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Ze Stinky Cheese Folk

Posted: January 27, 2015 in Eve Online
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I would like to add a small note first, I am not prejudiced against the French. Most of what I write is all in good fun. That being said… you stinky cheese folk might want to surrender Paris soon…

So, we are slowly getting more moved and settled into Stain. We ran a roam into Brave space last weekend, had a fun little fight where I taught my guys the value of not being separated from your fleet as we ganked a Brave Cerberus off the station. I lost a few frigs in that, and eventually they warped their guys in so isk wise we won.

Cerberus Kill

After leaving this little area we roamed down the Brave pipe, and randomly found a tower, with no force field. After checking it, it was offline, with a corp hang, personal hangar, and ship garage. We did the only logical thing, warped in and shot it all up. LOOT PINATA!!!!!!

Corp Hangar
Personal Hangar
Ship Garage (only KM that showed the stuff inside)

There was another well over billion in loot between the hangars that dropped, no idea what was destroyed as the killmails didn’t show what was inside. We looted what we could, blew up everything else, popped all the wrecks, containers and the like to make sure nothing could salvaged or retrieved for it. Twas an amusing weekend.

That leads us to, the French Revolt. We settled into our little pocket in Stain, and got standings with some of the locals. Section XIII is a French corp who said no to standings, because I am a noob carebear corp who is there for isk and nothing else. They’ve killed a couple of my newbros in T1 frigs, camping stations with bubbles, T3’s, and T2 ships, and have been talking crap to us as a result.

This I can deal with, but the…hypocrisy, is what is unreal to me. I was told, point blank by their diplomat, they do NOT support carebearing. They are 100% PvP and will kick anyone that carebears from their corporation… as we warped in on several of their guys running missions. They said we are noobs, we cnat be there because we are too noob, and they protect Fondation alliance guys out there who are in frigs and destroyers running missions endlessly.

But it gets better, they are trying to get our standings reset with the two blues we have. Aparnetly, us being in their pocket, is interfering with their elite “PvP” lifestyle, because they are too busy camping a handful of newbros in station during our offhours to accomplish anything. As a result, they are sending mails to diplos and the like to get us reset because we don’t belong there. See my confusion here, we are noob carebears who are useless and unable to PvP, but we are interfering with them so much by being there…?

Finally,  they made me an offer, they would “consider” blueing us if we live out there, dock when neutrals show up so they can probe and kill them, not allowed to use probes of any sort, not allowed to run or do any sort of cosmic sig or anom because they belong to them (the people who do zero carebearing by their standard). If we did all that they would consider playing nice with us…. seriously?

The arrogance is astounding, I haven’t even begun to  make an effort to fight them yet. I’ve been busy with admin stuff and getting people moved. They claim we are no threat and useless, but try to make sure we have no friends and they spent all this time posturing and threatening. So I fully intend on taking the fight to them, hard. I hopefully have a few more friends joining, and we will have more active pilots, with the SP to match them easily. Last night they brought out 3 gilas, and a confessor to mess with a couple frigs. We brought out ships to fight and they all docked / ran away. So far my respect for them is at a maximum of…

I also apparently “sealed my fate” by saying I don’t care about politics and am not seeking standings with StainWagon as a whole. They told me that blueing is would mean they blue all of Eve and their PvP is too elite for that. I asked them how they could blue an entire region and claim that but he had no real answer. Then I was asked, “what do you think SW will think of you when we tell them you want to live here, not blue them, and go fight Brave instead?”

My response, “I think they will ask you why you are  apart of SW when you do nothing to support them besides hide and carebear your little pocket?”

He wasn’t thrilled with it…

Anyway, apparently our miniature Stain war will be heating up a bit. I have  ahandful more guys to get moved out here, and then if they want a fight… they wil get one. Apparently my kilboard doesn’t meet they diplomat’s high standards, and since if he FC’s we will always die according to him, I probably should be terrified. I mean, calling primary on a bubbled kestrel leaving a station is pretty tough but he’s got it on lock so far.

