The Return of Vitri

Posted: January 13, 2015 in Eve Online
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Alright, the big Kasken news has arrived. So this will be a two part post. Part 1 entails why I left Black Legion, and Part 2 is all about the remake / rebuild of Vitriolic Animosity

Leaving Black Legion…The Why

Black Legion, is fairly solid as an Eve PvP alliance. They win more than they lose (at least in subcaps). Elo is a damn good FC. They have solid fleet doctrines and high sp pilots…

That being said, the atmosphere is toxic in my opinion. It reminds me of a high school, I was told Elo is in his 30’s. but I thought he was like 18. Elo is the sports star, and is surrounded by sycophants who are all trying to emulate him. His “favored” pilots, act like complete douches to other people trying to be like Elo. The thing is, I saw nothing that warrants their attitude. They treat other pilots like crap, talk insane trash to them… but there is no real reason for it. I won’t get into names, but these pilots are so egotistical, and nowhere near as good as they think.

Elo feeds this and obviously enjoys being the idol for all these little kids. He thrives on it really. When Elo isn’t around, BL… starts failing. He was sick, BL loses fights. The entire alliance revolves around him. I’m fairly confident without him, it would fail cascade actually. It also gets annoying being in a fleet hearing “That is literally the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen” get repeated over and over. People take it far too seriously and Elo gets legit pissed off for ridiculous things. There were of course epic rumors of the amount of isk he makes personally doing what he does (IE helping Solar) but I have absolutely zero proof of that.

Now there are lotsa cool people in BL. I met people I respect, and enjoyed the company of while there. Normally, when I joined someone new, I could jump in, start FCing, and enjoy. BL just felt toxic from the moment I joined till I left. I never really fit in. I ran one marauder roam for fun, and even though it was well scheduled in advance… one of the epic douche nozzles of BL decides to start a blops fleet at the exact same time as my roam to be “superior”. He was informed of my fleet and basically was like, fux off I’m better.

Overall, I’m fairly sure they will continue on wrecking people, and will thrive for the sort of people that culture accepts.

The Return of VItri

So what can I do about Eve in general, as I keep saying I want a goal or purpose. I decided to remake my corporation again. It failed last time, because of being in Afghanistan, blackouts of Internet, rage at lag, and a lack of time. Now that I’m in a normal civilian job, able to dedicate some time, and overall a more relaxed person, it’s going to work.

Recruitment Forum Post:

Naturally I have plans, goals, and a reason to login and play. It’s not random PvP, we are starting in Caldari FW for the purposes of recruitment and small gang PvP training. Once we’ve built the corp up, got some pvp training in, some doctrines set, and are more prepared we will work towards alliance creation / Null depending on SOV changes.

I’m working on plans for actually making a little bit of a difference in FW. It will give us goals, and plans, which makes Eve waaaaaaay more fun. The worst part of the whole corporation thing though, is naturally, the recruiting. Such a huge pain in the arse!

By the way, we’ve already gotten a handful of people (all with actual SP too, not brand new dudes). So if you are looking for a change, hit me up 😉

Public Channel: Vitri Pub

Look forward to more PvP stories, probably of a small and amusing nature as we enter in the realm of small ship fights!

Fly Dangerously my Friends,

CEO Kasken

Vitriolic Animosity


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