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Well…It’s Been a While

Posted: June 20, 2014 in Uncategorized

Ladies and Gentlemen…. Kasken Is Back!

After my return to the U.S. some months of unwinding and trying various different games, I have once again made my triumphant return to Eve. Thousands of adoring fans cheered and filled my wallet with billions of isk to hear my stories. Well, actually I got one mail but still.

So, I came back to Eve a couple of weeks ago, and currently have cleared 12bil in kill in June alone. I joined, Into the Ether, a Nulli Secundis corporation full of wise ass, only slightly retarded folk. There have been many great fights, including me pro whelping a 35 man caracal fleet, discovering the worst scout in Eve, and even more entertaining, watching our scout get pro whelped in a later fleet that evening. I’m looking at you AgentFiftySix and Ama Atuvuli.

Battle reports, stories, and new sarcasm await as I once again begin to tell the stories. The stories of the legend of Kasken, the greatest Eve player ever, in the confines of his own mind….

Fly Dangerously my Friends…