Meanwhile, Back in the Shire

Posted: December 23, 2014 in Eve Online
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Hey all…

It’s been a while. In the last few months, I have successfully left military service, moved across the country, bought a house, began a new job, and settled back into civlian life. During that time… I played some Diablo III and Elder Scrolls Online.

I am now back in Eve though, and…. dying in a fire of burning space pixels.

Soooo where to start. The old corp I was in imploded, stuff was stolen, people blame everyone else, corp went kaboom. Several of the guys whom I liked well enough from Ether went back to an old corp they made, reformed, and began to grow. I opted to fly with them in Rolled Out, a member of Black Legion.

The good: Elo Knight is probably one of the best FC’s Ive ever seen in Eve.

(Seriously, in two week I have 26 billion in kills… alot from flying a caracal…)

The bad: There are a great many immature retards in BL and they use annoying words endlessly like… Dank.

I’ve learned much getting back into the swing of things… I love the Sentinel, that ship is amazing to fly. I suck at dual boxing links, as evidenced I got my link ship blown up last night by forgetting to watch and pay attention to probes. Raven roams are fun. The confessor is an insanely awesome ship to fly. Confessor roams even more so…

The good news is… I am back. I will be posting to this blog again with reports and stories. I have roams planned… such as a marauder roam, command ship roam and the like to discuss. I got some footage from our ravens wrecking a small pirate gate camp last night, and I plan on taking footage / cobbling together a pvp video once I get some solid solo / small gang stuff. I am thinking of making a Firetail themed pvp video…. thoughts on this?

Anyway readers… start looking forward to posts again as I jump headfirst into the world of Eve once more

Fly Dangerously My Friends,

– Kasken

  1. Khendon Kalmire says:

    Welcomes back my friend. I hope to shoot at you soon. I fly with xxdeath and BL flies with solar. So. Hope their wars bring us together in optimal range soon.

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