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Quick, to the Batphone!

Posted: February 26, 2015 in Eve Online
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So DeepSpace (yes ….that alliance) has several small towers in Detoid. Someone (ironically not us) reinforced most of them the other day, so when we discovered the timers we figured we would see what happens and go from there. We scouted them, and they had roughly 15-20 or so pilots, with a Sabre, Devoter, several Feroxes, and a Thanatos / Scythe repping their tower.

We formed a massive fleet of… 8 Caracals, 3 Scythes, and a Crow i believe it was. We figured we would go say hello. Once we get there… and land on their tower. Their fleet takes off. I believe they went into a different pos and waited. We noticed two things, their Thanatos was a little ways off the bubble… and it was using shield hardeners. Hoping to bait their fleet to come back, we bumped the Thanatos off the bubble and kept him away from it, while shooting him. Now bear in mind, they have us outnumbered, outshipped, have carrier reps + a couple of Scythes kicking around. They did the only logical thing and BatPhoned GClub to come save them…………. Seriously?

BattleReport (Local was up to almost 90, so more people were showing up that didn’t make the kills)

I have no idea why GClub would tolerate them. Why would you have such a terribad alliance living there… that’s obviously incapable of even making an effort to defend their own towers. When you have to batphone to save a carrier (who was under half shields when they arrived) to a couple of Caracals….why bother with them. Don’t get me wrong, our alliance isn’t exactly the top dog in the block for PvP and I know it. We at least make an effort to fight, and although as a general rule we are gettign blobbed left and right down here, we still are hholding our own. Our efficiency is as ungodly bad as it is due to the 30b in JF kills more so than our PvP…

In a side note:

This morning I went to run a 10/10 escalation I got, and apparently DeepSpace had more towers exiting reinforced, as I jumped in with my Raven / Cerb into a system with 20+ pilots. My Cerb (which had all the loot from said 10/10 warped away fine), but they caught my Raven. I thought I was going to kill the Heretic, but alas shield reps saved him. So they were definitely not afraid to PvP vs 2 ships… so I guess if it’s 10-1 odds they are willing to give it a go?

Anyway, Don’t forget to vote for CSM X. I doubt I’ll make it this year, as the big Coalitions have all stated their “required” people to vote for CSM and I’m not on it. If not though… I intend on running next year and trying to make a real campaign out of it.

Fly Dangerously my Friends,

– Kasken

CEO Vitriolic Animosity
Executor Diplomatic Immunity.

Vitri Recruitment
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Got a Chance to PvP!

Posted: February 23, 2015 in Eve Online
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So this weekend ended up being pretty entertaining PvP wise for me. I finally got a chance to go out and do some PvP! The first part started accidentally. We were going to run an escalation we received in Immensea. Thrakkar and I were heading out with Kasken in a Raven, Thrakkar’s ratting ships, and I was bringing my alt along in a VNI for the final escalation to have the DPS to kill the Angel base. The VNI was PvP fit.
I didn’t pay attention to the route, and it took us through some of GClub’s active systems into a dead end. As we were landing on the gate my Raven jumped through first as my VNI warped. There were some ships on the other side that locked my Raven but for some reason they let me warp off to the escalation.
My VNI got pinned when he landed on the gate and since I was paying attention to Kasken’s Raven, he got bumped off gate a little. Since I was webbed and scrammed, when I looked back I thought, I’m going to be losing my ship regardless, let’s see how it goes. First I figure, I’m in a VNI, there’s a Taranis right next to me, check. Drones drop, he pops. I’ve got a couple more inties that have me pinned at range, and I really didn’t want to jump into the dead end. I put drones out on them and a Sentinel warped in. I went straight for him, and he popped quickly too. I was still taking some pretty crazy amount of damage though, way more than the 2-3 inties that were keeping me pinned should be doing.
Now before you laugh, bear in mind this is my alt, and not my main. I scrolled out, and realized I was being hit by stuff not showing up on my overview. I had three confessors on me too… So I added them to overview and figured I’d see what I could do. Three confessors later, the inties pinning me warp off. 
I remember to look back at Kasken’s screen, and see the rats in the Escalation owning him, he is in deep structure. I flip on the Booster and warp him to the gate. I managed to get out of the site at 175 structure left. He hits the gate, and I warp him off to a random safe. I then warp my alt off as well. GClub apparently was irritated and brought in a good sized gang of 10-15 people to shoot me. I just bounced safes and logged out safely when timers were gone. They didn’t get the probes off in time
Sunday night we took a small roam out, and after bounding around in GClub space we caught a Macharial coming through a gate. By time we got scram / web on he got close to the gate so we spent some time bumping him off. Of course he called in backup by then. We managed to kill the Macharial which cost me my Stabber but the fight ended up continuing. By the end of it I lost a Kestrel as well, but our fleet ended up killing:
Was good fun.
Our Alliance is doing well now, with people moved out here now, we get green on the killboard, and starting to become a real alliance. The Fated had a few final things to finish up before they join, so their app should be in real soon. We are going places… well, mostly Immensea currently but we got some plans brewing 😉
As Always, Fly Dangerously my Friends,
Alliance Executor Diplomatic Immunity.