Bets on how long till they surrender 😉

Fly Dangerous my Friends,

– Kasken

Also… we recruiting still, and we are starting to get experienced pilots now… also pretty sure we have massive news coming up again in a couple of weeks. Like, news that might be more important as a whole than just Vitri…


The Decision

Posted: January 25, 2015 in Eve Online
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I am positive, many of you were sitting there all weekend, awaiting what Vitri’s choice was. I know you were hardly able to focus on anything else at all in anticipation. Food had no taste, the world was without color, and sounds seemed muted as you waited for the single most monumental decision ever made in Eve…

We opted to go the hard road. We chose not to merge into the N3 entity. It felt like it would be a betrayal of our own goals and ideals. We set out to do this, and we will, or I suppose we will fail in an uber epic public fashion, but this is Eve.

So we spent Friday night scouting where we want to live. It was basically a choice between Syndicate and Stain. Stain is one of my favorite regions in game, but most people there are quite well established, and have been there for a super long time. Syndi had a pocket that was basically empty we looked at as well. Logistics wise, Syndi is far easier. There is less established higher end PvPers there,. That is also balanced out by one makes less isk there too.

I scouted Syndi for a while, then a couple of us headed down to scout Stain. I found a pocket that seemed perfect for us. It was very close to Catch, and near Brave’s home so we could get good newbros fight to train my guys on. It being Stain, has the ability to make lotsa isk and the like. The only issue is, it has lots of residents.

You know how every now and then a plan just comes together, and it a beautiful thing…? That happened Saturday night. We made the decision to move to this pocket, and I had negotiated standings with a couple of the larger entities there so we wouldn’t need to fight 50 people every time we undocked. We got a couple of alts out there, and then, a wild wormhole appears in our new “home” system. It lead to a C2 with a static high sec… six jumps from Jita. So we got several people moved in, industrials full of things, and life was good.

Then, the Frenchies awoke. The one larger group up here is a corp called Section XIII. When i spoke with their diplo, I was basically told I am a carebear, rookie pvp guy, and if they blued us they would be blueing all of Eve. There just happens to be plenty of them up here in this pocket. Once they woke up, they camped the WH, and the people who lived inside the WH also camped in as they were mostly EU based. Soooo our wonderful awesome and easy transportation got shut down. I got tons of ships moved though, and several of our guys managed to get stuff settled into the pocket. We have a mini war with the French now up here. They are far higher SP than my average guy currently, have us outnumbered 2-1 at a minimum, and fly bigger shinier ships than we do. That just means every ship of their we manage to kill… makes up for all of ours!

So Vitri is now in Stain (working on getting more corpmates moved out here) We hanging out in HM-UVD and roaming into Catch to play with Brave. We had some entertainment as lots of my corpmates got their first null style combat yesterday (blog will probably be forthcoming while I’m at work tomorrow on those events). We are upping our recruiting standards a little, and possibly working on the alliance creation aspect soon. We have many people interested in such an idea so we will see what we can do.

Now it’s a focus on recruiting quality pilots, finishing our move, and training up my guys. Brave is so close by, finding fights is super easy. Pocket is decent for isk making, Now all I need is a larger higher sp’ed pilot base to do what needs to be done here 😉    Soooo if you like killing the French… let me know 🙂

Fly Dangerously my Friends,

– Kasken

Slightly Updated Recruitment Thread:

The Vitri Choice

Posted: January 23, 2015 in Eve Online
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Vitri has been back and growing for two weeks. Man, alot can happen in that period of time. We have had alliance offers of course. Merge requests, stupid offers and promises, all the usual that comes with a new corp. We’ve had lotsa people join, a couple leave of course, and learned a few lessons in a very short time.
We were offered a different option. We were offered the chance to merge into another corp in an alliance in the N3. It would boost the corp’s numbers, I would get to step into an alliance and start FCing big boys again. At first, I was completely against it, then I was considering it and put it to a corp vote. The results… shocked me.
My guys, almost without exception, basically said they like our guys, and will go where we go. They want to stay together, whether we go that way or not. The emails I received on the voting, and why they chose what they did, shocked the hell out of me. Basically, they trusted my judgement, offered to follow my leadership, and said we have something special. People like logging in, like their corpmates, and are eager, regardless if we took this offer or went our own way. It was a pretty awesome set of mails to read. The loyalty to the corporation, in such a short time, is nothing sort of epic.
So as CEO, I have a decision to make. I remade my corp, based on a set of goals, ethics, and things I wanted to accomplish in Eve. I can choose the easy road, or the hard road.
Easy Option: I merge into an established alliance into an existing corp. We get logistics in place, IT support in forms of forums, ts, jabber, and all that. We would have higher SP pilots, established doctrines, everything already in place.
Hard Option: We keep pushing and building from scratch. We fight and brawl through our growing pains. We struggle, adjust, adapt, and either fail, or have the sweet victory success knowing we did it ourselves.
Whichever way Vitri goes, we dropped FW this morning. It is nowhere near as awesome as I seem to remember, and it is providing basically no content for our members. We are going to null one way or the other. We are either moving to NPC null and growing that way or doing the merger. Well… actually… I am fairly sure I know what we are going to do… by why ruin the surprise and next blog post in advance 😉
I am looking forward to the future, and what it holds for us. I would love to see what everyone’s else’ thoughts on this. Would you merge and step up into an established group, or would you take the hard road, keep building what you are working on knowing how tough it will be?

