Khendon and his Towers

Posted: March 10, 2013 in Eve Online
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Apathy had an op with Tribe and friends to remove a SOV claim in Estoria which kicked off the afternoon festivities. After reclaiming the system from Darkness of Despair, the fleet of roughly 500ish people headed next door to us in Stain and burned down about eight towers. Each time the tower was popped, Khendon dropped in an Apathy tower to replace it.

Soon as the mop up of towers was completed, the fleet left and Apathy bees went to work starting to get towers operational, stronted and the like. Unfortunately, a hostile fleet covert cynoed in almost immediately after the friendly fleet left as well and began hitting a tower. They managed to point a transport ship that was moving fuel and stront around, however Khendon managed to burn back to the gate and save it before it popped.

While the tower was being shot, a frig fleet was being organized to hit the bomber group and cause general mayhem. Khendon jumped in his cyno Arazu, which was bubbled via Sabre and pointed by several bombers. Cyno goes up, with two bombers and Sabre all pointed by the Arazu. Once friendly frigates started appearing en masse, the hostile bombers split off in every direction with frigates chasing. After a couple of kills, the frigs began to head for home, and the bombers cynoed out.

A new cyno opened up, and a fleet of Nagas poured into local via hostile Titan bridge. Friendly frigs headed back to wipe the floor with them. It was a brilliant plan, except when our frigs landed on grid 50km away, several rapiers decloaked and began webbing the mwding frigates. A good chunk of the fleet was popped, with the rest bailing and heading home.

The nagas resumed pounding on a tower, which was too low for stront to be placed inside. The other seven towers were stronted and good to go, but not this one. Khendon played this one well though, and soon as the tower popped, he decloaked and set a new one achoring. He managed to get out alive from there. The hostiles were unsure what to do, wait and go for the new tower and risk a new fight, or call it a day with some kills and tower losses. They opted for the latter.

All in all, it was good for Apathy. We took some losses, such as a tower, and the heroic Arazu who was ordered to the hostile fleet and got smoked. We also laid claim to eight moons that we wanted and irritated some of our reds in the area while doing so. Now I a sure by this point, many of you are wondering, where was the heroic Kasken during this. Surely with his presence even the Naga/Rapier fleet would have been obliterated. While this is probably true, I was at work and chilling in my Taranis, unaware of the actual fight occurring, until the end. I missed out on kills as a result!

Fly Dangerously!

  1. Khendon Kalmire says:

    The “heroic” khendon has many many towers to defend today

  2. CowRocket says:

    Space Jew checking in

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