Well, it was a bit of a rough week for DIP’s efficiency. We are currently residing at a solid…15.8% First we had a JF cyno in at a pos in low sec… 25k outside the shields. PL cheerfully hot dropped it. We topped the errr killboards for biggest loss for most of the week.

JF Loss #1

Then, I bought a JF to haul stuff. I grabbed an Ark, brought a full load out to our new home. On the way back, hit Hothomouh., undocked, clicked warp to gate. I glanced at my other screen, looked back and a wild cyno had appeared. I see the sparks starting to fly from the Ragnarok starting the DD. I canceled warp and tried to dock, but it was too late. Boom goes an empty Ark.

JF Loss#2

So our efficiency is uber tanked now. Now that we were OMG stellar before but it’s going to take a while to recover from that. Then a couple of our veteran guys were blopsing, and got over confident, leading to these slightly painful losses.

The Sin

The Deemer

In good news however, Rolled Out has joined the alliance. They are an ex-Black Legion corporation that is rebuilding their pilot base and numbers. The Fated should be joining us within a day or two, as well as Schmeckle Inc. We also are in talks with another small corporation who might be leaving their alliance to come fly with us too. For their own sakes I won’t mention their name quite yet.

RLLO has been solid already too. They got a bunch of kills chilling in Immensea playing wit GClub and their friends. It’s good to have them around again. I had tons of fun flying with Rolled Out pilots in my last two corps, and have several of them in Vitri with me so I look forward to brawling with them again.

Other than the terrible KB, things are indeed starting to pick up for us. More guys ships and the like have been moved into our new home. We are prepping a whole doctrine lineup, and getting ready to start roaming / teaching PvP again. Hopefully in the next week the KB activity will start picking up and we can use that as a recruiting / training tool

Anyway, as usual, I close it with our recruitment posts as we are always looking for new pilots and corporations.

Vitri Recruitment

DIP Recruitment

Kasken CSM Ballot Page

As always, Fly Dangerously my Friends,

– Kasken

A… DIPdate ™

Posted: February 16, 2015 in Eve Online
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I am thinking of trademarking that term. All alliance updates for Diplomatic Immunity shall henceforth be known… as DIPdates. This weekend, was one of those weekends where I “worked” on Eve all weekend but felt like nothing got done. I mean, it did, and lots was accomplished, but it still feels like nothing.

So, let’s begin shall we. First off, we are moving to Detorid. We have worked out an agreement with Dreamfleet, and are going to be living in one of their stations (one they don’t actively use). So we have SOV space to hang out in. Any SOV we take down there they said we can keep, same with moons, so it could work out pretty well for us. The downside is of course logistics to get there. We are working with our industrial corp in alliance to get JF runs setup.

I moved out early using wormholes, and have a small handful of ships here and loving the space so far. I’ve seen lots of targets (naturally when I’m in my Anathema and not a combat ship), and made a good chunk of change already. I never spent much time in Angel space but these escalations are quite nice.

In DIP recruiting news, we have successfully recruited a decent sized pve/pvp corp mix with lots of older players. They are getting some stuff settled and towards the ends of this week be joining us adding another 60+ members to our alliance. We are in discussions with a few other corporations as well so it’s starting to pick up a little.

I had a conversation with a very large corp (whom I shall not name) that is a null sec pvp corp. Sadly, they had the same “issue” everyone else in Eve seems to. They didn’t want to take a chance on a young alliance in space that they claimed N3 was about to roll back over. I don’t see that though. “Darkeshi” is messing with Fountain. GClub is working on solidifying Immensea, and from what I can tell N3 doesn’t care much about Detorid. It’s that same old, risk adverse culture in action!

Lowhyres left alliance last night with his small corp as well after we chatted. Originally we were supposed to be handed Why So Serious alliance to build as co-leaders. After that didn’t work out and I decided to create DIP, Low’s real life blew up and I have been running everything myself with the help of Errik Thrakkar / Muloch. As a result, we discussed it, and since his girl is in Blue alliance he is going to work on rebuilding Remember the Fallen with them. We are friends and it wasn’t a “bad breakup” in the slightest. Odds are I’ll even work with him in the future.