As always…

Fly Dangerously my Friends,

– Kasken

Well now, the last few days of Vitri have been either super boring, or super exciting depending on what you like to do in Eve (see…boring). See, to remain in Faction Warfare, you need to maintain 0.0 or above Faction standings. We dropped WELL below that.

That mean, I got to spend an exciting couple of days, running “Career” missions, datacenter stuff, and a handful of Caldari missions to raise my standing. Now it worked, we maintained ourselves in FW, which is debatable if it’s a good thing or not. So I spent the last couple of days with PvE and corp admin type things.

Now, let me explain the FW statement above. I really, personally, am not a huge fan of faction warfare. It’s a wee bit fun briefly as you get some small ship fights. The overall though, is a little slow or blobby with links in systems and the like. I do prefer null overall I’ve learned. I like the combat style better, but one must make sacrifices!

We are growing quickly still. Almost at 40 members. I’m loving this group though. They are such a great group of guys, so gungho to try things. Comms are usually quiet hilarious and I do have some extremely experienced guys. The very early corp stages have been unbelievable from what I’ve ever seen. We are working on our null sec plans behind the scenes. Things are developing, leaders are emerging, and things are coming together.

Now if you are one of my awesome readers (this blog has been exploding with daily views and readers), I want to poach you 😉

No, seriously, this corp is going places. Everyone believes it, or claims it. I’ve had almost no turnover, corp activity is quite high, and these guys are rocking. Now, what could I use in corp at this point… additional experience. I need more of you guys, who want something to re-invigorate your Eve careers. I actually look forward to logging in now, and don’t just station spin or wait for a jabber ping… I…… I…… have a dream my Space Brothers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But seriously, I also need an IT guru to help out with forums / ts / that kinda crap…. would be super.

In other news, my guys wrecked a Hulk in low sec. I was positive it was a bait hulk, but it appeared to end up being an afk mining Hulk in Akidagi…


As always… fly dangerously my friends

– Kasken

This weekend was pretty awesome, with some entertaining activities taking place.

The first is, I discovered how to Time Travel. No seriously, I tried to prove this to my spouse. See, I had a bunch of work to do around the house. So, as a responsible adult, prior to beginning said housework, I lied down on my couch with a book to get in the correct frame of mind. Before I knew what happened, I was opening my eyes, my book was lying on the floor and hours had passed. My wonderful wife keeps insisting I feel asleep, but I am sure I traveled forward in time…

Now onto the Eve stories:

I have a handful of amusing events from this weekend I would like to share with everyone.

Fight 1:
An actual halfway decent fight in low sec… No seriously it finally happened. It was a small brawl, a corpmate (BraidedSteel whom I get killed all the time in a Jaguar) and I are in a medium plex hanging out. I Was in a Rupture, he was in a Jaguar, and a Scythe Fleet Issue / Coercer show up on the gate. We figure why not, and they come in, we start fighting. Scythe Fleet came in about 20 seconds ahead of the Coercer so we go for him, I’m using hail, and he hits armor, so I assume he is armor tanked, when his shield is basically full again. Damnit, XLASB fit. They pop the Jag and start chewing me apart. I am passive armor fit, so it’s really a race. The Scythe Fleet starts running out of charges and tries to burn away. The dual web scram fit thought made it a bit difficult, and I am just about to dip into armor when the Scythe pops. I overheat everything to burn after Coercer, which I brilliantly burn out my entire mid slot section doing so. Luckily another corpmate arrives, gets tackle on the Coercer who pops almost immediately.

