Kasken and Titan Round Dos

Posted: April 7, 2013 in Eve Online
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PvP with Titan the new guy, round two. After a very successful first run we went out two days later for round two. It takes a while to find fights we can manage with a very underskilled Incursus and my overskilled by retarded Rifter.

Eventually we landed on a gate, and missed getting on a bunch of pirate kills because we warped to 50 instead of zero to observe what was there. Some locals popped several blinky red frigs / assaults before we could whore in on the kills.

We did the only logical thing, and took the acceleration gate into the plex. I was a good bit ahead of Titan however, and my Rifter charged blindly into the fray unworried about the Tormentor I saw on scan. Awkward…

I came in, we scrammed / webbed each other, and I proceeded to get completely wrecked. It wasn’t even close, I was barely scratching his armor, and my small rep couldn’t even come close to touching the damage I took. I went boom. Seriously, max skilled damage, frigate, tanking skills, and I got completely tooled like a little kid with a lollipop.

Titan managed to enter warp into the plex as I popped, so that pilot got two free killmails. I’m fairly confident he had a booster alt in local though, there was another extremely similar name chilling somewhere in local, and I saw several booster style ships on scan.

We reshipped, this time I hopped into an Arbitrator and we headed back out. There was a pirate Thanatos and several guys chilling on station so I was watching from a good couple hundred k out. After several minutes messing around an omen started burning out after me. I figured this was a solid fight because I can hopefully hold range orbiting and keeping him TD with two tracking disrupters I have fit, while Titan keeps him pinned on top of him.

This was apparently not my day because he hit me very hard, even 20k away with me orbiting with an AB and 2 TD on him, I was getting hit hard. I put my drone onto his and popped 4/5 warriors, but by then I was deep structure and I got finished off. Ironically, I made two very big mistakes during the fight too. One, my Valks were taking forever on his shields, and it never once occurred to me he was shield tanked.. DERP. Considering he was sitting at 20k and not trying to get closer, how that concept he was nano TE fit is beyond me. I just didn’t even entertain the possibility, so I deserved my ship loss for that.

It worked out though, my buddy kept him pinned and some random Thrasher came in and obliterated the Omen. So all in all I lost 45m for the day and killed 75m. Not spectacular but thankfully we at least got in on that kill.

On another amusing note, I jumped Kasken later that day back to Period Basis using my jump clone. Since I can’t make any isk out there, ever, I decided to be mildly retarded and jump my 3b+ Paladin 20+ jumps PVE fit unscouted back to Stain. I glanced at map, saw nothing indicating any big gangs and said, let’s do it. I then of course trolled in Alliance chat about what I was doing.

This was absolutely hysterical to me because I got lectured by so many people about how I was contributing to why the alliance gets raped, and how terrible of a pilot I am. Now my Tribe stats are not overly great because I solo often, but I have no “bad” losses excluding my lagged out Anathema and nothing nonpvp. I had a 2011 pilot actually telling me how bad I was. I threw out my SP, my former FC statuses for actual PvP alliances and got told I am an idiot. I LOLed. Then after my Paladin was safe… I moved my very expensive PvP Redeemer the same way!

Finally after I got my Stain PvP situated again, I took my Taranis and went to say hello to C0ven. They had a fairly large mining op going in their system, and I saw several macks warping away when I hit the Ice Belt. Then they linked my name in local and called me a noob. I laughed and went to leave, being forced to dodge the following: Rapier, Vagabond, Jaguar, Malediction, Sabre, Claw, Caracal, Purifier, and Hound. All for me. Yet, I am the noob. Ironically I was going to try and fight them but I couldn’t separate out any of them so I finally just waited out their camp until they got bored and left.

Hopefully after work today Titan and I will be heading out for more explosions, and he is starting to enjoy Eve enough to find a high SP character to acquire and play some fun PvP combat. I’m greatly enjoying the small scale PvP with someone I can regularly fly with. Now I just need a handful more pilots to roam with and killmails shall abound!

Fly dangerously my friends

Oh yea, Titan knows some stuff about video editing soooooooo if I can remember to start recording fights Kasken Kronicles will begin to make Youtube appearances too!


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