So our alliance will be at three real corporations. A PvP corp, an Indy corp, and a mixture corp. It’s a decent start, and our big focus now is picking up PvP corporations. Of course, finding some that aren’t afraid to give the younger group a chance is always a challenge!

Interestingly enough, due to this blog and my friends over at WtZ we have gotten a decent amount of attention though. I’ve gotten several emails of support, friendship, and advice from various entities around Eve who “approve” of what I am going for.

Also, we hit the big time and got our super awesome “Marmite” war dec. Normally I wouldn’t even care as I use alts to move stuff around, but they happened to hit us exactly as we were prepping for our null sec move, which was a fairly irritating event. We of course have losses due to the war, even though I put out a mail explaining exactly how Marmite works.

I was also reminded why I hate low sec “PvP” this weekend. My alt was hauling stuff through WH’s to bring out to Kasken, and one of them closed behind. It was no biggie, so I jumped into my pod and came out through a WH in Kedama. I had forgotten to Jump clone before moving my stuff… and when warping from the WH to the gate, landed on Mallers smartbombing with large bombs. Poof goes a full +5 / 5% implant set. Highly irritating…

Overall things have been going well, still in the building phase and recruiting phrase. As always we are looking for PvPers who are cool with a little bit of a challenge. We are looking for those guys with some SP now and knowledge. We get blops fleets starting to form up a bit more, as evidenced by our kills in my last blog and the Maelstrom they popped last night.

Maelstrom Kill

I’m looking forward to getting us settled into our new home, and starting to pvP more often. The thing with being an alliance leader / Ceo means I am spending way more time doing admin work than playing!

Finally, if you know any PvP corps who want to move to null, or willing to give a newer group a chance, send them my way even if you’re happy where you are currently!

My last bit of news, is over at the WTZ Forums, I am now an official moderator. I’ve been hanging around their chats and the like on Skype, watched the whole Boomer drama go down, and they cleaned house of inactive mods. Since I’m always around, posting, and of course have this super awesome blog I get to be a moderator now. Non affiliated little guys represent!

As always, Fly Dangerously my Friends,

– Kasken
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A Little Vacation

Posted: February 13, 2015 in Eve Online
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It’s been a bit of a quiet week for Vitri in PvP news. The only real fight of note was actually last night when a couple of our pilots did some black ops drops. They caught a Gila in the site, and instead of running the Tengu came to help and got himself all nice and dead too…


An awoxer joined Echelon’s corp and ganked one of their freighters. That’s a style of PvP I have never understood, and fully support the ability to have corps be able to enable concord intervention for it. He ended up getting kicked from corp after that, and then war decced us with his alt. He’s gotten a couple of younger pilot kills, so I might go hunt him down this weekend and gank him as a result…

Now in other DIP news… we pulled out of Stain. My guys are getting a week off in high sec, roaming, isk whoring, and relaxing. Then we are going to our new home out in SOV space (provided the deal gets finalized). In case you are wondering… no we are not renting.

We basically will get a place to live, and grow, with plenty of pew pew nearby. We get some friends this time, not trying to magically appear in the middle of a region and assume we will be alright. At the least we will have blues on one side and sitting on the front lines of hostile space!

I am hoping we can use the fact we are in SOV space to pull in a couple of PvP corps. Too many PvP people are either in WHs now (which I hate) or too settled in their luxurious null sec life to want to make an effort to take a chance on someone else. We will keep plugging away though!

We also made a splash on the WTZ forums, by inciting a flame war / riot.

We also have our infrastructure somewhat sorted, been working on it. Got our own forums / ts3 / jabber functioning, just working out some kinks!

