The Life and Death of the Once and Future Deimos

Posted: December 29, 2014 in Eve Online
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Soooooo lost a few ships lately, and had some good fights.

Fight 1: I always forget to record frigging fights, I usually only remember to record the boring ones…

I jumped in my trusty Kestrel of doom, aka rockets, MSE, scram, and web. I was flitting around low sec FW sites looking around for a fight. I hop into a novice and wait when a wild Navy Slicer appears. I sit right on the beacon expecting a kiting slicer… as last time I was in FW sites that was the standard. He lands, I immediately approach, web, scram and start brawling…

Naturally he is close range fit and lights me up hard…and he starts repping soon as I get into his armor…Damnit

I pull range to best I can, and orbit around 9k give or take, and as I watch epic chunks of my buffer shield being taken apart it occurs to me I should overheat the rocket spew I have coming out. Luckily, I had reloaded Nova when I saw a Slicer on scan, so I was at least hitting him hard. His rep can quite keep up with the damage, but I am also dropping rapidly as well. We both enter structure, and mine seems to be dropping faster as his rep still throws up small cycles. I start spamming the warp button, see the notification pop up, and realize my Kestrel is alive with a whopping 12% structure left… a single volley from death.

I whoop excitedly, and then like a retarded monkey trying to catch his tail warp to a station to repair…

Upon undocking I see a Comet chilling at undock, and riding my high invincible Kestrel concept I warp back to a novice and enter. Sure enough, the Comet follows me and comes in. This time I assume it’s a close range fit, and decide to be a bit more intelligent. I web/scram and hold out at range as long as possible. Once I was out of his blaster range… it was a fairly easy fight. His drones worked their way through my shield, but I overheated much earlier and still had the Novas wrecking him. I was very low armor when he popped… Got the pod on that one too….

After repairing I had back out, roam around without a fight for a while. I try picking a fight with another slicer but he stays too far out.. then I see a Firetail enter a site. Pssshhhh I got this. I approach the gate (as I was about 50k off and jump through… just in time to see about 5 more frigates land. I tried burning off soon as I landed to seperate them a little, but web/scram Firetail prevented me from getting too far, and I got wrecked. I did get the Firetail to about half armor, pretty sure I would have wrecked him solo…

Fast forward a day or two, was chilling in high sec running missions on my alt when a Stratios jumps into my mission, steals stuff and goes suspect. He eventually leaves, and I bring in Kasken in a Deimos to fight. I eventually find him chilling in the ice belt, sidle up next to him, and aggress.

Now, I wish I had recorded this fight, it was a good five minutes give or take. I took him to about half armor (he was buffer fit) and then the geckos started to work on me. The fight devolved into me killing drones, and watching my cap slowly get neuted out by the three small neuts on the Stratios. I was able to tank the damage fine, but as a cap dependant ship will ahve happen, I eventually ran out of boosters, and died to… Warriors. Mostly because I killed the three Geckos, i believe 5 Hammerheads, a handful of Hobs/Warriors as well.

The Stratios ended up being RRed by neutral alts, which I know engaging in high sec was a stupid / pointless excercise but I was bored and figured why not. I chatted with the fellow after, he was pretty cool, and said he had additional RR kicking around he didn’t bring in, so I would have lost either way. His fit with Hull was about 1.6bil give or take, and he joked that I did as much damage in drones to him as my isk lost on the ship was. Overall it was a good fight… albeit painful to be capped out watching warriors kill you…

Twas a fun fight regardless, and I’ve had that Deimos kicking around for a looooooong time so it was an acceptable loss!

Looking forward to a Golem Roam coming up too….. 😉

Fly Dangerously my Friends…


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