The Chase…and the Surprise

Posted: March 15, 2013 in Eve Online
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Odds are this will be my last post for approximately two weeks. We are going to go ahead and end on a positive note šŸ˜‰

Step One of errr One: Stay up past my normal bedtime looking for something to shoot. I couldn’t fall asleep. So I went roaming around in my Taranis after moving to a new system in Stain. I moved because, I wanted to be closer to where I am roaming from, and I wanted to not be stuck in a dead end area. I opted to take the Taranis instead of the Drake for once because of its speed, and frankly I am tired of losing Drakes.

I do the sensible thing, and head into my favorite pocket of Russians. There is a dead end refinery/factory system with tons of belts right next to T-8 so I hit up there first. Three Mackinaws on scan. Sweet, I warp to the ice belt since it’s within scan range. I land on top of three non moving mackinaws. HOLY CRAP!!!!!

I scram one and go to work. Now here it gets interesting, three mackinaws, which have a halfway decent tank, could potentially mean 15 drones. Local had about 12 people, and I saw a Macherial / Tornado on scan too. If the two other Mackinaws stayed put, and they all dumped drones on my Taranis, I might not have even been able to stay. Luckily, that didn’t happen and I got a nice Mackinaw kill, although sadly I missed the pod.


Jump forward to next day. I get off work, and with the success of the Taranis I opt to take it out again. I tried to catch a retriever in the belt, but he was gone every time I entered local and docking by time I hit any belts. I floated around the entire pocket I like to hunt in getting nothing. On my way out, I jump into a belt, and there is a Legion 11k from me. I have no backup, there’s several active people in his alliance around me, and I am in an interceptor versus one of the better tanked ships in the game.

I attacked. Well, I thought I did. See at this exact moment that I overloaded mods, hit approach and went towards him, our wonderful Afghanistan Internet…Sniper Hill decided it was a great time to shut down. You have got to be kidding me.

Roughly 45 minutes later it comes back up, which gave me time to build my army some more in Mount and Blade Warbrand. I log back into Kasken fully expecting to be at my clone station. Apparently this was a day of miracles. I was sitting in a slightly damaged Taranis in the middle of an asteroid belt.

Now ecstatic, I start jumping around my pocket looking for ships to kill. I land in a system, and a Bestower is sitting there. I am not a religious man but I thanked several Gods for my good fortune and burned at him, webbing and scramming like a BOSS. Then my cap starts disappearing, I am taking damage and barely moving. What the hell is going on…?

Oh dear lord, I am fighting a battle Bestower. This evil evil evil pilot in C0ven decided to fight my Taranis, with a frigging battle industrial ship. I cannot live this one down if I lose an interceptor to an industrial ship. I was neuted out, but that pilot made a judgement error that ended up causing me to win the fight. He never shot my drones. He was 3x webbed, so killing those two hobgoblins might have won him that fight. I cycled my scram / guns soon as I had the cap to do so, which managed to keep him pinned and volley. He popped when I was about to dip into structure, although my damage control was still on.

I laughed and gave him the good fight, because it was an entertaining ballsy move, that almost cost me my inty! He apparently meant to rig it with trimarks and didn’t have any. If he did, that fight would have gone down to the wire. The very very very end of the wire.

Bestower from Hell.

So a couple of kills in a couple of days, one good gank that was a valuable ship, one just amusing fight, I can’t complain about those last couple.

Fly Dangerously.

Cya all when I get back from my real life mission… more to come.

  1. CowRocket says:

    cant wait till you get back to the real world…….

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