The Titan Ball

Posted: January 11, 2015 in Eve Online
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So this week, I had an Army buddy visiting which means I didn’t get much Eve time. His Eve sub was expired, and there was no interest in renewing it. So I ended up spending a good chunk of the week playing Company of Heroes 2. For the record… some of those co-op scenarios are seriously rough. We also took in an NHL game, watched the Hurricanes wreck the Sabres, and enjoyed my favorite burger place… Red Robin.

However, I know most of that you don’t all care about, and want eve stories, so I will tell you a tale of what felt like the world’s longest fleet, and meeting PL’s ginormous capital / super fleet.

We were testing our Loki fleet concept in BL finally, and went to box in some hostiles who were supposed to be coming to xxDeath’s aid for some timer somewhere. We jumped on their station, shot out the fitting service, and waited for a fight. They had us outnumbered, and we were hoping they would try to break out giving us a chance to test our lokis, but after an hour+ nada happened. Solar dealt with their timer and naught was happening. Then we saw the stream of PL moving a massive capital fleet… or three. My numbers aren’t entirely accurate, but I believe it totaled somewhere around 700-800 capitals / supers.

We went back, and tried to pick off stragglers. We had some hero dictors, who when told to bubble a handful of straggler… literally bubbled like 70 carriers in place. There is nothing like warping to a gate at zero, and seeing a giant ball of Titans and Supers chilling with you.. it was impressive. We ended up catching and killing a Moros / Thanatos. The Lokis worked out pretty well as we literally three volleyed the Moros. A Chimera escaped in structure as about 200 carriers jumped into his cyno and got reps on in time to save him.

From that point we played games trying to catch them when they got disconnected due to the lag. PL was forced to jump around to several cynos, I am sure driving them nuts and killing their jump fatigue. We pinned a Nyx in his emergency warp safe, but couldn’t get the mobile cyno jammer down in time so PL was able to save it before we could do much damage. All in all it was a serious pain though, as we ended up on a 5 hour fleet, much of it with crazy Tidi.

The one good thing was… since I haven’t had a chance to do much PvP… these kills helped balance out my Golem loss.

Later that evening I went for a solo Drake roam, found two sabers would would bubble me…. then run out to 20k+ without aggressing before I could scram / web them. They played around with several gates doing this before i finally gave up on a fight and left null. I roamed low sec, hoping for a good fight… but per usual, got blobbed. Couldn’t even finish off the Moa that tackled me because of logi.

The evening ended with too much rum and a drake loss, but hey it happens. This morning I roamed around with a kestrel, killed an executioner solo in BWF with a 1v1 fight, then proceeded to fight a Daredevil in low sec and lost. I was happy with the rep kestrel fit, a Daredevil isn’t exactly an optimal fight for almost any frigate 1v1. The pilot was surprised I turned around to fight him and was overall a cool dude though. I did take him down to between 1/3 – 1/2 armor, but I never saw any rep cycles and I assume he had an AAR fit.

Anyway, today is moving some ships around… I might possibly have some big Kasken news coming up for anyone who is interested! Also, I started on my PvP movie. I’m just using movie maker currently since I am a complete novice with this… but it looks like I’ll need a different editor to have fonts change color for ship kills and the like which is very irritating.

As always, Fly Dangerously my Friends,


P.S. My friend to be funny bought an ice cream cake at Dairy Queen that said Happy Birthday Fleet Commander Kasken… was highly amusing, and delicious!


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