Premature Laserlation

Posted: January 15, 2015 in Eve Online
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So, I flew an Omen Navy for the first time since they changed it… I know, it’s  been forever but I just never bothered.


I cheated… I was in a full HG snake set and running my links (playing forever does have its perks), but dear God that thing is insane. I got jumped by a Taranis with balls of titanium covered steel with diamond trimmings. He landed 70k off me and burned in a perfectly straight line towards me with his MWD on… Couple volleys later there was a pretty light show and loots has appeared.

I giggled like a school girl. Then a Slicer lands, blinking orange, and I thought, well here’s the Taranis backup… really? I was being a good little pvper and watching my scanner too. The Slicer was a good ways off so I started heading in his direction. A Curse lands. Like… 15k away from me a curse lands. Slicer is being super brave and coming at me now. I turn tail and decide to take off because neuts + tracking disrupters can make life awkward.

I have Recons V, so I know range is 40k, I start burning away.. and I’m outrunning the Slicer… Non overheated I was going like 4700.. overheated pushes it up well into the 6k+ range. Before the Curse can unlock and apply Neuts I’m well out of range, and still being chased by that silly little Slicer. I do the only logical thing and turn around, gank the Slicer and continue on my way.

At this point, I am pretty excited, the tracking is solid, decent DPS and Jeebus this thing can haul ass. I keep chilling, gank a Firetail that my corpmate pinned and head back to a large FW plex. A slicer lands 100k off, and a Corax lands 60k or so away. I turn around, overheat point and burn to Corax. Before he can align out I’m 20k away, have him pointed and wrecked him. I go for the Slicer, and he starts burning away. I’m faster than him without overheating…. I grin and he is just aligned chilling, gotta love links and overheated point. 37k out he is pointed. He overheats, I forget to pay attention to that. I overheated after, but he had already escaped point range and warped in structure. Soooooo i screwed up BUT I LOVE THIS SHIP!

Now I didn’t get like a super awesome fight, didn’t brawl with too much with anything overly scary, but I can seriously see the potential now that I’ve actually messed with this…

In Vitri News (As I am sure everyone is super anxiously awaiting news of this) we are up to 18 people. We have a handful of NewBros… who are fairly enthusiastic. People are starting to move to our little area we are setting up in, and I’ve started to have some people trickling into our public channel for interviews.

I’m liking the group we have so far, and obviously looking for additional people to swell the ranks a bit. I got tons of “Corp Admin” type stuff done yesterday. Setting up some initial doctrines, generalized training plans for people, and an idea of ship types for long range planning so people can skill towards them. It’s nice having that part done now, of course, the remaining admin work atm is spamming chats, interviewing, and being a people person…

Anyway, I want to thank my friends at: Warp to Zero. They have increased my readers and hits by a crazy amount and have had some people generate some feedback and criticism for me which I greatly appreciate. I’ve tried to incorporate some of those ideas in this post…

Fly Dangerously my Friends,

Vitri Pub    –   It’s the cool kids channel to be in…


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