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That is right folks, today was a truly sad day in the Eve universe. I, Kasken, CEO of Vitriolic Animosity, lost, my three day old Navy Comet. This will come as a great shock to many, whom I know have never even hard of my Comet, but will still mourn it’s tragic loss. A series of unfortunate events listed below will explain how such a atrocious act could end up happening.

It started off a great Eve day, I logged in, saw an Incursus in a plex in my home system, and figured, let’s give the Algos a go. I show up at the gate, and to my complete dismay, the Incursus warped out. So I hang out there chatting in corp, when a new neutral shows up in local. I keep scanning and a Talwer appears on short scan. I make a split second decision, I figure he will land at zero on the acceleration gate, I’m here, let’s probably lag and DIAF.

He lands at zero, I overheat everything and burn at him firing like a retarded monkey in a fair with waterguns. Don’t think about the analogy, just go with it. He hits me, I hit him, luckily a 422 DPS buffered Algos was enough and he went pop before I dipped into structure. Solo Kill.

Then 2sexy4myshp and our Griffon pilot who’s name in corp I cant entirely remember, Granon or something similar go out looking for people to pew pew. I am in the fabled Comet at this point in time named “Asteroid”. I know, it’s extremely original. We shoot around for a bit, and find a Thrasher in a plex. I land, use acceleration gate and charge into the abyss. The Thrasher warps out…

2sexy lands on the acceleration gate, and calls out an Ishkur is there which he promptly engages. Except I can’t just warp to him, I have to warp to a celestial and back. Our Griffin pilot, manages to warp… by accidentally not to the plex. This leaves a buffered Hookbill vs a decently tanked ship. 2sexy mentions calmly, “I’m getting my arse kicked”, or something to that effect. Being a natural leader I offer my sage advice, “Don’t die, shoot his drones.” Epic response comes, “I’m a noob, don’t have drone overview setup.”

I land get point and web. 2sexy flies off in his pod. Handoff of the fight completed. Our Griffin arrives on the scene, with the wonderful, “all my jams failed, wow his drones hurt, half armor warping out.” I am alone with an Ishkur who is using five Fed Navy drones.

I begin my incredible, and completely amazing Eve piloting skills, by orbiting the Ishkur at 500 and webbing / popping drones. It’s a race, can I smoke his drones before I die. As each drone dies, the DPS on me is lessened. My rep is overheated and repping like a champ, a 85 year old champ who recently had a heart attack. As the last drone, I managed to kill four, approaches the end of his armor, I discovered the end of my structure.

The greatest Comet ever flown by Kasken, and the only Comet flown by Kasken, met an abrupt, painful end, to an Ishkur. As I explode into shiny bits and frantically spam warp on my pod I hear, “Ishkur jammed.”

Fly Dangerously my Friends



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VITRI went on a corp roam this morning, lead by myself in a group of frigates looking for a fight in our new home. We spent an hour plus with nothing. FW guys running from us, so in desperation we head to Kamela area. Naturally Kamela is blobbed, boosted, and that sort of crap so we jump into Sosala. A red Thorax warped off leaving behind a blinky Blackbird.

We do the smart thing, and pin the Blackbird. I figure his Thorax buddy would come back to help, aggressing, and tanking gate guns. It worked as planned, excluding of course, the fact that the Blackbird was armor tanked. Our Griffin jammed the BB so we took it’s shields down in very short order. It’s armor though, took forever to start pecking down The Thorax as expected warped back to help, not an issue, we were still fine. Then typical of Eve, here comes the blob. I ordered a tactical… GET OUT type of situation. Everyone got out, except… me. My Retribution was pinned down. I had my rep and afterburner overloaded, and made it….22k away from the closest tackler when I popped. I was less than 2k from being in warp range, sigh.

