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Posted: December 31, 2014 in Eve Online
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I have come to a realization… that sometimes I am an idiot. I have had Infomorph Pysch trained to level IV for like two years… and did not realize until two days ago I could install another jump clone. Once I realized that, I did the only logical thing and bought a HG Snake set to install in said empty clone.

This lead to two different roams on two different night with epicly different outcomes.

Night 1:

I flew a Sentinel while FCing a small corp roam. We had a quick little fight in Kamela before that, in which I got my first Confessor kill and lost a Caracal. We went back out, got a few small kills and found a fleet of 10 Comets with three Navitas.

Just so you can see the epic brilliance of my FCing, our fleet consisted of:

Omen Navy- 2 Scythe Fleet – Wolf – Succubus – Sentinel – Garmur – Worm

I was FCing and flying the Sentinel – Sooooo quick recap of what happens.

They land, I get targetted, and start managing 2 neuts, a nos, 2 TDs, my ranges to their fleet, and my drones who they keep shooting forcing me to be recalling, redeploying, and engaging again.

This results in. absolutely no calling of anything useful by me as my fleet was getting decimated. We ended up losing most of my fleet, the Garmur / Succubus got away was it. We killed 3 Navitas and 1 Comet…. The Sentinel however, was an epic blast to fly, and i really enjoyed the complexities of flying it in a fleet, took more skill than most things I’ve flown.

Night 2:

The next night however, was way more fun. I fit up a Caracal Navy Issue, and went out in a duo with Muloch who was in a Rail Deimos. We got into a small brawl involving a Crow, Oracle, and Drake. I don;t want to discuss the details since it involved my stupidity, but we lost points on both the Drake and Oracle… both of which were dying. So we lost out on some kills but were able to successfully test the combination of DPS and speed.

Some pirates tried to bait us with a Rupture / Ashimu, which we were fully planning on engaging until they had the rest of their fleet undocked, which was like 10 people linked so we said no thanks.

A few jumps past that we got into a brawl with a pirate Ortherus / Cynabel. They were linked… as were we. Sadly they were faction fit, and Muloch and I split them apart from each other, and realized we couldn’t beat them, and both successfully disengaged. It was an interesting fight, even though no one died since it involved both of us flying vs both of them who knew how to fly too. Ironically the pirates were impressed we had a clue too, and we made some friends out of it.

Finally, we got an engagement next door to the pirates! They had a Cerberus/Harpy/Thrasher/Merlin/Griffin/Scythe.

We went for it in the Large plex when they came in at us. First two ships in were the Merlin / Harpy… so we did the logical thing and gang raped the merlin as fast as possible. It only took a few volleys, and popped before the scythe landed. As soon as it did, the Thrasher landed, with Scythe/Cerb were arriving, and the Griffin came in at range. We primaried the Thrasher next, which ended up causing me a reload since the Scythe kept his shield repping annoyingly fast. My last volley got the kill though, and as I reloaded I burned out to the Griffin.

Muloch was taking some serious damage with his Deimos, but began to burn down the Scythe. I finally reloaded, Griffin missed a jam cycle, and I volleyed him while burning back to the rest of the hostile fleet. Muloch popped the Scythe, and even though he was dipping into structure, they decided to bail. Sadly the Cerb got out before I could get into Overheated point range of him, but managed to at least catch the Harpy and pop it. If they stayed, the probably would have killed the Deimos… possibly it would have been close, and lost the Cerb so I guess it was a good call on their end.

It was a good test of the Caracal Navy… which I actually greatly enjoyed flying. It sucked I screwed up and we lost a couple more solid kills but it was fun. I am starting to get into the hang of flying my ships again… which is pretty awesome.

Good news is you actually pay attention to my blog… New Years Day.. I have GOLEMS GONE WILD going out. A marauder roam…  hopefully that will provide a good story regardless!

Fly Dangerously My Friends,

The Snake Set Wielding… Kasken


Soooooo lost a few ships lately, and had some good fights.

Fight 1: I always forget to record frigging fights, I usually only remember to record the boring ones…

I jumped in my trusty Kestrel of doom, aka rockets, MSE, scram, and web. I was flitting around low sec FW sites looking around for a fight. I hop into a novice and wait when a wild Navy Slicer appears. I sit right on the beacon expecting a kiting slicer… as last time I was in FW sites that was the standard. He lands, I immediately approach, web, scram and start brawling…

Naturally he is close range fit and lights me up hard…and he starts repping soon as I get into his armor…Damnit

I pull range to best I can, and orbit around 9k give or take, and as I watch epic chunks of my buffer shield being taken apart it occurs to me I should overheat the rocket spew I have coming out. Luckily, I had reloaded Nova when I saw a Slicer on scan, so I was at least hitting him hard. His rep can quite keep up with the damage, but I am also dropping rapidly as well. We both enter structure, and mine seems to be dropping faster as his rep still throws up small cycles. I start spamming the warp button, see the notification pop up, and realize my Kestrel is alive with a whopping 12% structure left… a single volley from death.

I whoop excitedly, and then like a retarded monkey trying to catch his tail warp to a station to repair…

Upon undocking I see a Comet chilling at undock, and riding my high invincible Kestrel concept I warp back to a novice and enter. Sure enough, the Comet follows me and comes in. This time I assume it’s a close range fit, and decide to be a bit more intelligent. I web/scram and hold out at range as long as possible. Once I was out of his blaster range… it was a fairly easy fight. His drones worked their way through my shield, but I overheated much earlier and still had the Novas wrecking him. I was very low armor when he popped… Got the pod on that one too….

