Upcoming – The Kasken Kronicles Kaldari Edition

Posted: January 5, 2015 in Eve Online
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Said title is what I would like to call my first PvP video… in which I will be featured in Caldari ships. Granted I need more footage, as currently all I have is a handful of fights with me in a Kestrel and a Caracal Navy. I am thinking of taking out the Drake, Bleagle, Hookbill, Raven (have one good fight with footage in this) and the Rook… as a solo boat. I’d really consider taking out a blaster tengu if someone can provide me a decent fit (EFTing T3s… I seem to suck at)

There has some potential for said ships, barring of course I remember to do little things like actually start recording, and occasionally have real fights not just a stupid gank or an epic blob. If any of you out there would like to do a low sec run / Null roam let me know… obviously my in game name is Kasken. I wouldn’t mind linking up with a few pilots to conduct a small roam, hopefully get some decent fights we could record and work on making the PvP movie with. I am game for most ship types, from frigate all the way up to battleship style roams…Not quite at a dread or carrier roam.. and I’m not sure how happy Black Legion would be with me whelping more Caps 😉   (http://warptozero.net/index.php?topic=112.0)

That being said, I currently record videos with MSI Afterburner… and have absolutely no idea what I should be using to make / edit movies. I’m an IT guy, so in general I understand computers… but I am mildly retarded artistically. Anything involving drawing that is not cutting and pasting pictures would look terribad, so can I get some suggestions of what software one newbie video editing guy should use? I have googled some, but it’s nice to hear from the community what you all think would be great to use.

On a final note…. my views and readers have spiked tremendously since I have a post up on http://warptozero.net/index.php

Take a look at that site, I am very thankful for one of the moderators suggestion there to post my blog and get the word out! If any of you have ideas, concepts, fleets, or any other info you would like me to write on, try, or to fly with me by all means let me know!

As always…. Fly Dangerously my Friends,

– Kasken


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