So we head back, I reship and we go out again. Then we started actually having fun. We find a Rupture running a medium plex, our fleet consists of two Comets, Griffin, Executioner, and Condor. Oxy and I were both in Comets, so even though we are fast with tackle, our lag makes pinning stuff almost impossible. We rely on the Executioner / Condor for tackle. They head in, pin the Rupture, and we come in.

The Rupture seemed to have wanted a fight, and during the course of this our tacklers ended up getting popped. Oxy and I maintained tackle though, and popped his drones as they were the only thing doing actual damage to us. Two Comets with max skilled pilots for them took that Rupture down fairly fast. We looted the field and chilled in the plex while posting the kills. Our Griffin warped out.

Then, lo and behold, a Moa appears on very short scan. There is no way we could be so lucky as to get another cruiser willing to fight. Alongside the Moa appears a Punisher. Still, we can handle that. Sure enough, the Moa comes in and we aggress. Our Griffin comes back in, we pop the Moa’s drones and begin working on it. Finally, the Punisher came in to say hello as wlel and he went straight for the Griffin who missed the jam. I broke off from the Moa to catch and pin the Punisher, while Oxy kept the Moa from doing, anything.

The Punisher went down very fast once I had my full DPS on him. I turned back to the Moa which went down in very short order. Boom, five minutes later we had two dead cruisers, and a frigate kill. We made up for my annoying Retribution loss and then some.

We continued roaming around, killing a Tristan and dodging a fleet chasing us. We finally decided to head back for the night checking systems as we do. A Hound was caught on the gate to a plex, which was lucky since we just couldn’t catch the other four bombers in local. He was kept pinned until everyone showed up on the kill. Cool, an easy kill, not a bad way to end it… or is it.

We keep going checking plexes, when.. a Dramiel appears and guns straight for Oxy’s Comet. At this moment he is sitting on the plex solo and is getting absolutely hammered by the DPS. We make the warp in, get points and webs,and work on finishing him off before Oxy dies. We do, barely as Oxy pulled range and worked on the Dram’s drones. Another solid kill, not an epic fight but a solid kill to finish off the evening. We tried catching a Navy Caracal but he warped off just outside of my point range sadly.

Overall it was a solid roam. The guys listen pretty well, and are learning what to do without being told. Our corp numbers are growing as in our presence in Sosan. If this keeps up for a few weeks, and we can recruit some more higher SP guys to keep fleets roaming as often, it won’t take long before we can start taking out these epic blob pirate fleets who seem to have no individual pilot skill!

Fly Dangerously my Friends

I forgot, what a seriously annoying pain in the ass recruiting is. It has
been going well however. We are up to somewhere around 15 members give or
take, albeit several very young pilots. Four war decs are in place, with
one ending soon in a surrender from them which we accepted as getting kills
from them was extremely difficult.
One of our war decs backfired to an extent. The plan had originally been to
catch their ten Mackinaws mining ice at the immediate start of the war. My
buddy and I had sensor boosted battlecruisers fit with six points between
us, and another two pilots ready to go with their points as well. They were
still mining five minutes before the war so I thought we were golden.
Sadly, they were not bots though and the guy piloting them all sent them
docking basically right before the war went live.
Their alliance had just lost a titan in some super spy game out in 0.0, and
it appears that some of their pilots are bored so they came to high sec to
play with my guys. Most of which, are getting slaughtered currently. They
are having fun though, and I’m not overly fussed about KB stats at this
moment in time so it’s all good.
Overall we’ve had some entertaining times, I flew 20ish jumps where I had
an alt in one of our WT’s wormholes. I flew there, specifically to kill a
floating WT shuttle that was outside their POS. I just wanted them to know
I knew where they lived.
We went on a corp roam through the Black Rise low sec with a mixture of six
frigs/dessies, but true to typical Gallente FW form we got jumped by a
larger much outshipped gang. We had a Vexor into deep structure, but the
sniping dessies, Drake, Cynabal, and Vexor were a bit much for what we had.
We ended up DIAF, which was funny because a potential recruit decided not
to join us then.
This evening we actually camped out and caught a Drake of one of our wars
which is about to expire. Ironically his alt was in local with us, but he
had been chilling running missions safely for a while and figured he was
ok. He jumped in, we popped him, and managed to pod him as well. Poor guy
logged of almost immediately after dying.
I discovered another yet of our war targets have a high sec POS up I wanted
to shoot, but the war with the 0.0 pvp alliance would interfere with
several hours of POS shooting, and one cannot retract wars anymore. I
refuse to surrender so sadly killing that tower is probably out of the
It looks like our corp will be moving from high sec to low sec in the near
future though. High sec wars, well, suck. Station games, alt scouts,
neutral RR, and other pointless crap like that is just boring. Most of my
kills are still roaming low sec with buddies looking for fights. So far I
have a resounding yes from my new corpies so we will be moving, probably
shortly after the wars end.
Finally, I think we will be building a Indy wing for us too. I was toying
with the idea anyway, to get some indy guys and let them make isk, help
support the PvP and give them some low sec to play in. We’ll see how it
works out but I have a couple of Indy guys interested in helping to build it
so we’ll see how it goes.
Recruiting Pirates and Indy gents for epic luls and PvP fun 😉
Fly Dangerously my Friends
P.S. Hopefully I get some cool battle reports once we get some fights that
I am on for!

