Golems Gone Wild

Posted: January 2, 2015 in Eve Online
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At last, the marauder roam came true… Golem Gone Wild went out yesterday…. it      was    epic

Well, more of an epic fail really…

See, the thing is, the cap changes in Eve helped eliminate possibilities of major alliances hot dropping everywhere. It also helped these two-bit pirate corps become “super badass” and they will hotdrop everyone as well to be the leet pvpers we all know they are, Naturally, first thing that happens is in Kamela we get hot dropped by several dreads. Vargur / Golem down already… before we could even legit brawl. Highly irritating, and it’s partially our fault for dicking around so long waiting but it happens. Since they actually weren’t very good, and the other 20+ people got out, we kept going. Finally found a Tornado on a gate, we engage it as it burns off. So far so good… as the Tornado is dying… a pilgrim lands on the gate at zero.

Tornado pops, we light up the pilgrim, and of course, lo and behold, a cyno appears. We kill the pilgrim, but since they entered the “warp tunnel” before it died they still appear in local after the cyno is down. We lose another handful of ships including my golem, but once again, a fairly large chunk of our fleet escapes.

This brings me to my rant, cynos need a change. I think jumping gates is cool, I think fatigue is cool, and overall I do enjoy those changes… although it is seriously annoying to move ships around now. I think cynos should be changed in a few ways, to make it a bit more risky to drop stuff anywhere you feel like it. I propose changes such as:

1. Lock delay after leaving cyno

2. If cyno ship is killed while ships are in “tunnel” have them pop out in a random location, in a random system, en route

I personally feel that would be awesome, as how funny would it be to drop a cyno, and have your caps / fleet randomly scattered in a dozen systems…

3. In conjunction with this, add some sort of resistance penalty to ships that light cynos (bonus cyno ships reduce this penalty).

4. Remove the 10 minute activation and drop it down to like 2 minutes

I think hot dropping should involve more risk personally than it does, and allow the people getting hot dropped some actual chance at responding…

Now, don’t get me wrong.. I fuuuulllllllly expected to lose my Golem going out, and I fully expected hot drops, I was just hoping we would get some sort of drop that involved an actual fight where we could engage, not the stupid drops that hit us. My favorite part of all this was after I died… I got trash talked in local with the usual… you mad bro stuff, which was amusing. Then I got, “Kasken, you are a coward”… from the people who hot dropped us, with black ops bs / cap support…

Yep, guy rolling around with a faction fit Golem in low sec with HG crystals looking for fights was most definitely a coward.

Most people who died, refit ships, and went back out for a normal low sec roam. We got a handful of kills, nothing amazing. Overall I personally lost 2.3b isk according to KB and killed a little over 500m total. It was fun either way, but considering the space we went through wasn’t even the “big” hotdrops area like Snuff or Shadow Cartel lands… I don’t see me putting together another marauder roam unless I have our own caps on standby to drop them back.

All in all, it was an annoying, but good fun Golems Gone Wild madness!

Fly Dangerously my Friends,

– Kasken

  1. sorry for your luck fish stick. i just resubbed. evidentally my arriance moved while i was unsubbed and afk. also….i tend to lol when the FC demands some hard core expensive ship with no suitable back up. and undock a sabre or lach or huggin. but i have always respected and admired your ability to drop the $$$ hammer and reship after dolla dolla bills go flying on to the KB’s
    keep writing your blog man i read every one.

    • Kasken says:

      Haha, it’s not cause Im crazy eve space rich.. it just once in a while want to do something stupid / fun randomly. I also watch PvP videos of marauders fighting solo and wrecking, and think I can do that…. then like 10 dreads appear and I realize.. not the case

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