Podcast, Lame PvP, And CSM Pink Thong Platforms – Now With More Kasken

Posted: February 9, 2015 in Eve Online
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Ahh where to begin… For starters, we have recruited our first corporation into the alliance. That is pretty exciting news. We welcome our brothers in arms Echelon Research. We also had a corp member drop who is reforming his own very tight knit small gang PvP group that will be in alliance this evening…Greed.
We are in talks with a few corporations, but because we are in Stain, a few others have turned away. So we are looking at SOV or considering NPC space that is more conducive to recruiting corporations and less lame PvP.
But Kasken, how could PvP possibly be lame?! Well let me give you an example. We decided to take a small kitchen sink fleet out, and run into “Good Sax” alliance. They have a Rapier, 3 Falcons, and a Proteus. We get the Proteus to engage us and  jump through into them. We have a 6 man fleet, they have three falcons, we know it and still engage. Soon as we do, up goes the cyno. We still came out alright though, traded an Ishtar for the Falcon. We got a Panther nervous but he was able to de-aggro and jump in armor sadly.
We continue on our little roam into Period Basis and the like, got a couple of meh kills, Noctis and Pod (who informed us we would be dead in 3 minutes). Killed some carebears little isk collection stuff. Then on the way back Good Sax had another camp and caught a Talos of ours.
Next night same alliance have a Navy Omen on station, we aggress, they undock a Raven, cyno in another fleet. Results in Omen dead and my Deimos. I was about 8 seconds form docking too, volley > crazy repping power.
I laughed and said since they basically dropped in three fights vs us I wasn’t going to give them a fight anymore since they obviously don’t want a fight. Usual trash talking ensued, I was mad, upset, terribad at Eve, the usual crap. One of them linked a fairly amusing meme.. One does not simply move into Stain.. which was funny until you stop to think about it.
This is where my rant starts… this is EXACTLY what’s wrong with Eve right now. Stop and think about it, everyone complains how stagnant Null sec is, how terrible the PvP is. I’ve been told over and over how doomed to fail I am because I’m not in an epic power block and it’s impossible to do anything without being in one.
A huge chunk of the people whining… are the ones CAUSING this. Stian is an NPC region, they are basically ALL blue to each other, and get all upset if you interfere with their ability to be a carebear, so they blob you out. The massive blocks refuse to let anyone in their space without “renting” and complain there’s no one to fight. How much isk can you really need, seriously. NA. is renting out how many regions, let 3-4 of them go. Don’t protect them, let all these little alliances spring up all over who would take them.
Obviously N3 / CFC could steamroll most of them, but think of how much more content there would be if small alliances were all over Eve without massive power blocks holding it all. Granted, I’m a small alliance so I am biased, but still.
Another massive issue is, Eve has become so risk adverse. It’s touted as a game where you are never safe, everything has consequences, and people are so terrified to make them. I’ve chatted with a handful of corps about joining us. Many of them are terrified to leave their perfectly safe little pockets to branch out and do something dangerous. What’s the point of a game if you are chilling and hiding in safety the entire time. Grow some balls, take some risks, get out there and do it. It’s the advice all bittervets give to the noobs, while hiding and not doing it on a grander scale themselves.
That little rant being over, we are considering moving out of Stain anyway. It’s… not worth it out there. PvP is crap, isk isn’t that great unless you mission whore which at -10 to Sansha would take a bit, and did I mention the PvP is crap?
We have some deals we are looking into for SOV (not renting) or heading into another region where there’s more action that’s not a region entirely blue to each other…
 Corp growth has been phenomenal, getting quality people and growing. Alliance recruitment is still a bitch and a half. See my above rant for having trouble getting corporations to go out on a limb…
 Finally, I was on a podcast! It started a little slow, but ended up being pretty fun. I was feeling contrary and arguing most of the points that were being made, but it was a lively discussion… and I’m supposed to run for CSM now. Oh yea, support pink thongs in station! I am actually strongly considering making a legit attempt at a CSM run though…. what’s your thoughts on it?

PodSide PodCast

I think it’s a good listen but I am biased 😉

Take a Chance and Fly with the Leet Bald Sexiness 😉
Fly Dangerously my Friends,
– Kasken
  1. Mike says:

    You should not run for CSM since you whine way too much. Your “lame” pvp is because you’re terrible and tired of getting owned by a stronger group.

  2. Dorian Reu says:

    I’m going to need some monitory compensation due to the use of our copyrighted Corp name. Just look up my name in game. Corp tag xPTCx lol

  3. Dorian Reu says:

    Or… We could use some CSM kickbacks once you’re elected. Your choice, I’ll wait. (Crosses arms and taps foot)

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