So after soul searching, peer pressure, and a desire to build again, I have created my own corporation.

Now I must state, Apathy Unleashed is a great corporation. The alliance they currently reside in, is, absolutely terrible, but the corporation is actually a great group of guys with skilled PvP pilots. Their play times just didn’t coincide with mine while deployed, which meant no fleets for me. Since Stain is terribad for solo PvP I felt it was time to rebuild.

Now this corporation, will of course be badass that I am building. I am sure most CEO’s assume this, but I have done it before so I have some ideas as to what to do. I already setup our KB, Tink got us Teamspeak, and our corporation recruitment ad is up.

This corporation, is going to be the PvPer’s dream, assuming it gets off its feet. High sec wars, low sec roams, 0.0 roams, and WH raiding. Everything and anything PvP related. The overall goal is multi TZ fleets of video capturing roams of all sorts and lotsa space explosions and Pew Pew. Eventually I am considering alliance creation and expanding from there but that is a fairly long term goal.

One thin I did forget from running my own corporation though, is what a serious pain in the arse recruiting is. Sitting in a channel spamming, then getting either one day old characters or nobody even willing to talk because the current member count of the corporation is so low. Well naturally the count is low, because people who are interested don’t join until they see a solid base, and you can’t get a solid base without the pilots!

So with some work, the new PvP corporation is being built, slowly, but it’s coming along. Hopefully we will have some antics and entertaining stories for you all soon. Also, Titan is still working on editing the PvP video so it’s not up yet.

Fly Dangerously my Friends

Operation Suicide Megathron Hamster was a complete success today. By success, I mean that insurance payout I received for going out in a giant ball of flaming ship bits. Alas, I was only able to get Titan and his Thorax killed as well since none of my other buddies could be around to make it. I know at this point you are all dying to hear the story since the killboard cannot speak the fine beautiful details so here goes.

The roam started off quite boring, nothing would shoot at us and all the small stuff ran screaming. Fast forward 15ish jumps. Titan bravely jumps through a gate and indicates there is a gang on the other side. Rupture, Excheq, Maller, Drake, Tempest, Thrasher, Claw, and some other assorted stuff I don’t recall. None were blinky but I suspected they would take Megathron bait so I had Titan hold cloak and blindly charged ahead… aka I clicked the jump button.

I begin to reapproach the gate and sure enough, my overview lights up like a Christmas tree of death.I begin wrecking the Maller since he is right next to me, unprepared for 1100 DPS and a 50k passive tanked armor Mega. Annoyingly his Excheq remote repair buddy however was and began to save the Maller, quite well in fact. I told Titan, Jack Claw in the Excheq is primary! Amusingly even though were were approximately three feet apart, I wasn’t enunciating well and he shot his Thorax off like a bat out of hell…. for the Claw who had aggressed.

