How to Get Angryfat Killed…Again

Posted: March 11, 2013 in Eve Online
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Yesterday evening, or morning depending on your timezone a handful of people from my corp were actually on as I got off from work. We opted to go out roaming through Stain and then down into Estoria. Our little fleet consisted of my Drake, a Brutix, Nemesis, and Angry’s Firetail.

Fast forwards about 15 jumps or so, we find a system in Stain with lots of people in it, but nothing we can actually engage since they were cynoing in carriers next to the only ships in space. Angry moves down the pipe a system or two, and bam a Sacrilege on scan ratting. Finally something we can kill!

Angry tries to chase him around local, and he jumps into us. Beautiful, after about 15 seconds he decloaks, only 11km from me! I overheat, lock, scram, web, all the right things one should do when trying to kill a Sacrilege. Of course, while doing aforementioned activities, it didn’t occur to me to actually tell the Brutix not to web/scram/ shoot as well. We both opened up, but by time we achieved lock, got the scrams and webs on, he had coasted most of the way to the gate, leaving the two big boy ships stranded on this side.

Angry is of course heroic, and tackles the Sacrilege on the other side, and proceeds to get obliterated while we have 25 seconds left on timer. Sad panda faces ensue. He heads back towards the busy station system and runs into a BlOps gang coming for us. Time to burn the way we are planning on going.

Our fleet heads down into Esotria, up through Paragon Soul, and back into Period Basis. We found no one to shoot at the entire time. During our return trip, Angry purchased and fit a rapier in the system he was in and flew back towards our home station. The Nemesis and Brutix opted to stay in Period Basis so I continued on alone back to Stain.

Naturally, being Eve, I finally get a fight. A Cyna and Vaga want to play with my Drake. Now I am not sure if C0ven think I am such a terrible pilot, or that I was pve fit, but the Vaga dives in and starts shooting. Adorable. He gets webbed, scrammed, and both of us are neuting each other. Cynabel jumped in and begins shooting me, followed by a Harpy. So here I am gleefully smashing away on the Vaga who dips into drastically low shields, and of course, ECM drones start flying around. God forbid someone PvP without the whole, OMG I NEED TO RUN AWAY PvP style, and I get jammed a good four to five cycles by the drones before I can lock them. I did the only logical thing, which was pull in my drones, deaggro and wait out my timer since the Vaga learned to respect the Drake and was orbiting too far out.

I overheated the shields, escape with about 40% armor and wait out my timer. It was a system I was stuck in that only had one way in or out, so they were watching both gates. This worked out though, because by the time the combat timer had expired only the Harpy was really left watching my way home. He began to chase me back to my home system too, sweeeeet.

Remember that Rapier Angry bought, had came back to meet me so we could trap the ships. Only the Harpy decided to chase me though. We both ended up jumping into W-Q and he held cloak, and held, and held, and then decloaked automatically. he was only 5k from me. Web, scram, drones out, I start pounding on him. He burns for gate, maybe he realized that his friends decided not to come. Angry decloaks in his Rapier dual webs him down too. He was dual medium ASB fit, so he tanked just fine, for about 30 seconds anyway. Then he almost instantly popped.

A kill, and I didn’t die?! The world must be ending. The best part is, he started trashing on me for being a “noob” PvPer for having a friend. This, coming from a guy who went three vs one, used ecm drones to escape a Vaga kill, and then died. I was quite entertained. So roughly a 60ish jump roam, I managed to get one fight after the roam was done, and a 42m Harpy. Not spectacular, but it was something! Angry also got a kill which made me feel better since we got his Firetail popped earlier. Till Next space Pew Pew…

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