Tech 3 Longings

Posted: March 8, 2013 in Eve Online
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Short Random Post:

I spent a while at work watching PvP videos of various groups rolling around in t3 fleets with logi support obliterating everything. I have a burning desire to do said activities with my Proteus!

I also want to buy a Vindi with a insane fit and solo PvP, but I am not sure how brilliant that idea would be…

Fly Dangerously!

  1. Fellow Proteus pilot checking in. That would be a pretty cool fleet, but I’m far too connected with my Proteus (having owned it for the better part of two years) to take it into harm’s way.

    • jmlavoie says:

      I hear you there, I have my original Proteus still as well, even has the original fit. That reminds me, I do need to change out the Rolled Tungsten for a Tech II now!

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