A Weekend of Time Travel

Posted: January 19, 2015 in Eve Online
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This weekend was pretty awesome, with some entertaining activities taking place.

The first is, I discovered how to Time Travel. No seriously, I tried to prove this to my spouse. See, I had a bunch of work to do around the house. So, as a responsible adult, prior to beginning said housework, I lied down on my couch with a book to get in the correct frame of mind. Before I knew what happened, I was opening my eyes, my book was lying on the floor and hours had passed. My wonderful wife keeps insisting I feel asleep, but I am sure I traveled forward in time…

Now onto the Eve stories:

I have a handful of amusing events from this weekend I would like to share with everyone.

Fight 1:
An actual halfway decent fight in low sec… No seriously it finally happened. It was a small brawl, a corpmate (BraidedSteel whom I get killed all the time in a Jaguar) and I are in a medium plex hanging out. I Was in a Rupture, he was in a Jaguar, and a Scythe Fleet Issue / Coercer show up on the gate. We figure why not, and they come in, we start fighting. Scythe Fleet came in about 20 seconds ahead of the Coercer so we go for him, I’m using hail, and he hits armor, so I assume he is armor tanked, when his shield is basically full again. Damnit, XLASB fit. They pop the Jag and start chewing me apart. I am passive armor fit, so it’s really a race. The Scythe Fleet starts running out of charges and tries to burn away. The dual web scram fit thought made it a bit difficult, and I am just about to dip into armor when the Scythe pops. I overheat everything to burn after Coercer, which I brilliantly burn out my entire mid slot section doing so. Luckily another corpmate arrives, gets tackle on the Coercer who pops almost immediately.

Scythe Fleet Issue

Fight 2:
BraidedSteel (he is a good soldier) tells me that a war target Ishtar is camping him in a station in high sec. I quickly, and brilliantly formulate a plan, IE I get in a PvP Raven and head over to where he is. I renamed my Raven LvL IV Missions and dock. As soon as I undock he scrams me, drops Geckos and starts shooting. I turned on my DCU II but no hardeners. I start babbling in local, things like, how can you shoot me in high sec, we are at war, and all that. My buddy gets in a Drake and flies over, so I dock / undock to keep him busy. I undock a final time, and “autolock” him back. Then I accidentally target paint him. He gets s uper excited, and starts going to town on me… unfortunately my, I’m a noob routine was believable. My Raven was dual XASB with web, scram, TP, and Torps. I wreck a Gecko, and he pulls them back in. His damage drops of to a negligible amount, where I barely need to run one XLASB. His shield is taking quite a while to go through, so I swap my torps from Nova to Mjolner for that EM damage. A neutral Osprey warps in off the back of the station… out of rep range as a matter of fact. My Drake buddy starts burning towards it as we pound the Ishtar. A second Osprey undocks, right next to me. There was no chance they could help the Ishtar, my ship alone was well over 1k DPS, and he wasn’t expecting a legit PvP fit ship. He got rocked, popped, and I started in on the Osprey. THe two Ospreys got out fine, and he said in local he would have won if he didn’t make a mistake with them. I strongly disagreed though, as one Osprey was RIGHT next to me, and I was only halfway through my XLASB charge son a single ASB…
The best news was… BRAIDED LIVED!!!!


Fight 3:

This brawl was in no way shape or form epic. It was the after results that I found hysterical. 2Sex4MySHip and myself for out and about duo style. I was in a Comet, he wanted to mess with his Worm. After some things we couldn’t fight or that ran we found a Rifter in a sight. I jumped in, and my buddy warps to the gate. The Rifter is ready for the brawl, so we start shooting each other, the Worm comes in and Rifter dies. Obviously not an amazing kill by any means.


We keep looking around, and jump into a dead end system. After poking around for a minute, I jump back out and the Rifter + buddy are camping the gate in Thrashers. I burn away, and get out fine, but my friend has an Afterburner so he pretty much would be done. They start explaining how I know nothing about “Solo” and we “blobbed” the Rifter. A duo blob is kind of new to me…

Tink (2sexy) gets bored and logs. They threaten to camp him all day… Five hours latr he logs in, I scout for him, and lo and behold they are still there waiting, and start trash talking when I enter local…over a Rifter. It was pretty funny. He ended up getting out later (like 12 hours later) only to die to other people instead, but it was pretty funny.

Vitri News:

Corp is almost up to 30 people. People are having a blast, dying alot but you know how it goes with NewBros learning PvP. I don’t care in the slightest about killboards currently so it works out. Of course, the bad news… our Faction standings have dropped below Caldari min and we got the whole you will be kicked from FW warning this morning. That will prove a bit interesting to deal with…

I am loving this corp thing, and having a blast. It’s growing well, we have an amazing group of guys so far, and they are all very eager. I hope it keeps going the way it is, because it’s pretty awesome thus far…

Fly Dangerously my Friends,



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