After repairing I had back out, roam around without a fight for a while. I try picking a fight with another slicer but he stays too far out.. then I see a Firetail enter a site. Pssshhhh I got this. I approach the gate (as I was about 50k off and jump through… just in time to see about 5 more frigates land. I tried burning off soon as I landed to seperate them a little, but web/scram Firetail prevented me from getting too far, and I got wrecked. I did get the Firetail to about half armor, pretty sure I would have wrecked him solo…

Fast forward a day or two, was chilling in high sec running missions on my alt when a Stratios jumps into my mission, steals stuff and goes suspect. He eventually leaves, and I bring in Kasken in a Deimos to fight. I eventually find him chilling in the ice belt, sidle up next to him, and aggress.

Now, I wish I had recorded this fight, it was a good five minutes give or take. I took him to about half armor (he was buffer fit) and then the geckos started to work on me. The fight devolved into me killing drones, and watching my cap slowly get neuted out by the three small neuts on the Stratios. I was able to tank the damage fine, but as a cap dependant ship will ahve happen, I eventually ran out of boosters, and died to… Warriors. Mostly because I killed the three Geckos, i believe 5 Hammerheads, a handful of Hobs/Warriors as well.

The Stratios ended up being RRed by neutral alts, which I know engaging in high sec was a stupid / pointless excercise but I was bored and figured why not. I chatted with the fellow after, he was pretty cool, and said he had additional RR kicking around he didn’t bring in, so I would have lost either way. His fit with Hull was about 1.6bil give or take, and he joked that I did as much damage in drones to him as my isk lost on the ship was. Overall it was a good fight… albeit painful to be capped out watching warriors kill you…

Twas a fun fight regardless, and I’ve had that Deimos kicking around for a looooooong time so it was an acceptable loss!

Looking forward to a Golem Roam coming up too….. 😉

Fly Dangerously my Friends…

Scrooging the Scrooge!

Posted: December 25, 2014 in Eve Online
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Marmite declared war on us for Christmas. Not that I am particularly impressed… it’s Marmite. Well, after building our daughter’s Christmas presents, and getting everything ready to go for the morning, I popped on Eve to do a wee bit of roaming before settling into bed for the evening.

Ama and I originally went out in two frigates, and after about 15 jumps of nothing we saw a Vexor on a low sec gate. I let him point me and began engaging his drones…. and died in about three seconds. Missed the Navy Issue portion of that ship…

On the way back I discovered we had a proteus war target camping by himself. We kept eyes on him, and I rolled out with my dual ASB ferox. I did the whole, oh Im afk on a gate, when he warped in I “ran” away off the gate letting him get tackle 30k+ off. Soon as he had me pinned… I scram / webbed him back. Now normally, I wouldn’t condone this method… but it is Marmite.

A corpmate in a Falcon and a Hurricane came into system to enter the brawl. Soon as the Falcon landed, the proteus wouldn’t lock again. A neutral guardian landed trying to save the Proteus, but he landed too late. Sadly I couldn’t get out to him for a point fast enough so the guardian got out. I almost lost point capping myself out forgetting to turn off my neut when I was low on cap. I had to shut off guns, neut, and just leave web/scram on waiting for cap to get back. But, we made like 500m in loot cause the loot Christmas gods were kind to us that day…

Fly Dangerously my Friends…

– Kasken – Supreme Solo Fleet Commander of One Man Fleets

Meanwhile, Back in the Shire

Posted: December 23, 2014 in Eve Online
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Hey all…

It’s been a while. In the last few months, I have successfully left military service, moved across the country, bought a house, began a new job, and settled back into civlian life. During that time… I played some Diablo III and Elder Scrolls Online.

I am now back in Eve though, and…. dying in a fire of burning space pixels.

Soooo where to start. The old corp I was in imploded, stuff was stolen, people blame everyone else, corp went kaboom. Several of the guys whom I liked well enough from Ether went back to an old corp they made, reformed, and began to grow. I opted to fly with them in Rolled Out, a member of Black Legion.

The good: Elo Knight is probably one of the best FC’s Ive ever seen in Eve.

(Seriously, in two week I have 26 billion in kills… alot from flying a caracal…)

The bad: There are a great many immature retards in BL and they use annoying words endlessly like… Dank.

I’ve learned much getting back into the swing of things… I love the Sentinel, that ship is amazing to fly. I suck at dual boxing links, as evidenced I got my link ship blown up last night by forgetting to watch and pay attention to probes. Raven roams are fun. The confessor is an insanely awesome ship to fly. Confessor roams even more so…

The good news is… I am back. I will be posting to this blog again with reports and stories. I have roams planned… such as a marauder roam, command ship roam and the like to discuss. I got some footage from our ravens wrecking a small pirate gate camp last night, and I plan on taking footage / cobbling together a pvp video once I get some solid solo / small gang stuff. I am thinking of making a Firetail themed pvp video…. thoughts on this?

Anyway readers… start looking forward to posts again as I jump headfirst into the world of Eve once more

Fly Dangerously My Friends,

– Kasken