Ze Stinky Cheese Folk

Posted: January 27, 2015 in Eve Online
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I would like to add a small note first, I am not prejudiced against the French. Most of what I write is all in good fun. That being said… you stinky cheese folk might want to surrender Paris soon…

So, we are slowly getting more moved and settled into Stain. We ran a roam into Brave space last weekend, had a fun little fight where I taught my guys the value of not being separated from your fleet as we ganked a Brave Cerberus off the station. I lost a few frigs in that, and eventually they warped their guys in so isk wise we won.

Cerberus Kill

After leaving this little area we roamed down the Brave pipe, and randomly found a tower, with no force field. After checking it, it was offline, with a corp hang, personal hangar, and ship garage. We did the only logical thing, warped in and shot it all up. LOOT PINATA!!!!!!

Corp Hangar
Personal Hangar
Ship Garage (only KM that showed the stuff inside)

There was another well over billion in loot between the hangars that dropped, no idea what was destroyed as the killmails didn’t show what was inside. We looted what we could, blew up everything else, popped all the wrecks, containers and the like to make sure nothing could salvaged or retrieved for it. Twas an amusing weekend.

That leads us to, the French Revolt. We settled into our little pocket in Stain, and got standings with some of the locals. Section XIII is a French corp who said no to standings, because I am a noob carebear corp who is there for isk and nothing else. They’ve killed a couple of my newbros in T1 frigs, camping stations with bubbles, T3’s, and T2 ships, and have been talking crap to us as a result.

This I can deal with, but the…hypocrisy, is what is unreal to me. I was told, point blank by their diplomat, they do NOT support carebearing. They are 100% PvP and will kick anyone that carebears from their corporation… as we warped in on several of their guys running missions. They said we are noobs, we cnat be there because we are too noob, and they protect Fondation alliance guys out there who are in frigs and destroyers running missions endlessly.

But it gets better, they are trying to get our standings reset with the two blues we have. Aparnetly, us being in their pocket, is interfering with their elite “PvP” lifestyle, because they are too busy camping a handful of newbros in station during our offhours to accomplish anything. As a result, they are sending mails to diplos and the like to get us reset because we don’t belong there. See my confusion here, we are noob carebears who are useless and unable to PvP, but we are interfering with them so much by being there…?

Finally,  they made me an offer, they would “consider” blueing us if we live out there, dock when neutrals show up so they can probe and kill them, not allowed to use probes of any sort, not allowed to run or do any sort of cosmic sig or anom because they belong to them (the people who do zero carebearing by their standard). If we did all that they would consider playing nice with us…. seriously?

The arrogance is astounding, I haven’t even begun to  make an effort to fight them yet. I’ve been busy with admin stuff and getting people moved. They claim we are no threat and useless, but try to make sure we have no friends and they spent all this time posturing and threatening. So I fully intend on taking the fight to them, hard. I hopefully have a few more friends joining, and we will have more active pilots, with the SP to match them easily. Last night they brought out 3 gilas, and a confessor to mess with a couple frigs. We brought out ships to fight and they all docked / ran away. So far my respect for them is at a maximum of…..zero.

I also apparently “sealed my fate” by saying I don’t care about politics and am not seeking standings with StainWagon as a whole. They told me that blueing is would mean they blue all of Eve and their PvP is too elite for that. I asked them how they could blue an entire region and claim that but he had no real answer. Then I was asked, “what do you think SW will think of you when we tell them you want to live here, not blue them, and go fight Brave instead?”

My response, “I think they will ask you why you are  apart of SW when you do nothing to support them besides hide and carebear your little pocket?”

He wasn’t thrilled with it…

Anyway, apparently our miniature Stain war will be heating up a bit. I have  ahandful more guys to get moved out here, and then if they want a fight… they wil get one. Apparently my kilboard doesn’t meet they diplomat’s high standards, and since if he FC’s we will always die according to him, I probably should be terrified. I mean, calling primary on a bubbled kestrel leaving a station is pretty tough but he’s got it on lock so far.

Bets on how long till they surrender 😉

Fly Dangerous my Friends,

– Kasken

Also… we recruiting still, and we are starting to get experienced pilots now… also pretty sure we have massive news coming up again in a couple of weeks. Like, news that might be more important as a whole than just Vitri…


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