After a Week of Whining…

Posted: February 1, 2015 in Eve Online
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Section XIII has managed to do it. They have convinced -A- to reset us. The absolutely hysterical part in this is, -A- has more mission carebears / ratters in our timezone than Section XIII does. All this means, is there are a handful more Tengus / Ishtars I get to kill now. Most of the French (Fondations / TCF) refuse to fight us unless they severely outnumber or outship us.

The few times we have fought, they run and dock. Muloch soloed an Ortherus the other night, who had an Ishtar / Gila with him.

Otherus Kill

We fought them again last night, they brought in an Otherus, Ishtar, Vexor, Saber, Macherial, and Crow to fight our Ortherus and Raven. We legitimately engaged them too. We traded, an Ortherus for Ortherus. They bubbled me, and in my non prop mod Ravem, I flew out of the bubble and warped away. I almost killed the Ishtar, but he was able to get out of web/scram range…

Ortherus Kill 2

So, the French refuse to fight, and spend most of their time here bubbling stations and trying to kill T1 frigates, or running missions. They are terribly upset that -A- has blued us, and complained for a week straight to an alliance that couldn’t pull together much to defend their own towers to reset us. So, Vitri is now, as a corp, such a major threat to these people in Stain that we are once again on our own entirely fighting people who are… special.

Anyone want to place wagers on how many mission / ratting ships we get to kill of -A- as a result…?

Also, a dead alliance is being rebuilt soon, soon as the executor gets the account unlocked. Then we are rebuilding, and I’ll make an official announcement  and of course recruitment  threads 😉


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