Release The Kraken

Posted: January 16, 2015 in Eve Online
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First of all… Kraken is pronounced    “Kray  Ken”   It is not spelled Krakken. Now sound it out correctly.

Now the releasing of said Kraken…. is Kraken Rum

In general I do not drink much anymore. I recalled why last night as a particularly rough workday, an empty stomach, lotsa Rum/Coke and …. terrible piloting.

You can sorta tell when things started going downhill. First I got into a fight with a WT confessor in my Navy Omen. I was in my Snakes still so I was keeping my range and starting to chew him up, when a pirate gang of decent size lands. I burn away, they kill the Confessor. Op Success.

A little bit later a Malediction hops to the large, I burn at home, get point and pop him. Silly little guy, I don’t think he was expecting to die and I ended up catching his pod too. I held it until corp mate could get on it. A couple of minutes later some additional Snuffed guys rolled in, said the gentlemen we killed had HG Snakes in. He had plenty of time to pull them out, and it could have been true as Snuffed rolls in style typically. His interceptor was a bit more expensive than the standard…

Malediction / Pod

Then the Rum started kicking in a bit more. War target Sentinel / Curse / Huginn / Atron starts messing with me. None could catch me, so I started stringing them out, messing around a bit. Finally I warped to a gate, and burned away. As numbers were getting blurry I watched the Huginn close on me. My thought process was… I can kill him befor ehis buddies could burn here. I turned off my mwd while he was closing. I forgot about that whole distance from gate thing and was roughly 200k off when he “caught” me. I started shooting him….and was fairly amazed when all his buddies were like instantly there.

Naturally I died, and they started talking trash about how stupid their war targets were. I laughed at them since they apparently thought I was retarded and they were uber leet pvpers… although I actually was kinda retarded which I blame on the rum.   Goodbye Navy Omen

I celebrated the life of my Omen Navy with…another drink. Then I jumped into my Garmur. Almost lost it to a Slicer because little things like range control were a bit of an issue… but managed to kill him… Griffin buddy saved me when I strolled into scram range…     Slice and Dice

Then after a bit Rob Giles appears in a Dramiel, I figure, I’m good, I have Snakes, links, and a ship that can point / DPS at like 50k…. I’m good. I make sure mwd on, set keep at range to 50,000 and go for it. My ship promptly burns towards him, and tries to hold range at 5k….  sooooooooooo goodbye Garmur

I ended up going to bed… sorta slept it off and woke up a bit later. I messed with a Harbinger Navy nano style, was killing an Exequorer Navy but he managed to get out of range far enough to get away sadly.

The biggest and best kill of the night thought, and the one that made it all worthwhile…

The Most Leet Kill Ever


Vitri Update: Corp at 20+ Members now. People moving in, pvp starting, comms are being used… it’s going extremely well!

Fly Dangerously my Friends

Why is it so bright in here….. Kasken


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