The Adventures of “Hot Ass”

Posted: July 3, 2014 in Eve Online
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Well June was a pretty awesome PvP month. I don’t even think I’ve played for an entire month yet, and had 22.5b in kills. There were a couple of fleet fights which upped my numbers a pretty chunk, but a good majority were small gang/fleet roaming fights and kills.

Now I have an abundant selection of fights I can choose from to tell you about, but this while transitioning form teh military, trying to find a job, and preparing to move has kept my writing time to a minimum. So I will instead tell you the adventures of Hot Ass I (The Firetail).

This little roam started out in Alperena, which is Placid low sec. There were only three of us at the time, all firetails just going out for some pvp and practicing working on skill, not being an F1 monkey. We had nothing overly great, I think a few small kills but nothing that really stood out. We roamed through Syndicate, to Cloud Ring, and Fade/Pure Blind. The vast majority of which was empty. Seriously if anyone needs to ninja rat hit up Outer Ring/Cloud ring. That entire region is quieter than a Russian sleep deprivation experiment.

Finally after working our way through PB, our pro scout (aka the 1 Firetail with a long point) calls out a Megathron and Tengu are in system. We assume the Tengu was in a POS and he begins hunting for the Megathron. He almost gets caught at a belt, but gets out and safes up. Considering it took us a good 30-45 minutes to get over there, with no fights, we decided to be uber tactical.

The scout jumps out of the system, and we wait on our gate. After a few minutes we jump back in and blitz the belts trying to find the Mega… which sadly is nowhere to be seen. Our pro scout warps to a planet at zero, to start dscanning in safety from the rats.

Suddenly, a Tengu appears. An AFK Tengu sitting at 0 on a planet uncloaked. Our scout promptly pins him down, and in comes the raging firepower of… three artillery Firetails. The pilot comes back, and the Megathron bounces saying peace out to his dying buddy.

Now that a tengu is down, and we are giggling like schoolgirls, the loot is dropped off and we had up towards VFK. Along the way we see a group of people messing around, and wait it out for them. The have some dramiels, saber, and assorted inties. Being the incredibly badass pilots that we are, and way +++ cause of that Tengu, we go for a fight. Naturally, as it is CFC space local spikes a bit and it becomes 7vs3. One of them being a Cynabal which sorta ruined even the chance of a good fight. One Firetail escapes, two of us die. This is where it gets more amusing though.

Rather than chase down and kill the remaining Firetail, they had an obsession with my pod. I had sabres, and the like chasing me around while they let our other ship go. I led them on a merry chase, but finally they used a JB to get ahead of me, and I found a good 20-30 man camp that was waiting specifically for my pod. Also they were talking smack for killing us, so of course, we link the Tengu kill. Their response was akin to, that wasn’t me specifically and we owned you, so you suck. Saved me a hella long flight home in a pod though!

Good old CFC.

Fly Dangerously my Friends…

– Kasken


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