The Standings Scramble

Posted: January 21, 2015 in Eve Online
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Well now, the last few days of Vitri have been either super boring, or super exciting depending on what you like to do in Eve (see…boring). See, to remain in Faction Warfare, you need to maintain 0.0 or above Faction standings. We dropped WELL below that.

That mean, I got to spend an exciting couple of days, running “Career” missions, datacenter stuff, and a handful of Caldari missions to raise my standing. Now it worked, we maintained ourselves in FW, which is debatable if it’s a good thing or not. So I spent the last couple of days with PvE and corp admin type things.

Now, let me explain the FW statement above. I really, personally, am not a huge fan of faction warfare. It’s a wee bit fun briefly as you get some small ship fights. The overall though, is a little slow or blobby with links in systems and the like. I do prefer null overall I’ve learned. I like the combat style better, but one must make sacrifices!

We are growing quickly still. Almost at 40 members. I’m loving this group though. They are such a great group of guys, so gungho to try things. Comms are usually quiet hilarious and I do have some extremely experienced guys. The very early corp stages have been unbelievable from what I’ve ever seen. We are working on our null sec plans behind the scenes. Things are developing, leaders are emerging, and things are coming together.

Now if you are one of my awesome readers (this blog has been exploding with daily views and readers), I want to poach you 😉

No, seriously, this corp is going places. Everyone believes it, or claims it. I’ve had almost no turnover, corp activity is quite high, and these guys are rocking. Now, what could I use in corp at this point… additional experience. I need more of you guys, who want something to re-invigorate your Eve careers. I actually look forward to logging in now, and don’t just station spin or wait for a jabber ping… I…… I…… have a dream my Space Brothers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But seriously, I also need an IT guru to help out with forums / ts / that kinda crap…. would be super.

In other news, my guys wrecked a Hulk in low sec. I was positive it was a bait hulk, but it appeared to end up being an afk mining Hulk in Akidagi…


As always… fly dangerously my friends

– Kasken


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