Entertaining Mini-Drama

Posted: February 3, 2015 in Eve Online
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Well now, yesterday was quite a busy day in the world of Vitri and entertainment. Not even sure where to begin so I’ll start early in the day…

We expelled someone from our corp for basically being toxic and endless trolling. After I removed him, I got told our uniformed soldiers die to prevent people like me from taking power, and that I am “literally” Hitler. I’m going to go with this was the right choice. Shortly thereafter… he joined -A-.

As many of you know, we got reset by -A-. Then I gt convoed last night, by a gentleman who is in -A- telling me he can get blue standings back for me. All I have to do…is not shoot any -A- or people in Against All Anomalies while they are running missions and ratting here He would get us our blue if we let them carebear in peace…

I laughed, politely explained we are NBSI, and got told how terrible of a CEO I am. The convo ended and right after we caught the guy who went back into the anomaly for the third time…

Navy Apoc Ratter

Apparently this upset them… so they ended up bringing in a few people to kill us “carebears” with highly entertaining results


They had a few other ships that got away, such as a Caracal and Nemesis

We did learn some interesting facts. Apparently people in SW (this is what we were told) have heard that the only thing we are doing in running missions and stealing sites in this pocket. We do nothing but carebear. I have a grand total of one guy here who missions. I think I’ve made less than 5m in bounties since I’ve been out here.

This led me to my wakeup mail this morning from GeneralGree. When they decided to reset us, I sent a mail (which will be copied below and apparently my blog is offending people

From: GeneralGree
Sent: 2015.02.03 07:09
To: Commander Starscream, Kasken,

“Do you mind not shit posting on your forums about us? https://kaskenkronicles.wordpress.com/

When I heard you guys refused to be apart of SW operations this is why we reset you, nothing to do with the french.

So if your group of noobs dont want to die all the time id leave G-ME”

Standings Reset
From: Kasken
Sent: 2015.02.01 15:52
To: Commander Starscream, GeneralGree, Lowhyres, Muloch,


I would first like to say, I understand your position. You know nothing about us, other than we have lost many T1 frigates, and Section XIII are longer term friends. That being said, allow me to explain what I am doing.

I will be rebuilding a dead alliiance. Why So Serious is going to be coming back shortly. I will be one of the people in charge of the alliance. We moved here so I could teach my younger guys null sec and roam into Brave spce to fight. We have SOV plans, and are planning on where / how we will be taking SOV in the future.

Another part of what we are doing here, is looking for future friends. I have no desire to join CFC / N3 or a large established block. I know Section XIII keeps saying I am a carebear entity. I. Am. Not. I have newbros that are learning PvP and die alot. I personally, am damn good. I have many extremely high SP pilots who are also very very very good. None of these French guys will fight me without a large number or shiptype advantage. Unfortunately, you have probably been lead to believe that they are “PvP”. They spend all their time running missions here, and bubbling my newbros into stations thinking that makes them elite PvP.

I am sad that Section XIII and Vitri couldn’t get the chance to fight it out amongst ourselves. The fact they are begging for a reset should tell you something. They want to carebear and are rather entitled from what I can tell.

Either way, I want to say good luck to you in the future. From what I understand, reset will occur at 22:00 Eve Time. Like I said before, this could have been a mutually beneficial friendship into the future, and it saddens me the French carebears won out instead of a let’s see what happens type activity…

Good Luck Gentlemen, fly dangerous…

– Kasken

I, being a sarcastic douche, responded by thanking him for being a loyal reader of my blog…

Finally, in epic news for Vitri (albeit not epic for the rest of Eve….yet) we have created our own alliance. As of this evening Vitri will be a member of Diplomatic Immunity.  We will be building our alliance with the same goals founded by Vitri and look for Sov in the near future once we have a solid player base.

Alliance creation post

Fly Dangerously my Friends,

– Kasken


  1. Gallant says:


    fucking kasken.

    I actually did make the blog and posted it.

    here’s the link


  2. […] we are all terrible bears that PVE 23/7 but the reset went down regardless.  There’s some interesting reading on the subject at Kaskens blog, in which we see the guys from -A- asking (telling?) him not to shit post about them on his […]

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