Vitri Marches On

Posted: May 11, 2013 in Eve Online
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It’s been a bit since I posted. We had a comms blackout at the FOB I’m at, and real life has been a little busy, nor have I had any epic fights to report.

I went on an emorage inducing ship loss week recently. Each of the ships was lost because of my inability to actively respond to situation due to lag issues from Afghanistan. Combining that with my blackout lead to not being on Eve quite as much as I was doing PvP.

That is not to say I have not been putting in the work though. I am hosting a corporation PvP class in the morning, where I intend on covering the basics of PvP. Most of my guys are learning pretty well now, and starting to understand, but I figure covering alot of it should help overall learning.

Vitri also took a few new steps in growth and development. We decided, that it was time to put the slaves back in their place and wipe out the hippies. That’s right, we joined Faction Warfare! I was going to join the Amarr side but our standings were slightly too low. Instead, we joined the Caldari and began wreaking havoc in Devoid / Bleak Lands region.

Well, actually I just do things like lose (point of reference, LOSE NOT LOOSE) a Daredevil and Navy Comet without even being able to do anything, but that’s besides the point. Frustration level maximum.

I did what any normal person who gets angry at video games does. Cooled off by not playing it much. I’ve been on recruiting, writing corp mails and doing admin stuff, but not actively PvPing because it pisses me off when I cannot do what I know to do to win / survive. This has lead to me not getting much in the way of kills, but keeping corp growth alive and well. I’ve also been laying some plans, and of course ISK for the Industry side of the corporation as well to produce corp profit. I’m doing fine with ISK, but I don’t really want to be that guy who finances the entire corp.

Overall things have been going well, going to work up the Corp’s Amarr standings since we live in Amarr space and would make it a bit easier ot read militia chat near where we live for the purposes of fighting. Once I get back to the States with FW and the corp’s growth, we should be in a position to move to Kasken’s ultra top secret “Win Eve” master plan, Phase 2.

Feel free to come along for the ride and chill in the corp with us or our pub chan “Vitri Pub”.

Our first corp PvP vid is up also!

Fly Dangerously My Friends


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