Diplomatic Immunity is Born

Posted: February 3, 2015 in Eve Online
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Since Why So Serious alliance being handed to us didn’t work out as one intended, and there was some baggage that existed with said alliance… Vitri has take the forward steps and created our own.

Diplomatic Immunity. has come to existence…… Queue epic fanfare

Recruitment Post Here

Now, people troll, say it won’t work, and how fail it will be. I keep hearing it’s impossible to take space in Eve,how without joining a giant blue donut or established coalition, the world is doomed to failure. I disagree, people have to start somewhere. You constantly see new alliances popping up on the map, sure some are renters, some are joining coalitions, and some said screw it and took space.

Could they be evicted… I’m sure. But so much space that is owned is “unused”. Installing new alliances is generating content, fights, and breaking the boring monotony null sec has become.

So is what I want to do impossible. Build a new alliance, not attached to a power block, and take SOV… time will tell.

Either way, we are looking for more like minded corporations to roll with is 😉

– Kasken


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