Diplomatic Immunity

That was fun 🙂

Anyway, as always…

Fly Dangerously my Friends,

– Kasken
Alliance Recruitment

Ahh where to begin… For starters, we have recruited our first corporation into the alliance. That is pretty exciting news. We welcome our brothers in arms Echelon Research. We also had a corp member drop who is reforming his own very tight knit small gang PvP group that will be in alliance this evening…Greed.
We are in talks with a few corporations, but because we are in Stain, a few others have turned away. So we are looking at SOV or considering NPC space that is more conducive to recruiting corporations and less lame PvP.
But Kasken, how could PvP possibly be lame?! Well let me give you an example. We decided to take a small kitchen sink fleet out, and run into “Good Sax” alliance. They have a Rapier, 3 Falcons, and a Proteus. We get the Proteus to engage us and  jump through into them. We have a 6 man fleet, they have three falcons, we know it and still engage. Soon as we do, up goes the cyno. We still came out alright though, traded an Ishtar for the Falcon. We got a Panther nervous but he was able to de-aggro and jump in armor sadly.
We continue on our little roam into Period Basis and the like, got a couple of meh kills, Noctis and Pod (who informed us we would be dead in 3 minutes). Killed some carebears little isk collection stuff. Then on the way back Good Sax had another camp and caught a Talos of ours.
Next night same alliance have a Navy Omen on station, we aggress, they undock a Raven, cyno in another fleet. Results in Omen dead and my Deimos. I was about 8 seconds form docking too, volley > crazy repping power.
I laughed and said since they basically dropped in three fights vs us I wasn’t going to give them a fight anymore since they obviously don’t want a fight. Usual trash talking ensued, I was mad, upset, terribad at Eve, the usual crap. One of them linked a fairly amusing meme.. One does not simply move into Stain.. which was funny until you stop to think about it.
This is where my rant starts… this is EXACTLY what’s wrong with Eve right now. Stop and think about it, everyone complains how stagnant Null sec is, how terrible the PvP is. I’ve been told over and over how doomed to fail I am because I’m not in an epic power block and it’s impossible to do anything without being in one.
A huge chunk of the people whining… are the ones CAUSING this. Stian is an NPC region, they are basically ALL blue to each other, and get all upset if you interfere with their ability to be a carebear, so they blob you out. The massive blocks refuse to let anyone in their space without “renting” and complain there’s no one to fight. How much isk can you really need, seriously. NA. is renting out how many regions, let 3-4 of them go. Don’t protect them, let all these little alliances spring up all over who would take them.
Obviously N3 / CFC could steamroll most of them, but think of how much more content there would be if small alliances were all over Eve without massive power blocks holding it all. Granted, I’m a small alliance so I am biased, but still.
Another massive issue is, Eve has become so risk adverse. It’s touted as a game where you are never safe, everything has consequences, and people are so terrified to make them. I’ve chatted with a handful of corps about joining us. Many of them are terrified to leave their perfectly safe little pockets to branch out and do something dangerous. What’s the point of a game if you are chilling and hiding in safety the entire time. Grow some balls, take some risks, get out there and do it. It’s the advice all bittervets give to the noobs, while hiding and not doing it on a grander scale themselves.
That little rant being over, we are considering moving out of Stain anyway. It’s… not worth it out there. PvP is crap, isk isn’t that great unless you mission whore which at -10 to Sansha would take a bit, and did I mention the PvP is crap?
We have some deals we are looking into for SOV (not renting) or heading into another region where there’s more action that’s not a region entirely blue to each other…
 Corp growth has been phenomenal, getting quality people and growing. Alliance recruitment is still a bitch and a half. See my above rant for having trouble getting corporations to go out on a limb…
 Finally, I was on a podcast! It started a little slow, but ended up being pretty fun. I was feeling contrary and arguing most of the points that were being made, but it was a lively discussion… and I’m supposed to run for CSM now. Oh yea, support pink thongs in station! I am actually strongly considering making a legit attempt at a CSM run though…. what’s your thoughts on it?

PodSide PodCast

I think it’s a good listen but I am biased 😉

Take a Chance and Fly with the Leet Bald Sexiness 😉
Fly Dangerously my Friends,
– Kasken

Alliance Humble Beginnings

Posted: February 5, 2015 in Eve Online
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The alliance creation was successful, Vitri has been placed into it and we have opened the doors for recruitment. Naturally, a new alliance has the same issues as a new corporation. People are a bit nervous to take the risk of committing to an unknown entity.
There is also the fact that a new young alliance is most definitely not an “easy” button. The final downside is, looking at our killboards, we look fairly awful as far as PvP goes. That particular combination obviously doesn’t make us appealing to experienced corps.
The key of course, is to look deeper. Look at the relative age of the pilots, and what ship types they are losing. Look at the “leaders” killboards and see how effective they are. There is a tremendous wealth of experience and knowledge here, just been working on moving assets, sending out mails, and getting more contacts and the like set up.
Alliance recruiting is a bit new to me. I am very familiar with how to recruit members, the methods / tactics used and all that, but struggling a bit with where / how to find corporations to talk to about joining an alliance. We have prospects of course from before we created the alliance, but Lowhyres, our main diplomat for these corps has some crazy real life stuff and won’t be around for a bit.
The other hard part, is finding a group of people who will fit the culture. Far too many people want Eve to be easy now. I think as a result of giant coalitions, people are afraid to take a chance, step up, and commit to a challenge. It’s far easier to just follow the masses instead of becoming someone to oppose them.
So if you are reading this, as a pilot, or a corporation who is looking for a little more of something out of Eve than… being a trained monkey… get in touch with me so we can chat.
Hopefully by next blog post we have some corporations on board.. I sent out 45ish mails today to former WhySo corps that may or may not be interested in joining us. I guess we will find out 🙂
Until next time, Fly Dangerously my Friends,
– Kasken