The Life, and Death, of the Megathron

Posted: April 13, 2013 in Eve Online
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Operation Suicide Megathron Hamster was a complete success today. By success, I mean that insurance payout I received for going out in a giant ball of flaming ship bits. Alas, I was only able to get Titan and his Thorax killed as well since none of my other buddies could be around to make it. I know at this point you are all dying to hear the story since the killboard cannot speak the fine beautiful details so here goes.

The roam started off quite boring, nothing would shoot at us and all the small stuff ran screaming. Fast forward 15ish jumps. Titan bravely jumps through a gate and indicates there is a gang on the other side. Rupture, Excheq, Maller, Drake, Tempest, Thrasher, Claw, and some other assorted stuff I don’t recall. None were blinky but I suspected they would take Megathron bait so I had Titan hold cloak and blindly charged ahead… aka I clicked the jump button.

I begin to reapproach the gate and sure enough, my overview lights up like a Christmas tree of death.I begin wrecking the Maller since he is right next to me, unprepared for 1100 DPS and a 50k passive tanked armor Mega. Annoyingly his Excheq remote repair buddy however was and began to save the Maller, quite well in fact. I told Titan, Jack Claw in the Excheq is primary! Amusingly even though were were approximately three feet apart, I wasn’t enunciating well and he shot his Thorax off like a bat out of hell…. for the Claw who had aggressed.

It worked out just fine though because I obliterated the RR ship and decided to primary the rupture next as he was one of the closest higher damage dealers in range of me. I dual web, and start pounding on the rupture, tearing him up pretty well. Then… local population more than doubles with lots of flashes coming through the gate we are on. Most of the fleet we are fighting manages to warp out, and I did the sensible thing and took a few pot shots at the Tempest since I was fairly sure they are all going to be stealing my fight.

Tempest was a nanopest and went down very fast, I finished off the Rupture and can easily GTFO as by this point I am 32k away from the closest and aligned. Titan tries to warp, watches it say his ship is actually warping, then displays him pinned getting wrecked. I have a choice, dive back in to continue fighting at about half armor or get out and save the Mega… approach is clicked on the nearest Harbi.

He barrels into range all excited to get a point, and I apply full DPS. Massive overwhelming DPS and he melts like butter. Shields blasted, armor a smoking crater and I get into his structure. Then of course, the recourse of every terrible PvP pilot ever who is terrified of a loss appears…ECM Drones. Several waves of them. Another volley hit the Harb who is roughly half structure, annnnnnnd jammed. FML.

At this point I have several battlecruisers hitting me, and they managed to get a two point scram on so the MJD couldn’t be used. I just sat there permajammed by drones watching me Mega slowly go down. Obviously it was a suicide roam so I had no issues losing the ship, but that first gang was a pretty good fight. I’m fairly sure we would have completely won that. The second gang, I should have at least had the Harb dead and been able to MJD out which was the original plan but as usual, ECM saved the day. Ironically they seemed mad I “whored” on the Tempest kill. “Bitch please! You whored onto my entire fight!”

Either way, isk ratio wise, depending on the board, my Megathron and Tempest were almost identical on isk in Battleclinic, with an extra90m or so for the two cruisers I killed combined which puts me ahead. That Thorax was Titan’s first “expensive” loss leaving him around a 10-1 isk K/D ratio so he was still happy.

Battle Report

I know i have several regular readers now, so I will have some Eve news for you all soon! I’ve just got to finalize some additional details and then there will be a post about something that I believe many of you will find exciting! Until then….

Fly Dangerously my Friends


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