The Decision

Posted: January 25, 2015 in Eve Online
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I am positive, many of you were sitting there all weekend, awaiting what Vitri’s choice was. I know you were hardly able to focus on anything else at all in anticipation. Food had no taste, the world was without color, and sounds seemed muted as you waited for the single most monumental decision ever made in Eve…

We opted to go the hard road. We chose not to merge into the N3 entity. It felt like it would be a betrayal of our own goals and ideals. We set out to do this, and we will, or I suppose we will fail in an uber epic public fashion, but this is Eve.

So we spent Friday night scouting where we want to live. It was basically a choice between Syndicate and Stain. Stain is one of my favorite regions in game, but most people there are quite well established, and have been there for a super long time. Syndi had a pocket that was basically empty we looked at as well. Logistics wise, Syndi is far easier. There is less established higher end PvPers there,. That is also balanced out by one makes less isk there too.

I scouted Syndi for a while, then a couple of us headed down to scout Stain. I found a pocket that seemed perfect for us. It was very close to Catch, and near Brave’s home so we could get good newbros fight to train my guys on. It being Stain, has the ability to make lotsa isk and the like. The only issue is, it has lots of residents.

You know how every now and then a plan just comes together, and it a beautiful thing…? That happened Saturday night. We made the decision to move to this pocket, and I had negotiated standings with a couple of the larger entities there so we wouldn’t need to fight 50 people every time we undocked. We got a couple of alts out there, and then, a wild wormhole appears in our new “home” system. It lead to a C2 with a static high sec… six jumps from Jita. So we got several people moved in, industrials full of things, and life was good.

Then, the Frenchies awoke. The one larger group up here is a corp called Section XIII. When i spoke with their diplo, I was basically told I am a carebear, rookie pvp guy, and if they blued us they would be blueing all of Eve. There just happens to be plenty of them up here in this pocket. Once they woke up, they camped the WH, and the people who lived inside the WH also camped in as they were mostly EU based. Soooo our wonderful awesome and easy transportation got shut down. I got tons of ships moved though, and several of our guys managed to get stuff settled into the pocket. We have a mini war with the French now up here. They are far higher SP than my average guy currently, have us outnumbered 2-1 at a minimum, and fly bigger shinier ships than we do. That just means every ship of their we manage to kill… makes up for all of ours!

So Vitri is now in Stain (working on getting more corpmates moved out here) We hanging out in HM-UVD and roaming into Catch to play with Brave. We had some entertainment as lots of my corpmates got their first null style combat yesterday (blog will probably be forthcoming while I’m at work tomorrow on those events). We are upping our recruiting standards a little, and possibly working on the alliance creation aspect soon. We have many people interested in such an idea so we will see what we can do.

Now it’s a focus on recruiting quality pilots, finishing our move, and training up my guys. Brave is so close by, finding fights is super easy. Pocket is decent for isk making, Now all I need is a larger higher sp’ed pilot base to do what needs to be done here 😉    Soooo if you like killing the French… let me know 🙂

Fly Dangerously my Friends,

– Kasken

Slightly Updated Recruitment Thread:


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