Vitri Growth and Annihilation

Posted: April 23, 2013 in Uncategorized
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I forgot, what a seriously annoying pain in the ass recruiting is. It has
been going well however. We are up to somewhere around 15 members give or
take, albeit several very young pilots. Four war decs are in place, with
one ending soon in a surrender from them which we accepted as getting kills
from them was extremely difficult.
One of our war decs backfired to an extent. The plan had originally been to
catch their ten Mackinaws mining ice at the immediate start of the war. My
buddy and I had sensor boosted battlecruisers fit with six points between
us, and another two pilots ready to go with their points as well. They were
still mining five minutes before the war so I thought we were golden.
Sadly, they were not bots though and the guy piloting them all sent them
docking basically right before the war went live.
Their alliance had just lost a titan in some super spy game out in 0.0, and
it appears that some of their pilots are bored so they came to high sec to
play with my guys. Most of which, are getting slaughtered currently. They
are having fun though, and I’m not overly fussed about KB stats at this
moment in time so it’s all good.
Overall we’ve had some entertaining times, I flew 20ish jumps where I had
an alt in one of our WT’s wormholes. I flew there, specifically to kill a
floating WT shuttle that was outside their POS. I just wanted them to know
I knew where they lived.
We went on a corp roam through the Black Rise low sec with a mixture of six
frigs/dessies, but true to typical Gallente FW form we got jumped by a
larger much outshipped gang. We had a Vexor into deep structure, but the
sniping dessies, Drake, Cynabal, and Vexor were a bit much for what we had.
We ended up DIAF, which was funny because a potential recruit decided not
to join us then.
This evening we actually camped out and caught a Drake of one of our wars
which is about to expire. Ironically his alt was in local with us, but he
had been chilling running missions safely for a while and figured he was
ok. He jumped in, we popped him, and managed to pod him as well. Poor guy
logged of almost immediately after dying.
I discovered another yet of our war targets have a high sec POS up I wanted
to shoot, but the war with the 0.0 pvp alliance would interfere with
several hours of POS shooting, and one cannot retract wars anymore. I
refuse to surrender so sadly killing that tower is probably out of the
It looks like our corp will be moving from high sec to low sec in the near
future though. High sec wars, well, suck. Station games, alt scouts,
neutral RR, and other pointless crap like that is just boring. Most of my
kills are still roaming low sec with buddies looking for fights. So far I
have a resounding yes from my new corpies so we will be moving, probably
shortly after the wars end.
Finally, I think we will be building a Indy wing for us too. I was toying
with the idea anyway, to get some indy guys and let them make isk, help
support the PvP and give them some low sec to play in. We’ll see how it
works out but I have a couple of Indy guys interested in helping to build it
so we’ll see how it goes.
Recruiting Pirates and Indy gents for epic luls and PvP fun 😉
Fly Dangerously my Friends
P.S. Hopefully I get some cool battle reports once we get some fights that
I am on for!

  1. Khendon Kalmire says:

    Where are my space ship stories mother fucker. U better not be dead. The Middle East will fuck u all up. Trust me I been there. Post a new eve story stop being lame.

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