The Angry Tirade of a Tormented Solo PvP Pilot

Posted: March 14, 2013 in Eve Online
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Alliteration is Awesome.

Alright, so my work life has ben highly irritating, which provokes more irrational responses than normal during Eve stupidity. However, I wonder, is actual solo PvP or skilled PvP truly dead?

I watched videos of Kil2, Garmon, and the usual having some pretty cool fights on youtube. I thought, hey, if I can solo and have some GF’s. I now wonder, how many videos and how many hours of fights do they need to record prior to getting legit fights.

Last night, my Internet here in Afghanistan decided to start sucking terribly bad, so I ended up logging out in a station in Stain about eight jumps from our “home” system. I log in, see  couple of reds in local. I checked around a bit and headed to the out gate, camped by a cynabel. I get pointed, so I reapproach gate and jump through on that side. A second cynabel and a panther is chilling there. Well crap. Good game, fairly solid trap. I am not angry about this.

I jump back through to the other cynabel because, he fights close range which means I can scram/web, whereas the other cyna was orbiting at 20ish k out. I scram, web, begin the fight hoping to resolve it prior to the other aggressed guys jumping in. I start getting wrecked…. by templars. Frigging fighters. Seriously?

Naturally I end up dying, their first cyna periously low in shields when I pop. I think two more cynas ended up coming in as well.

Under normal circumstances, this would be a good gank, and a good fight. However, this being an alliance named C0ven that I will not name, it irritates me, greatly. Mostly because they have several kills on me, and refuse to engage when there is a chance I can win.

Case in point, Hurricane/Enyo on a gate. Hurricane points me, we start to brawl, I brilliantly forgot to turn on hardners will I was 55% shields. Enyo warps off, Hurricane jams me with ECM drones, as usual cause god forbid someone PvP without them, so I pull my drones and wait to see how long I am jammed. Now at this point, the fight was fairly even because of my oops hardners off brilliance. Now the cane has the advantage over me since I am doing no damage. He burns out of range and ends up warping off.

He could have own that fight due to ECM, but he was apparently so terrified of a loss mail, he opted to run away rather than go for it. This vexes me…greatly. Has Eve truly turned into a game where PvP is nonexistant except when there is overwhelming odds?

Since I have been in Stain, I have had two people basically go after me solo. The Daredevil who beat my Taranis when I lagged out, and the stealth bomber pilot who flew in incredibly close to my drake. Props to both for actually going for it alone. Every other real fight I have been in, involved overwhelming odds against me, often consisting of ECM as well. I miss older Eve where pilots actually fought each other, and the battle often involved pilot skill not how many people someone has.

0.0 seems to be The Blob. Lowsec is gatecamp blobs. Highsec is less blobby with damage, but a 1v1 usually consists of a 1v1 + 10 neutral RR.

I know part of my issue is due to my deployment, the timezone I play in doesn’t get me a chance to have solid PvP. Most of my corpmates are in bed or there shortly after, and since Stain is mostly Russian the same pockets of them are on usually which are starting to recognize me. The good thing is they know I’m usually solo. They of course organize ganks to handle that as well.

In short, I am ranting semi-coherntly about the fact that I cannot get good PvP where I have a chance at winning. I am annoyed I am dying frequently, and have a public forum in which I can whine like a schoolgirl about it. So I did that!

I am considering actually moving into Period Basis because of this. I would leave a good chunk of my PvP ships in Stain, probably much close to Period Basis than my current station in Stain, and actually making some isk via plexes. Maybe I can do some alliance level PvP instead of just solo. I haven’t quite decided if I will go this route or not yet though.

Also on a side note, sometime within the next half week or so I will be going on a real life mission. I will be gone for a couple of weeks and probably unable to throw more posts on here. I am getting more views and visitors now, which I sincerely appreciate all of oyu who read this! I will be back soon, if I don’t get a chance to post again before I leave!


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