The Drake in Distress

Posted: March 9, 2013 in Eve Online
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I got back home from work yesterday, and there was a big alliance bash op going on. I couldn’t really attend as I have no actual fleet ships setup yet, and dealing with hundreds of pilots in a system can be rough over here, so I went solo roaming in my drake.

People trash on the drake since the “nerf” of it, but I disagree, strongly. In my incredibly humble opinion (aka I am right) the Drake is one of my favorite solo ships. It is halfway fast, puts out 710 dps with my current skills (HAM Spec V in a couple days) and has a solid tank. Yes the DPS is based on Kinetic damage. I am in a region with people fighting EM/Therm NPC so it works just fine.

Anyway, I roamed out to the J-A / T-8 area of Stain, and proceeded to have a bomber tackle me. Then, he came straight at me. I think I was down to 88% shields or so before he popped. Maybe three volleys…?

Good way to start it off. 50m isk kill, and people in local panicking running for the dock. I roamed around that pocket some more, eventually catching a noctis + pod and then headed towards PB because Angry logged in to come PvP with me. Now, armed with a hurricane + drake we headed back towards that same area. We caught a cyno Vigil, and jussssssssssst missed a ratting Oracle. We found the belt he was in, and left system. Waited about 30 seconds and jumped back in, he manage to get out of that belt as soon as we landed though.

Now the problem with that pocket is T-8 is the only way in or out of the system. Angry and I were expecting a fight on the way out. It was bound to happen since I cleared roughly 150m in kills there, and enough were active to bring a fight. Cool, I can live with that.

Sure enough we jump into T-8 and there’s a gang. Eight – ten people give or take, T3, Hacs, Recons, you name it. We are outnumbered 8 vs 2, and yet, what irks me, is they still brought a Rook. Seriously…?

Has Eve truly devolved where people are that terrified of a loss mail? I was jammed until I was about 20% shields, in which case I had traveled outside the bubble by a good 10 meters. I finally get unjammed, web / scram the vaga and start pounding on him. I screwed up here because I should have locked the sabre when he came flying in and kill him, to at least get one mail before I died but I didn’t start locking him until too late.

Ironically, even though my tank was obviously broken, I ended up with the vaga down to about 40% shields when I popped. If they had no Rook, and just an eight man gang, the way they were fighting, I am fairly confident the cane and I could have killed at minimum, a rapier, vaga, and sabre.

Of course the sabre rebubbled so I got podded. I was irritated though. I love Eve, but small gang PvP is so insanely hard because people cannot fight anymore. Everything requires “no risk” so the killboard stats look good. It drives me nuts!

I decided to go back to T-8 after in my Taranis to buy a new set of +4’s. A crusader tried to engage me, which would have been a great 1v1 for me, but I wasn’t in the mood to get blobbed at the time so I left instead. Naturally as I was in my taranis and not my drake, I passed, three separate solo battlecruisers then too. Two drakes and a harb, which would have all been fodder for the cane and I.

Anyway, if anyone who reads this wants to make some isk, drop by OOO in Stain with +4 Percep/Willpower implants for me would ya! I also have to get a couple of my Ham Drake / Fittings there too if I will be getting blobbed like this!

I have a battlereport from Khendon to write up and post as well that was a good cat / mouse game for Tribe / Darkness so expect another blog incoming.

Fly Dangerously!

PS. Someone give me some tips of where I can advertise this blog and some criticisms so I can work on my style!


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