Who Doesn’t Like a Three-Way

Posted: May 20, 2013 in Eve Online
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So Vitri decided to give FW a try. First we had the standings for Caldari so we joined them, and promptly got kicked back out for standings drop. Then we joined Amarr because let’s face it, who doesn’t want to kill Minmatar slaves that fly around in duct-taped ships. This had lead to some interesting fights and a complete destruction of many many many of my ships.

So a typical day started after work, we were prepping for a roam, I was in a 10mn AB Arty Thrasher, (yes I fly the duct taped ships to kill people with too). I was hanging out in a plex in Sosan when suddenly, an Ishkur appears. I do the only logical thing, which is tell my guys he is coming and prepare to fight. In typical Vitri / Kasken fashion, I take Ishkur to low armor, his buddy in a Navy Comet comes in to make sure I’m webbed / pointed since I kept staying out of Ishkur’s actual range. My guys are en route, and right as they are taking the acceleration gate, I pop.

The Ishkur, true to online courage and standards, proceeds to warp out before even recalling his drones, while explaining in local how I am probably the worst pilot ever. It was adorable to watch the spout of how bad I am for bringing in friends, as his comet came to pin me since the Ishkur was well, completely unable to do so. All I really had to do was web / kill his drones and laugh at Mr Ishkur but alas, I didn’t bother since I was winning prior to his buddy showing up. C’est la vie. For the record, I had no emo rage on that one! I expended it on my Naga laggy loss the previous evening.

After this fun and exciting little encounter where I learned all sorts of new English slang and had my brain degenerated to the level of a three year old child due to proximity of stupidity, after this grandiose and verbose sentence I lost track where I was going.

Our corp’s little destroyer roam decided ot head out in search of blinky orange people to slaughter and make untold billions of isk in loyalty points, or to be more precise, to find some way of dying in glorious blaze. We started as five brave companions in dessies, with myself taking the lead in the all powerful Dragoon. We went forth…. one jump to Taranan.

Well actually, we made a small circuit and ran into a 14ish man Minnie FW gang and ran to Taranan but who needs to be that precise. So we headed to a small plex, and discovered a hurricane / myrmidon hanging out at the entrance to it. I ordered my guys to take the gate assuming they couldn’t lock anyone in time. That was an 80% accurate statement. One of our guys bounced off the gate, proceeded to get pinned and smoked in record time. Then suddenly, a hostile FW gang appears. Now we are in an interesting situation, they are a combination of logi frigates, destroyers, and assorted ships. They also show up on short range scan indicating they are at the gate to the plex with two suspect flagged battlecruisers. Once scans started showing pods appearing, and none of them appeared in the plex I made the most crucial decision of the last five minutes, let’s shoot for a three way.

We warped to the syn, and warped in at range to the plex entrance. Sure enough, a handful of the FW guys had popped, as the hurricane. I had my guys primary one of their logi frigates, and, as a true gentleman and scholar, I whored in on the Myrmidon knowing it would die and salvaging our isk kill ratio in what I knew would be our destruction. Sadly we could not break the logi’s tank in a timely fashion with two other ships repping it, it was breaking slowly, but the Myrm was breaking much faster so I did the next best thing, I ordered our guys to burn away from the fight. My dastardly evil plan had worked, as they all came after us as soon as the Myrm popped. We slowed down allowing the first few to catch us outside of their logistics ships’ range.

The first brave soul was a Thrasher who pinned me down. He was promptly neuted to hell and pounded on like a piece of meat in a market in Greece. Don’t question the analogy, just go with it. He did a number on me since that whole capless guns and all thing but still, it worked well. I hit my mwd to continue burning, and literally, at that precise moment, an Incursus scrammed me and dropped my MWD again. On goes the neuts, full DPS, and he drops in a beautiful display of fireworks. Of course as they all seem to like my Dragoon the best, I hit my MWD again, and it promptly gets turned off again. Sadly at this point their logi ships caught up, as a Rifter was about to die, and then shad armor once more. We all popped and flew our beautiful pods back out.

It wasn’t too bad though, we were still outnumbered 2/3 vs 1 and got a couple of kills. Three logistics frigates have one hell of a repping ability. I hadn’t actually encountered them or tested them since the changes, and I was very impressed. My guys enjoyed the fight, even though we lost, and they got to see me playing a bit of cat/mouse style PvP, Granted we got smoked but hey, without those logistics ships there, we probably would have had a handful more kills.

Then true to Afghanistan Internet, I got disconnected when trying to roam around later. At least they waited until after the fight to do that to me!

Fly Dangerously My Friends

– Kasken


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