The Tormentor Trials – Redeemed with a Vengeance!

Posted: April 8, 2013 in Eve Online
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Titan and I got off work, and figured, it’s a good day to roam. We logged in and my buddy 2sex4myship aka Tink was on. We figured, what could possibly go wrong with the three of us?!

The first fleet, foreshadowing anyone, consisted of myself in a Vengeance, Tink in a Hookbill, and of course Titan in his trusty Incursus. We went out, and bounced back and forth trying to catch a Wolf. Instead, the Wolf caught Titan in his Incursus, who lasted long enough for the Hookbill and I to get there. Titan popped, but we took the Wolf down in relatively short order. Success, 38m Wolf for a 5m Incursus or so.

Now right after this, I don’t remember exactly what happened but somehow Tink ended up dying without me being able to help. It was almost 24 hours ago, and work was busy so I don’t exactly end up remembering, I believe he got kited and I couldn’t catch up to the fight to help in time. So he had to reship too. A hawk if I recall is what got him.

So I of course, was mildly retarded and chasing a pirate drake around the system. He was a young pilot and it would have been amusing to kill him. Eventually I got bored trying to catch him, and docked to rep up my overheated modules. This is where the story gets…. stupid. There were four stations in the local I was in, go figure, two had no repair stations. I managed to pick one without, I undock and get almost alpha’ed by these nubling pirates in Oracles/Tornados. Now I’m sitting in a station with no repair in structure.

They camp me for a while, and I work on getting my little fleet to warp on them, figuring if they are sniper ships, my two fleet mates land, and bam, free tier three bc kills. By the time my fleet gets there, they finally left, so I undock warp to a station with repair and hit dock…. just in time to watch that pirate fleet land at the undock. I repair and undock, without realizing it was a kick out station and they had an instalock Loki there. Vengeance down.

I head back to reship, and decide to give the almighty and a feared Tormentor another shot. While I am reshipping Titan / Tink pop a Slasher they caught in a FW plex. I get back, and we keep roaming. Here is where the best fight of the day happens… that I forgot to record.

We scan a Coercer down in a plex and head after him. We bounced plex to plex a few times and finally catch him on the acceleration gate. He was only 4-5 months old so I wasn’t too worried, but he was actually fully T2 fit and was pounding on Titan.As he starts getting low into armor, a Caracal Navy Issue lands with us. The Coercer pops, and we all work on the Caracal Navy.

He chews through Titan who explodes into shiny space bit and starts working on my Tormentor. My fit is a combo of buffer and active tank, which I know is not optimal but it actually works. It gives me time with my lag delays to activate my repping, overheating and the like appropriately and allows for some buffer to handle the oh crap I cant do anything moments.

It takes a bit but I tank the Caracal just fine and we eventually pop him. We didn’t know it at the time, but he wasn’t even with the Coercer, so it was a three way brawl, he actually got the kill on the Coercer. However, those two kills put us way ahead for the day. Titan reshipped yet again and we continued our meandering path through low sec looking for targets. We ended up getting two Incursus kills, nothing amazing, they just took a while to take down due to their tanks. My little Tormentor though also in turn tanked them like a champ, so I was extremely happy with the performance of this ship this time out!

Titan reminded me to record the fights this time, but the only ones I actually realized it on was the two Incursus fights so they will probably be the start of a PvP video Titan and I will be working on. Anyway that’s all for now.

Fly Dangerously my friends!

I’m also looking for a few pilots to roam low sec in early morning Afghanistan time, which is roughly 9-10pm EST time if any of you fine readers wants to come do some low tech little low sec roams get a hold of me on Kasken! Titan is typically in an Incursus but I can pretty much hop into anything!


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