I was all by myself……….

Posted: July 9, 2014 in Eve Online
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So our corporation is chilling in a new lowsec home for a bit near FW space. This means less larger fights, less cruiser brawls, and lots more of dat dem dere frigate fights. This is sort of a mixed bvlessing, as I lost some fights that amazed me, and won others that I had no business winning. My favorite, and most interesting encounters thought… well that’s a bit different.

So there I was, prowling a few jumps outside of our staging area with the almighty brawling kestrel. I saw a slasher on scan and figured, I’ve killed the ASB fit slashers with my Kestrel before, np. He was finishing a site as soon as I landed. I chased him to a new site, but he got inside it before I could get a point on him. I was faced with the dilemma, as he could kite me all day long. Then I realized…. I am Kasken and took the acceleration gate.

So I come barreling in at warp speed…. ha ha ha and see the slasher sitting at zero and waiting for me. Wonderful, we lock each other and engage. His shield start to melt as he begins chipping into my shield slowly. AS expected, when his shield is almost gone it gets repped almost up to full. I overheat the rockets, since it will make my life easier and take him into armor. Well, I thought I did but I see no armor damage. Another rocket volley hits, shields gone, big chunk of armor disappears. Then the unthinkable happens, BOTH the shield and armor repped at once.

This feels awkward as he is over halfway into my buffer shield tank. I go from, yawn to well crap. I immediately begin making an effort to do what I should have been doing since the beginning and pulling range. I hit armor, he hits structure, and both shield/armor rep again. I’m on TS3, half laughing, half crying at the hilarity of the situation. His shield rep finally gave out but his armor was going strong. Finally I see one more volley and I’m done. He is very low structure too but alas.

I see an explosion, immediately warp my pod out, only to realize I warped my kestrel out not my pod. I survived at 3% structure. It wasn’t the worlds most expensive kill, but it was probably one of the most intense fights I’ve had in Eve in a long time. Rocket launchers were 91% toasted and 3% structure FTW!

Slasher from Hell

Fly Dangerously my Friends…

– Kasken


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