It worked out just fine though because I obliterated the RR ship and decided to primary the rupture next as he was one of the closest higher damage dealers in range of me. I dual web, and start pounding on the rupture, tearing him up pretty well. Then… local population more than doubles with lots of flashes coming through the gate we are on. Most of the fleet we are fighting manages to warp out, and I did the sensible thing and took a few pot shots at the Tempest since I was fairly sure they are all going to be stealing my fight.

Tempest was a nanopest and went down very fast, I finished off the Rupture and can easily GTFO as by this point I am 32k away from the closest and aligned. Titan tries to warp, watches it say his ship is actually warping, then displays him pinned getting wrecked. I have a choice, dive back in to continue fighting at about half armor or get out and save the Mega… approach is clicked on the nearest Harbi.

He barrels into range all excited to get a point, and I apply full DPS. Massive overwhelming DPS and he melts like butter. Shields blasted, armor a smoking crater and I get into his structure. Then of course, the recourse of every terrible PvP pilot ever who is terrified of a loss appears…ECM Drones. Several waves of them. Another volley hit the Harb who is roughly half structure, annnnnnnd jammed. FML.

At this point I have several battlecruisers hitting me, and they managed to get a two point scram on so the MJD couldn’t be used. I just sat there permajammed by drones watching me Mega slowly go down. Obviously it was a suicide roam so I had no issues losing the ship, but that first gang was a pretty good fight. I’m fairly sure we would have completely won that. The second gang, I should have at least had the Harb dead and been able to MJD out which was the original plan but as usual, ECM saved the day. Ironically they seemed mad I “whored” on the Tempest kill. “Bitch please! You whored onto my entire fight!”

Either way, isk ratio wise, depending on the board, my Megathron and Tempest were almost identical on isk in Battleclinic, with an extra90m or so for the two cruisers I killed combined which puts me ahead. That Thorax was Titan’s first “expensive” loss leaving him around a 10-1 isk K/D ratio so he was still happy.

Battle Report

I know i have several regular readers now, so I will have some Eve news for you all soon! I’ve just got to finalize some additional details and then there will be a post about something that I believe many of you will find exciting! Until then….

Fly Dangerously my Friends

Battleship changes are coming to Eve. I am actually pretty happy about the changes myself. I probably won’t really fly the Megathron too much after that, which I’m ok with. I’m actually planning on taking mine on a death roam fairly soon.

The Domi, Raven, Tempest, Geddon, and Typhoon changes though….. oh yeeaaaaaaaaaa. I actually like the Raven/Typhoon as torpedo boats now. The Raven is drastically underestimated, and the Typhoon can get a pretty solid passive tank with a very good chunk of damage, providing you pick your targets well. Torps are actually viable in PvP now, just underused because people are… well retarded.

I’ve never really been a fan of the Armageddon. That’s probably sacrilegious to many, but I always preferred the Abaddon as my laser pew pew boat of choice. The Abba had similar firepower and a far superior tank. Now though, the Geddon appears to have a new role to fill that is a game changer.

I fully expect prices to go ballistic after this patch too, fleet phoons and tempests are probably going to go up in price as people start to use them more for PvP. I’m probably going to grab a couple of fleet phoons anyway for myself regardless.

I also hope they do change the fleet boosting ships. I’ve never used my alt as a fleet booster, and he doesn’t even get used as RR or ECM. It’s annoying when people cannot pvp without their little boosting alts which are perfectly sade chilling in their POS or the like. I think it would be super if they force them on grid where they can be popped…

Anyway, we have some video footage of fights, nothing spectacular currently, but Titan is working on them to try and get a PvP video together. We are trying to come up with some sort of theme to begin using for our fights, especially after we saw Kate Mosh’ PvP video and laughed like crazy ay work about it.

