We Didn’t Want Our Efficiency Anyways…

Posted: February 20, 2015 in Uncategorized

Well, it was a bit of a rough week for DIP’s efficiency. We are currently residing at a solid…15.8% First we had a JF cyno in at a pos in low sec… 25k outside the shields. PL cheerfully hot dropped it. We topped the errr killboards for biggest loss for most of the week.

JF Loss #1

Then, I bought a JF to haul stuff. I grabbed an Ark, brought a full load out to our new home. On the way back, hit Hothomouh., undocked, clicked warp to gate. I glanced at my other screen, looked back and a wild cyno had appeared. I see the sparks starting to fly from the Ragnarok starting the DD. I canceled warp and tried to dock, but it was too late. Boom goes an empty Ark.

JF Loss#2

So our efficiency is uber tanked now. Now that we were OMG stellar before but it’s going to take a while to recover from that. Then a couple of our veteran guys were blopsing, and got over confident, leading to these slightly painful losses.

The Sin

The Deemer

In good news however, Rolled Out has joined the alliance. They are an ex-Black Legion corporation that is rebuilding their pilot base and numbers. The Fated should be joining us within a day or two, as well as Schmeckle Inc. We also are in talks with another small corporation who might be leaving their alliance to come fly with us too. For their own sakes I won’t mention their name quite yet.

RLLO has been solid already too. They got a bunch of kills chilling in Immensea playing wit GClub and their friends. It’s good to have them around again. I had tons of fun flying with Rolled Out pilots in my last two corps, and have several of them in Vitri with me so I look forward to brawling with them again.

Other than the terrible KB, things are indeed starting to pick up for us. More guys ships and the like have been moved into our new home. We are prepping a whole doctrine lineup, and getting ready to start roaming / teaching PvP again. Hopefully in the next week the KB activity will start picking up and we can use that as a recruiting / training tool

Anyway, as usual, I close it with our recruitment posts as we are always looking for new pilots and corporations.

Vitri Recruitment

DIP Recruitment

Kasken CSM Ballot Page

As always, Fly Dangerously my Friends,

– Kasken

  1. moi says:

    o/ The Deemer link above Links to the Sin (not that I want to highlight or remind you of your loses). 🙂

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