps in, and then………. the Raven cyno goes up.

I sure screwed up on that one, didn’t even think he would counter light. Two of our BS were already aggressed, their raven was in structure, and now they had 15 or so people in here. Apparently they all logged into the system with their titan and bridged. Two of our Black ops popped, the drake of course, and the pods. Thankfully Khendon saw cyno and held his aggression so he was able to safely dock. To make it worse, the Raven survived, in structure 😦

Lesson learned, don’t underestimate the Russians, and never ever expect them to have anywhere close to a legit fight unless you can pull off a gank before they bring in everyone they know.

Sooooo I am now yet another 100m+ in the hole according to my PvP stats in Tribe. I almost feel like I should head to lowsec and gank a bunch of people to fix that and feel better about my pvP again! I’m even out of the top 3k on battleclinic now I believe!

That’s all for now capsuleers, soon as my ships get out to Stain hopefully more fun times and actual GF’s await!

Fly Dangerously

PS: My follower count has doubled: I now have 2!

PPS: I am new to this blog thing so any criticism would be appreciated, both positive and negative. You can mail me in game as Kasken or Heartcarver, or leave comments here,


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