Battleship Changes and The Future!

Posted: April 10, 2013 in Eve Online
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Battleship changes are coming to Eve. I am actually pretty happy about the changes myself. I probably won’t really fly the Megathron too much after that, which I’m ok with. I’m actually planning on taking mine on a death roam fairly soon.

The Domi, Raven, Tempest, Geddon, and Typhoon changes though….. oh yeeaaaaaaaaaa. I actually like the Raven/Typhoon as torpedo boats now. The Raven is drastically underestimated, and the Typhoon can get a pretty solid passive tank with a very good chunk of damage, providing you pick your targets well. Torps are actually viable in PvP now, just underused because people are… well retarded.

I’ve never really been a fan of the Armageddon. That’s probably sacrilegious to many, but I always preferred the Abaddon as my laser pew pew boat of choice. The Abba had similar firepower and a far superior tank. Now though, the Geddon appears to have a new role to fill that is a game changer.

I fully expect prices to go ballistic after this patch too, fleet phoons and tempests are probably going to go up in price as people start to use them more for PvP. I’m probably going to grab a couple of fleet phoons anyway for myself regardless.

I also hope they do change the fleet boosting ships. I’ve never used my alt as a fleet booster, and he doesn’t even get used as RR or ECM. It’s annoying when people cannot pvp without their little boosting alts which are perfectly sade chilling in their POS or the like. I think it would be super if they force them on grid where they can be popped…

Anyway, we have some video footage of fights, nothing spectacular currently, but Titan is working on them to try and get a PvP video together. We are trying to come up with some sort of theme to begin using for our fights, especially after we saw Kate Mosh’ PvP video and laughed like crazy ay work about it.

Kates Video

So we are looking for theme ideas for when we start producing these videos. Leave me a message here or in game if some cool thoughts pop into your head!

We are also still looking for some pilots to roll around with us for fun fights, Titan is looking at acquiring a higher sp character so we can do some higher level PvP than just frigates as well. Eventually I plan on taking him on 0.0 / WH roams too.

  1. Khendon Kalmire says:

    I am in love with the current geddon and can promise I will fly the new geddon when it happens. Can’t wait!!!

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