The Vitri Choice

Posted: January 23, 2015 in Eve Online
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Vitri has been back and growing for two weeks. Man, alot can happen in that period of time. We have had alliance offers of course. Merge requests, stupid offers and promises, all the usual that comes with a new corp. We’ve had lotsa people join, a couple leave of course, and learned a few lessons in a very short time.
We were offered a different option. We were offered the chance to merge into another corp in an alliance in the N3. It would boost the corp’s numbers, I would get to step into an alliance and start FCing big boys again. At first, I was completely against it, then I was considering it and put it to a corp vote. The results… shocked me.
My guys, almost without exception, basically said they like our guys, and will go where we go. They want to stay together, whether we go that way or not. The emails I received on the voting, and why they chose what they did, shocked the hell out of me. Basically, they trusted my judgement, offered to follow my leadership, and said we have something special. People like logging in, like their corpmates, and are eager, regardless if we took this offer or went our own way. It was a pretty awesome set of mails to read. The loyalty to the corporation, in such a short time, is nothing sort of epic.
So as CEO, I have a decision to make. I remade my corp, based on a set of goals, ethics, and things I wanted to accomplish in Eve. I can choose the easy road, or the hard road.
Easy Option: I merge into an established alliance into an existing corp. We get logistics in place, IT support in forms of forums, ts, jabber, and all that. We would have higher SP pilots, established doctrines, everything already in place.
Hard Option: We keep pushing and building from scratch. We fight and brawl through our growing pains. We struggle, adjust, adapt, and either fail, or have the sweet victory success knowing we did it ourselves.
Whichever way Vitri goes, we dropped FW this morning. It is nowhere near as awesome as I seem to remember, and it is providing basically no content for our members. We are going to null one way or the other. We are either moving to NPC null and growing that way or doing the merger. Well… actually… I am fairly sure I know what we are going to do… by why ruin the surprise and next blog post in advance 😉
I am looking forward to the future, and what it holds for us. I would love to see what everyone’s else’ thoughts on this. Would you merge and step up into an established group, or would you take the hard road, keep building what you are working on knowing how tough it will be?

As always…

Fly Dangerously my Friends,

– Kasken

  1. booster363 says:

    If everyone is loyal give them what they want. Fights and Roams! A merger isn’t permanent and you can always leave but if you never join then there will be this “Well what if…” in the back of your mind. You can always drop out or go somewhere else.

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