The Birth of Vitriolic Animosity

Posted: April 19, 2013 in Eve Online
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So after soul searching, peer pressure, and a desire to build again, I have created my own corporation.

Now I must state, Apathy Unleashed is a great corporation. The alliance they currently reside in, is, absolutely terrible, but the corporation is actually a great group of guys with skilled PvP pilots. Their play times just didn’t coincide with mine while deployed, which meant no fleets for me. Since Stain is terribad for solo PvP I felt it was time to rebuild.

Now this corporation, will of course be badass that I am building. I am sure most CEO’s assume this, but I have done it before so I have some ideas as to what to do. I already setup our KB, Tink got us Teamspeak, and our corporation recruitment ad is up.

This corporation, is going to be the PvPer’s dream, assuming it gets off its feet. High sec wars, low sec roams, 0.0 roams, and WH raiding. Everything and anything PvP related. The overall goal is multi TZ fleets of video capturing roams of all sorts and lotsa space explosions and Pew Pew. Eventually I am considering alliance creation and expanding from there but that is a fairly long term goal.

One thin I did forget from running my own corporation though, is what a serious pain in the arse recruiting is. Sitting in a channel spamming, then getting either one day old characters or nobody even willing to talk because the current member count of the corporation is so low. Well naturally the count is low, because people who are interested don’t join until they see a solid base, and you can’t get a solid base without the pilots!

So with some work, the new PvP corporation is being built, slowly, but it’s coming along. Hopefully we will have some antics and entertaining stories for you all soon. Also, Titan is still working on editing the PvP video so it’s not up yet.

Fly Dangerously my Friends


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