Scrooging the Scrooge!

Posted: December 25, 2014 in Eve Online
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Marmite declared war on us for Christmas. Not that I am particularly impressed… it’s Marmite. Well, after building our daughter’s Christmas presents, and getting everything ready to go for the morning, I popped on Eve to do a wee bit of roaming before settling into bed for the evening.

Ama and I originally went out in two frigates, and after about 15 jumps of nothing we saw a Vexor on a low sec gate. I let him point me and began engaging his drones…. and died in about three seconds. Missed the Navy Issue portion of that ship…

On the way back I discovered we had a proteus war target camping by himself. We kept eyes on him, and I rolled out with my dual ASB ferox. I did the whole, oh Im afk on a gate, when he warped in I “ran” away off the gate letting him get tackle 30k+ off. Soon as he had me pinned… I scram / webbed him back. Now normally, I wouldn’t condone this method… but it is Marmite.

A corpmate in a Falcon and a Hurricane came into system to enter the brawl. Soon as the Falcon landed, the proteus wouldn’t lock again. A neutral guardian landed trying to save the Proteus, but he landed too late. Sadly I couldn’t get out to him for a point fast enough so the guardian got out. I almost lost point capping myself out forgetting to turn off my neut when I was low on cap. I had to shut off guns, neut, and just leave web/scram on waiting for cap to get back. But, we made like 500m in loot cause the loot Christmas gods were kind to us that day…

Fly Dangerously my Friends…

– Kasken – Supreme Solo Fleet Commander of One Man Fleets


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