Bit of Eve Nostalgia

Posted: January 4, 2015 in Eve Online
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I was talking in TS3 the other day, with some guys who have been around Eve a bit… about the good old days of Eve. Despite all the changes, ship rebalancing, SOV changes, and the host of everything else that has been nerfed and buffed over the years… I actually miss the old Eve quite a bit.

People actually flew battleships… it was awesome. I mean Lasers, zap zap zap… Abaddons everywhere. The Rohk, a shining example of insane tank and rails. We won’t even get into the pre-nano nerf when you had like 20k+ m/s interceptors and the like. I won’t get into the price difference in the old days for cost of said ships and the like either!

I can fly almost everything, sub Titan that’s a combat ship for any race, at max skills. Yet, in general, my options are severely limited to T3 for null, or a couple of HACs. There is no reason to fly anything else it feels like now. Null sec used to be small warring entities everywhere. There were tons of groups, without blues everywhere fighting over small terribad space in ships of all shapes and sizes.

Now, the game is basically a giant blue donut with supers everywhere. The cap changes have been amusing, but still hasnt done much to alleviate the epic mass of Supers. If you are in a big ship, you get bombed by bombers and die too easily, if you are in a cap, you get pwned by supers. Just gets… boring…

Maybe it’s my headache, or I am suffering from bitter vet syndrome, but I am finding Eve slow, boring, and a bit dull. I think it’s a lack of goals, and/or ability to achieve these goals. I’m in BL. currently, we are wrecking Russians, so other Russians can get their space… then we peace out. I play Eve for the PvP and the fights, but I like fights with a purpose. If I am logging in, grinding sov, I’d like a reward for it. Taking Space, seeing your name in the corner, and knowing you fought for it… that is cool. Even FW has goals.

I’ve been toying with different ideas to bolster Eve up for me again. I’ve considered making my own corp, moving to NPC Null. going pirate again… that was actually fun.. even joining FW again to find some way to make Eve have that excitement it used to have. I still love the game, I just hate the political state of it currently.

I also need to get a couple of people who are hella good pilots to do various roams with me, so we can get some badass PvP footage and I can work on making some PvP videos as well.

Weekend Rant over, headache only a dull throbbing now, and work tomorrow…bleck

Fly Dangerously my Friends,

– Kasken

  1. Khendon Kalmire says:

    Yo dude. I am actually in advent of fate, on the other side of that same Russian brawl fest. It’s pretty chill, much more small gang oriented than BL. Fly your own ship fleet styles. 20 or so members in fleet. It’s great. Literally every member of the fleet needs to fly his ship to the max to be fully effective. Come check us out.

  2. Khendon Kalmire says:

    I didn’t choose the Russians. Nor do i particularly care about them. I enjoy the duders I fly with and we were handed a pretty sweet deal fighting for the Russians. End of story.

    • Kasken says:

      Hahah yea I understand. When I was in Nulli, even though I wasn’t a fan of the alliance I clicked very well in corp and alliance with people. I’m definitely not feeling that in BL… for many reasons. It was much easier flying then when you get along with the people, even if you don’t like the leadership’ attitude

  3. Khendon Kalmire says:

    I totally dig it. Alliance leader is cool as fuck. Hits me up on steam for triage or what ever. It’s a good gig. And I am in school al the time and not even very active. So if u can get over the fact that we are supporting ebil rushkans and are interested in trying a new group,look us up.

  4. CowRocket says:

    OMG its khendon, didn’t know you knew how to read, lol j/k

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