Scythe Fleet Issue

Fight 2:
BraidedSteel (he is a good soldier) tells me that a war target Ishtar is camping him in a station in high sec. I quickly, and brilliantly formulate a plan, IE I get in a PvP Raven and head over to where he is. I renamed my Raven LvL IV Missions and dock. As soon as I undock he scrams me, drops Geckos and starts shooting. I turned on my DCU II but no hardeners. I start babbling in local, things like, how can you shoot me in high sec, we are at war, and all that. My buddy gets in a Drake and flies over, so I dock / undock to keep him busy. I undock a final time, and “autolock” him back. Then I accidentally target paint him. He gets s uper excited, and starts going to town on me… unfortunately my, I’m a noob routine was believable. My Raven was dual XASB with web, scram, TP, and Torps. I wreck a Gecko, and he pulls them back in. His damage drops of to a negligible amount, where I barely need to run one XLASB. His shield is taking quite a while to go through, so I swap my torps from Nova to Mjolner for that EM damage. A neutral Osprey warps in off the back of the station… out of rep range as a matter of fact. My Drake buddy starts burning towards it as we pound the Ishtar. A second Osprey undocks, right next to me. There was no chance they could help the Ishtar, my ship alone was well over 1k DPS, and he wasn’t expecting a legit PvP fit ship. He got rocked, popped, and I started in on the Osprey. THe two Ospreys got out fine, and he said in local he would have won if he didn’t make a mistake with them. I strongly disagreed though, as one Osprey was RIGHT next to me, and I was only halfway through my XLASB charge son a single ASB…
The best news was… BRAIDED LIVED!!!!


Fight 3:

This brawl was in no way shape or form epic. It was the after results that I found hysterical. 2Sex4MySHip and myself for out and about duo style. I was in a Comet, he wanted to mess with his Worm. After some things we couldn’t fight or that ran we found a Rifter in a sight. I jumped in, and my buddy warps to the gate. The Rifter is ready for the brawl, so we start shooting each other, the Worm comes in and Rifter dies. Obviously not an amazing kill by any means.


We keep looking around, and jump into a dead end system. After poking around for a minute, I jump back out and the Rifter + buddy are camping the gate in Thrashers. I burn away, and get out fine, but my friend has an Afterburner so he pretty much would be done. They start explaining how I know nothing about “Solo” and we “blobbed” the Rifter. A duo blob is kind of new to me…

Tink (2sexy) gets bored and logs. They threaten to camp him all day… Five hours latr he logs in, I scout for him, and lo and behold they are still there waiting, and start trash talking when I enter local…over a Rifter. It was pretty funny. He ended up getting out later (like 12 hours later) only to die to other people instead, but it was pretty funny.

Vitri News:

Corp is almost up to 30 people. People are having a blast, dying alot but you know how it goes with NewBros learning PvP. I don’t care in the slightest about killboards currently so it works out. Of course, the bad news… our Faction standings have dropped below Caldari min and we got the whole you will be kicked from FW warning this morning. That will prove a bit interesting to deal with…

I am loving this corp thing, and having a blast. It’s growing well, we have an amazing group of guys so far, and they are all very eager. I hope it keeps going the way it is, because it’s pretty awesome thus far…

Fly Dangerously my Friends,


First of all… Kraken is pronounced    “Kray  Ken”   It is not spelled Krakken. Now sound it out correctly.

Now the releasing of said Kraken…. is Kraken Rum

In general I do not drink much anymore. I recalled why last night as a particularly rough workday, an empty stomach, lotsa Rum/Coke and …. terrible piloting.

You can sorta tell when things started going downhill. First I got into a fight with a WT confessor in my Navy Omen. I was in my Snakes still so I was keeping my range and starting to chew him up, when a pirate gang of decent size lands. I burn away, they kill the Confessor. Op Success.

A little bit later a Malediction hops to the large, I burn at home, get point and pop him. Silly little guy, I don’t think he was expecting to die and I ended up catching his pod too. I held it until corp mate could get on it. A couple of minutes later some additional Snuffed guys rolled in, said the gentlemen we killed had HG Snakes in. He had plenty of time to pull them out, and it could have been true as Snuffed rolls in style typically. His interceptor was a bit more expensive than the standard…

Malediction / Pod

Then the Rum started kicking in a bit more. War target Sentinel / Curse / Huginn / Atron starts messing with me. None could catch me, so I started stringing them out, messing around a bit. Finally I warped to a gate, and burned away. As numbers were getting blurry I watched the Huginn close on me. My thought process was… I can kill him befor ehis buddies could burn here. I turned off my mwd while he was closing. I forgot about that whole distance from gate thing and was roughly 200k off when he “caught” me. I started shooting him….and was fairly amazed when all his buddies were like instantly there.

