Alliance Humble Beginnings

Posted: February 5, 2015 in Eve Online
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The alliance creation was successful, Vitri has been placed into it and we have opened the doors for recruitment. Naturally, a new alliance has the same issues as a new corporation. People are a bit nervous to take the risk of committing to an unknown entity.
There is also the fact that a new young alliance is most definitely not an “easy” button. The final downside is, looking at our killboards, we look fairly awful as far as PvP goes. That particular combination obviously doesn’t make us appealing to experienced corps.
The key of course, is to look deeper. Look at the relative age of the pilots, and what ship types they are losing. Look at the “leaders” killboards and see how effective they are. There is a tremendous wealth of experience and knowledge here, just been working on moving assets, sending out mails, and getting more contacts and the like set up.
Alliance recruiting is a bit new to me. I am very familiar with how to recruit members, the methods / tactics used and all that, but struggling a bit with where / how to find corporations to talk to about joining an alliance. We have prospects of course from before we created the alliance, but Lowhyres, our main diplomat for these corps has some crazy real life stuff and won’t be around for a bit.
The other hard part, is finding a group of people who will fit the culture. Far too many people want Eve to be easy now. I think as a result of giant coalitions, people are afraid to take a chance, step up, and commit to a challenge. It’s far easier to just follow the masses instead of becoming someone to oppose them.
So if you are reading this, as a pilot, or a corporation who is looking for a little more of something out of Eve than… being a trained monkey… get in touch with me so we can chat.
Hopefully by next blog post we have some corporations on board.. I sent out 45ish mails today to former WhySo corps that may or may not be interested in joining us. I guess we will find out 🙂
Until next time, Fly Dangerously my Friends,
– Kasken

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