Back… Now with Friends!

Posted: April 4, 2013 in Eve Online
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So I have returned to my FOB over here in Afghanistan and got some good news when I did. Our work schedule got cut down to eight hour shifts instead of 12, which means more time to relax. Plus, and old buddy of mine that was in my pirate corp years ago came back to Eve to play. My real life Army buddy whom I work with decided to reactivate his character and give Eve a second chance too!

So I decided to teach my bud how Eve actually works since he trained a bunch of skills but never had a chance before to really get into how everything it works. Combine that with the fact that neutral hotdroppers pretty much have Period Basis locked down for isk making, I decided to clone jump back to Empire and take him low sec roaming.

Of course I did what any normal person would do, and sent an alt with a freighter to Jita to pick up ridiculous amounts of ships and mods to play in, including several ships I’ve never messed with before such as the new destroyers and some of teh revamped frigates.

I spent an hour or so teaching this fine gentlemen the basics of PvP, how to scan, and what we will overall be doing, and then headed to a nearby lowsec of Kamela. At this point he was in a T1 fitted dual rep incusus and I was in a Dragoon. I figured being a FW rea the odds of getting smaller fights was higher so I started scanning and checking the FW plexes.

We land on one, and there’s a neut Corax chilling there. I was waiting for my buddy to land so I chose to wait on engage and take the gate. I couldn’t warp though, and realized even though the graphics weren’t displaying anything, that Cora aggroed me. When our Internet caught up with what was going on, I was close to half armor and my buddy landed. I told him to engage, and I did the ultimate lame move…. dropped 5 ecm drones on the poor fellow.

Now I have plenty of rants about ECM, but I only had them to help my friend avoid losing his ship, ironically it saved mine. The Corax got jammed, neuted to hell from me as I flew out to 18k or so to hit him with missiles. Titan (my buddys char name) learned very quickly how hard a destroyer hits a young pilot when a jam cycle broke and he was almost instapopped. The fight took a minute because I only had 3 light launchers and his Incursus DPS is a bit lacking, but finally we saw the explosion. Unfortunately, without exaggeration, my buddy blew up roughly .5 seconds prior to Corax dying.

I scooped loot, and we headed back to reship him and drop off the goodies. A short time later we left again, this time I hopping into an Algos I setup, which EFT warrioring gives me something insane like 422 DPS with a 400 plate on it. We floated around for quite a while trying to find a good fight, and managed to find a blinky red slasher on a gate. We aggressed, and he went down very quickly. Amusingly his corpmmate tried to save him, in a slasher, by aggressing us as well…on a low sec gate. I managed to get 1 shot off before gate guns owned him as well.

We floated on a big low sec loop, unable to get any more fights until on the way home in the last low sec system we scanned down a Navy Slicer in a FW plex. As soon as we landed he warped off in the direction of a planet. I chased, landed directly on him, pointed, webbed and started smacking him. Titan landed and the Slicer went down very quickly. I caught his pod and learned amazingly, limited engagements allow free podkillings! I offered to ransom but his response was, “Blow Me”. I obliged.

All in all, it was some fun little fights, much better than Stain’s blob warfare, and fairly successful for a teaching roam on the first evening. Hopefully this will continue as I teach him what we can and can’t fight, and have small cheap entertainment along the way.

Fly Dangerously!


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