Posted: April 28, 2013 in Eve Online
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VITRI went on a corp roam this morning, lead by myself in a group of frigates looking for a fight in our new home. We spent an hour plus with nothing. FW guys running from us, so in desperation we head to Kamela area. Naturally Kamela is blobbed, boosted, and that sort of crap so we jump into Sosala. A red Thorax warped off leaving behind a blinky Blackbird.

We do the smart thing, and pin the Blackbird. I figure his Thorax buddy would come back to help, aggressing, and tanking gate guns. It worked as planned, excluding of course, the fact that the Blackbird was armor tanked. Our Griffin jammed the BB so we took it’s shields down in very short order. It’s armor though, took forever to start pecking down The Thorax as expected warped back to help, not an issue, we were still fine. Then typical of Eve, here comes the blob. I ordered a tactical… GET OUT type of situation. Everyone got out, except… me. My Retribution was pinned down. I had my rep and afterburner overloaded, and made it….22k away from the closest tackler when I popped. I was less than 2k from being in warp range, sigh.

So we head back, I reship and we go out again. Then we started actually having fun. We find a Rupture running a medium plex, our fleet consists of two Comets, Griffin, Executioner, and Condor. Oxy and I were both in Comets, so even though we are fast with tackle, our lag makes pinning stuff almost impossible. We rely on the Executioner / Condor for tackle. They head in, pin the Rupture, and we come in.

The Rupture seemed to have wanted a fight, and during the course of this our tacklers ended up getting popped. Oxy and I maintained tackle though, and popped his drones as they were the only thing doing actual damage to us. Two Comets with max skilled pilots for them took that Rupture down fairly fast. We looted the field and chilled in the plex while posting the kills. Our Griffin warped out.

Then, lo and behold, a Moa appears on very short scan. There is no way we could be so lucky as to get another cruiser willing to fight. Alongside the Moa appears a Punisher. Still, we can handle that. Sure enough, the Moa comes in and we aggress. Our Griffin comes back in, we pop the Moa’s drones and begin working on it. Finally, the Punisher came in to say hello as wlel and he went straight for the Griffin who missed the jam. I broke off from the Moa to catch and pin the Punisher, while Oxy kept the Moa from doing, anything.

The Punisher went down very fast once I had my full DPS on him. I turned back to the Moa which went down in very short order. Boom, five minutes later we had two dead cruisers, and a frigate kill. We made up for my annoying Retribution loss and then some.

We continued roaming around, killing a Tristan and dodging a fleet chasing us. We finally decided to head back for the night checking systems as we do. A Hound was caught on the gate to a plex, which was lucky since we just couldn’t catch the other four bombers in local. He was kept pinned until everyone showed up on the kill. Cool, an easy kill, not a bad way to end it… or is it.

We keep going checking plexes, when.. a Dramiel appears and guns straight for Oxy’s Comet. At this moment he is sitting on the plex solo and is getting absolutely hammered by the DPS. We make the warp in, get points and webs,and work on finishing him off before Oxy dies. We do, barely as Oxy pulled range and worked on the Dram’s drones. Another solid kill, not an epic fight but a solid kill to finish off the evening. We tried catching a Navy Caracal but he warped off just outside of my point range sadly.

Overall it was a solid roam. The guys listen pretty well, and are learning what to do without being told. Our corp numbers are growing as in our presence in Sosan. If this keeps up for a few weeks, and we can recruit some more higher SP guys to keep fleets roaming as often, it won’t take long before we can start taking out these epic blob pirate fleets who seem to have no individual pilot skill!

Fly Dangerously my Friends

  1. Oh The Irony says:

    To be fair, I think you guys almost caught me twice :P.

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