Kates Video

So we are looking for theme ideas for when we start producing these videos. Leave me a message here or in game if some cool thoughts pop into your head!

We are also still looking for some pilots to roll around with us for fun fights, Titan is looking at acquiring a higher sp character so we can do some higher level PvP than just frigates as well. Eventually I plan on taking him on 0.0 / WH roams too.

Titan and I got off work, and figured, it’s a good day to roam. We logged in and my buddy 2sex4myship aka Tink was on. We figured, what could possibly go wrong with the three of us?!

The first fleet, foreshadowing anyone, consisted of myself in a Vengeance, Tink in a Hookbill, and of course Titan in his trusty Incursus. We went out, and bounced back and forth trying to catch a Wolf. Instead, the Wolf caught Titan in his Incursus, who lasted long enough for the Hookbill and I to get there. Titan popped, but we took the Wolf down in relatively short order. Success, 38m Wolf for a 5m Incursus or so.

Now right after this, I don’t remember exactly what happened but somehow Tink ended up dying without me being able to help. It was almost 24 hours ago, and work was busy so I don’t exactly end up remembering, I believe he got kited and I couldn’t catch up to the fight to help in time. So he had to reship too. A hawk if I recall is what got him.

So I of course, was mildly retarded and chasing a pirate drake around the system. He was a young pilot and it would have been amusing to kill him. Eventually I got bored trying to catch him, and docked to rep up my overheated modules. This is where the story gets…. stupid. There were four stations in the local I was in, go figure, two had no repair stations. I managed to pick one without, I undock and get almost alpha’ed by these nubling pirates in Oracles/Tornados. Now I’m sitting in a station with no repair in structure.

They camp me for a while, and I work on getting my little fleet to warp on them, figuring if they are sniper ships, my two fleet mates land, and bam, free tier three bc kills. By the time my fleet gets there, they finally left, so I undock warp to a station with repair and hit dock…. just in time to watch that pirate fleet land at the undock. I repair and undock, without realizing it was a kick out station and they had an instalock Loki there. Vengeance down.

I head back to reship, and decide to give the almighty and a feared Tormentor another shot. While I am reshipping Titan / Tink pop a Slasher they caught in a FW plex. I get back, and we keep roaming. Here is where the best fight of the day happens… that I forgot to record.

We scan a Coercer down in a plex and head after him. We bounced plex to plex a few times and finally catch him on the acceleration gate. He was only 4-5 months old so I wasn’t too worried, but he was actually fully T2 fit and was pounding on Titan.As he starts getting low into armor, a Caracal Navy Issue lands with us. The Coercer pops, and we all work on the Caracal Navy.

He chews through Titan who explodes into shiny space bit and starts working on my Tormentor. My fit is a combo of buffer and active tank, which I know is not optimal but it actually works. It gives me time with my lag delays to activate my repping, overheating and the like appropriately and allows for some buffer to handle the oh crap I cant do anything moments.

It takes a bit but I tank the Caracal just fine and we eventually pop him. We didn’t know it at the time, but he wasn’t even with the Coercer, so it was a three way brawl, he actually got the kill on the Coercer. However, those two kills put us way ahead for the day. Titan reshipped yet again and we continued our meandering path through low sec looking for targets. We ended up getting two Incursus kills, nothing amazing, they just took a while to take down due to their tanks. My little Tormentor though also in turn tanked them like a champ, so I was extremely happy with the performance of this ship this time out!

Titan reminded me to record the fights this time, but the only ones I actually realized it on was the two Incursus fights so they will probably be the start of a PvP video Titan and I will be working on. Anyway that’s all for now.

Fly Dangerously my friends!

I’m also looking for a few pilots to roam low sec in early morning Afghanistan time, which is roughly 9-10pm EST time if any of you fine readers wants to come do some low tech little low sec roams get a hold of me on Kasken! Titan is typically in an Incursus but I can pretty much hop into anything!