Naturally I died, and they started talking trash about how stupid their war targets were. I laughed at them since they apparently thought I was retarded and they were uber leet pvpers… although I actually was kinda retarded which I blame on the rum.   Goodbye Navy Omen

I celebrated the life of my Omen Navy with…another drink. Then I jumped into my Garmur. Almost lost it to a Slicer because little things like range control were a bit of an issue… but managed to kill him… Griffin buddy saved me when I strolled into scram range…     Slice and Dice

Then after a bit Rob Giles appears in a Dramiel, I figure, I’m good, I have Snakes, links, and a ship that can point / DPS at like 50k…. I’m good. I make sure mwd on, set keep at range to 50,000 and go for it. My ship promptly burns towards him, and tries to hold range at 5k….  sooooooooooo goodbye Garmur

I ended up going to bed… sorta slept it off and woke up a bit later. I messed with a Harbinger Navy nano style, was killing an Exequorer Navy but he managed to get out of range far enough to get away sadly.

The biggest and best kill of the night thought, and the one that made it all worthwhile…

The Most Leet Kill Ever


Vitri Update: Corp at 20+ Members now. People moving in, pvp starting, comms are being used… it’s going extremely well!

Fly Dangerously my Friends

Why is it so bright in here….. Kasken

So, I flew an Omen Navy for the first time since they changed it… I know, it’s  been forever but I just never bothered.


I cheated… I was in a full HG snake set and running my links (playing forever does have its perks), but dear God that thing is insane. I got jumped by a Taranis with balls of titanium covered steel with diamond trimmings. He landed 70k off me and burned in a perfectly straight line towards me with his MWD on… Couple volleys later there was a pretty light show and loots has appeared.

I giggled like a school girl. Then a Slicer lands, blinking orange, and I thought, well here’s the Taranis backup… really? I was being a good little pvper and watching my scanner too. The Slicer was a good ways off so I started heading in his direction. A Curse lands. Like… 15k away from me a curse lands. Slicer is being super brave and coming at me now. I turn tail and decide to take off because neuts + tracking disrupters can make life awkward.

I have Recons V, so I know range is 40k, I start burning away.. and I’m outrunning the Slicer… Non overheated I was going like 4700.. overheated pushes it up well into the 6k+ range. Before the Curse can unlock and apply Neuts I’m well out of range, and still being chased by that silly little Slicer. I do the only logical thing and turn around, gank the Slicer and continue on my way.

At this point, I am pretty excited, the tracking is solid, decent DPS and Jeebus this thing can haul ass. I keep chilling, gank a Firetail that my corpmate pinned and head back to a large FW plex. A slicer lands 100k off, and a Corax lands 60k or so away. I turn around, overheat point and burn to Corax. Before he can align out I’m 20k away, have him pointed and wrecked him. I go for the Slicer, and he starts burning away. I’m faster than him without overheating…. I grin and he is just aligned chilling, gotta love links and overheated point. 37k out he is pointed. He overheats, I forget to pay attention to that. I overheated after, but he had already escaped point range and warped in structure. Soooooo i screwed up BUT I LOVE THIS SHIP!

Now I didn’t get like a super awesome fight, didn’t brawl with too much with anything overly scary, but I can seriously see the potential now that I’ve actually messed with this…

In Vitri News (As I am sure everyone is super anxiously awaiting news of this) we are up to 18 people. We have a handful of NewBros… who are fairly enthusiastic. People are starting to move to our little area we are setting up in, and I’ve started to have some people trickling into our public channel for interviews.

I’m liking the group we have so far, and obviously looking for additional people to swell the ranks a bit. I got tons of “Corp Admin” type stuff done yesterday. Setting up some initial doctrines, generalized training plans for people, and an idea of ship types for long range planning so people can skill towards them. It’s nice having that part done now, of course, the remaining admin work atm is spamming chats, interviewing, and being a people person…

Anyway, I want to thank my friends at: Warp to Zero. They have increased my readers and hits by a crazy amount and have had some people generate some feedback and criticism for me which I greatly appreciate. I’ve tried to incorporate some of those ideas in this post…

Fly Dangerously my Friends,

Vitri Pub    –   It’s the cool kids channel to be in…