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Posted: February 16, 2015 in Eve Online
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I am thinking of trademarking that term. All alliance updates for Diplomatic Immunity shall henceforth be known… as DIPdates. This weekend, was one of those weekends where I “worked” on Eve all weekend but felt like nothing got done. I mean, it did, and lots was accomplished, but it still feels like nothing.

So, let’s begin shall we. First off, we are moving to Detorid. We have worked out an agreement with Dreamfleet, and are going to be living in one of their stations (one they don’t actively use). So we have SOV space to hang out in. Any SOV we take down there they said we can keep, same with moons, so it could work out pretty well for us. The downside is of course logistics to get there. We are working with our industrial corp in alliance to get JF runs setup.

I moved out early using wormholes, and have a small handful of ships here and loving the space so far. I’ve seen lots of targets (naturally when I’m in my Anathema and not a combat ship), and made a good chunk of change already. I never spent much time in Angel space but these escalations are quite nice.

In DIP recruiting news, we have successfully recruited a decent sized pve/pvp corp mix with lots of older players. They are getting some stuff settled and towards the ends of this week be joining us adding another 60+ members to our alliance. We are in discussions with a few other corporations as well so it’s starting to pick up a little.

I had a conversation with a very large corp (whom I shall not name) that is a null sec pvp corp. Sadly, they had the same “issue” everyone else in Eve seems to. They didn’t want to take a chance on a young alliance in space that they claimed N3 was about to roll back over. I don’t see that though. “Darkeshi” is messing with Fountain. GClub is working on solidifying Immensea, and from what I can tell N3 doesn’t care much about Detorid. It’s that same old, risk adverse culture in action!

Lowhyres left alliance last night with his small corp as well after we chatted. Originally we were supposed to be handed Why So Serious alliance to build as co-leaders. After that didn’t work out and I decided to create DIP, Low’s real life blew up and I have been running everything myself with the help of Errik Thrakkar / Muloch. As a result, we discussed it, and since his girl is in Blue alliance he is going to work on rebuilding Remember the Fallen with them. We are friends and it wasn’t a “bad breakup” in the slightest. Odds are I’ll even work with him in the future.

So our alliance will be at three real corporations. A PvP corp, an Indy corp, and a mixture corp. It’s a decent start, and our big focus now is picking up PvP corporations. Of course, finding some that aren’t afraid to give the younger group a chance is always a challenge!

Interestingly enough, due to this blog and my friends over at WtZ we have gotten a decent amount of attention though. I’ve gotten several emails of support, friendship, and advice from various entities around Eve who “approve” of what I am going for.

Also, we hit the big time and got our super awesome “Marmite” war dec. Normally I wouldn’t even care as I use alts to move stuff around, but they happened to hit us exactly as we were prepping for our null sec move, which was a fairly irritating event. We of course have losses due to the war, even though I put out a mail explaining exactly how Marmite works.

I was also reminded why I hate low sec “PvP” this weekend. My alt was hauling stuff through WH’s to bring out to Kasken, and one of them closed behind. It was no biggie, so I jumped into my pod and came out through a WH in Kedama. I had forgotten to Jump clone before moving my stuff… and when warping from the WH to the gate, landed on Mallers smartbombing with large bombs. Poof goes a full +5 / 5% implant set. Highly irritating…

Overall things have been going well, still in the building phase and recruiting phrase. As always we are looking for PvPers who are cool with a little bit of a challenge. We are looking for those guys with some SP now and knowledge. We get blops fleets starting to form up a bit more, as evidenced by our kills in my last blog and the Maelstrom they popped last night.

Maelstrom Kill

I’m looking forward to getting us settled into our new home, and starting to pvP more often. The thing with being an alliance leader / Ceo means I am spending way more time doing admin work than playing!

Finally, if you know any PvP corps who want to move to null, or willing to give a newer group a chance, send them my way even if you’re happy where you are currently!

My last bit of news, is over at the WTZ Forums, I am now an official moderator. I’ve been hanging around their chats and the like on Skype, watched the whole Boomer drama go down, and they cleaned house of inactive mods. Since I’m always around, posting, and of course have this super awesome blog I get to be a moderator now. Non affiliated little guys represent!

As always, Fly Dangerously my Friends,

– Kasken
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  1. Hey brother its gallant, I had a tough week, have to get a kidney removed so thats why I havent been on. Sucks about low but hell have to understand that Im staying with you no matter what, even if he is my mentor im not leaving alliance it was already tough leaving VITRI. So yeah, Ill be on soon, I should be home on the 20th is what the doc said. Either way fly safe see you soon.

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